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Chat with Ram HD Engineers - Wednesday, September 21st, 2011 @ 6:00PM EST. This chat is focused on Ram Heavy Duty Trucks!
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Ram Heavy Duty Trucks Engineering Chat (9/21/2011)
Wednesday September 21, 2011
This event will begin at 6:00PM EST and end at 8:30PM
Ram Trucks will be awarding $25 Gander Mountain Gift Cards for the best questions/answers in the following categories:
Most Useful Product Feedback - Best Vocation Specific Suggestion - Best Recreational Suggestion - Best Overall Question
Topics for the chat will include:
Driving Range - Towing Capacity - Durability - Storage - Cost of Ownership - Vocational and Recreational Packaging

Ram HD Engineering Chat
Wednesday September 21, 2011

5:56 Ram Truck: Welcome to the Ram HD live chat! We are just about to go live in the next few minutes. If your comments and questions do not post immediately, we may be running a bit of a backlog so please bear with us as we get caught up.

6:01Comment From RAMunition
Is there any future products/technology you can disucss?

6:03 Ram Truck: We cannot discuss future products; however, we would love to hear feedback for future products. But we are giving prizes for-
• Most Useful Product Feedback
• Best Vocation Specific Suggestion
• Best Recreational Suggestion
• Best Overall Question

6:05 Comment From Jared
Can we get a Power Wagon with a Cummings under the hood in the near future? This would create a total beast, athough the current Power Wagon is beast already.

6:06 Ram Engineer: Jared,
No, the Powerwagon is available with the Hemi. Actually, you'll find the vehicle is far capable relative to torque and better balanced for off road use

6:06 Comment From Sherman
I'm 6'1", 275 lbs. I love the new Longhorn 2500 but why the wide center console? Why not a center console with an open floorboard.My right leg rubs the console and that is keeping me from buyin just yet.

6:09 Ram Truck: Good to hear from you Sherman. The console size is the same on Laramie Longhorn as on all other Rams. The only difference is that we don't offer a 40/20/40 Bench seat. If you are saying that you would like to see that configuration, we don't have current plans to offer it, but we will consider it.

6:10 Ram Marketing Specialist: Keith,
Our Ram team is confident in our powertrain options.... to the extent we stand behind them for an unsurpassed 5 year 100,000 miles

6:10 Ram Engineer: Guest - Regarding your question on tow ratings - Actually there are available packages that take the tow rating to 30K GCWR on the new Ram. But tow ratings are more than just engine output. The packages comes with upgraded axles, upgraded automatic transmissions, heavy duty cooling, and other improvements to meet the customer's performance requirements with these loads. The result is a vehicle with competitive ratings and performance.

6:11 Comment From Keith
I as many others would really love to buy a new Ram HD but the automatic transmission does not instill alot of confidence from the chat boards and some of the magazine tests. I am wondering how you are finding the 6 speed automatic in the 2010+ Cummins equipped trucks warranty and failure rate.

6:12 Comment From Guest
Given the increase in power for the new H.O. engine, why did the tow ratings not increase?

6:12 Comment From Aaron
Are you looking at increasing the GVWR of SRW 3500 to match the other brands?

6:12 Comment From Kevin
I'm trying to hook up a rally computer in my 2011 3500, is there some place I can tap into to get the VSS signal?

6:12 Cummins Engineer: Kevin the reasoning behind defaulting the e-brake to off is for saftey reasons. That someone would not forget to turn it off during slippery road conditions.

6:12 Ram Engineer: 6:00 PM [Kevin] No, unfortunately we do not recommend tapping into a speed signal on your truck.

6:13 Comment From Squidward
what's the latest on a light duty diesel for the 1500?

6:13 Ram Truck: Aaron, our intention is to never stand still and we are always looking at the competition. Rest assured that we will not rest and always improve. We just don't have anything to announce at this point....

6:14 Comment From Kevin
Why is the default for the exhaust brake at startup "OFF". How about making it user selectable?

6:15 Ram Truck: Squidward, a light duty diesel is certainly something we're studying.

6:15 Comment From Aaron
Will you be switching to urea.

6:15 Comment From Kurt
I haul horse's and I'm wondering if Ram Trucks would ever think about adding air ride suspension to make it better for the horse's in the trailer

6:16 Ram Product Specialist: Kurt, thanks for joining us. What would you be looking for an air suspension to deliver for you? Rear only? Front and Rear? Kneel feature?

6:16 Comment From devin
i love dodge and that is my favorite truck on the market but i hear alot about transmission issues. any plans on new trannys or an improvement?

6:17 Comment From Guest
i want a mega cab with a 8ft bed.....why is that configuration not available??

6:17 Ram Truck: You are correct that we currently do not offer the Mega cab with 8' bed. We don't currently have plans to offer it..... Have you seen the Long Hauler concept truck?

6:18 Comment From ncgrl1
Why do the Cummins with manual transmissions not get the H/O engines, and are there any plans that it will in the future

6:18 Cummins: Aaron - Cummins offers a broad range of integrated technologies and has the ability to choose the right technology for the right market at the right time. Avoiding the move to urea for the latest breed of trucks gives owners an easier truck to maintain, and less complexity for maintenance and service. We are continuously evaluating the latest technologies.

6:19 Ram Engineer: ncgrl1 - As you know, we offer the class exclusive manual transmission. It makes a great compliment behind the Cummins engine.

6:19 Comment From Seth
Can there be a Ram sport SRT8 model for 2012 with the 6.4L HEMI?

6:20 Ram Truck: Seth, Sounds like an interesting experiment, but we don't have any current plans for an SRT Ram. I take it that you are interested?

6:20 Comment From Jake
It would be nice to see Ram produce something similar to/ compete with the ecoboost..

6:21 Comment From Guest
had a 95 2500 now own a 2003 when are you going to put a better front axle in so i won't have to rebuild mine every year or two . ball joints and wheel hub's oris it just ME ?

6:21 Ram Engineer: devin - regarding transmissions; cannot comment on future plans for Ram (as you know). BUT - the Ram Engineering team looks at EVERY transmission issue in the field, and is constantly making improvements in durability and reliability of the entire transmission and driveline. A 5 year, 100,000 mile warranty comes with every Ram pickup. Our goal is to be best-in-class for durability/reliability on these components!

6:22 Ram Truck: Jake, we are not standing still on our powertrain plans, I can assure you. However, there are some drawbacks with the ecoboost that we would hope to avoid. For example, Turbos are not the first choice for most truck customers and they generate a lot of heat while towing. Also their fuel economy suffers at lot while towing. Stay tuned for Ram....

6:22 Comment From Jared
How about adding air suspention on 2500 and 3500's like that on the Long Hauler? Increasing payload would help push the Ram HD past the competition.

6:22 Comment From Jay
I love the new Ram, I own a 1500 model but I noticed that its 5 speed tranny and the HD models did not do well compared to other HD trucks in terms of performance like the payload, towing ang hauling

6:25 Ram Product Specialist: Jared, thanks for joining us. Glad you have seen or read about the Longhauler concept truck. We have developed the concept to help gauge interest in that type of vehicle and specific features, like air suspension. We continue to get positive feedback on air suspension and will continue to look at it.

6:26 Ram Marketing Specialist: Jay, Our 2012 Ram HD with Cummins High Output 6.7L diesel has an unsurpassed 800 lb ft of torque and tows up to 22,750 lbs. GCWR is 30,100!!!
If you are in the gas market, our Legendary Hemi offers 383 HP and 400 lb-ft torque. Ram HD also stands behind these powertrains for 5 years / 100,000 miles!

6:28 Comment From Sherman
I think it would be a good idea to allow an open floor. It would allow the creature comfort that todays buyer wants but give a little more room to us larger guys. Beautiful truck! Love the styling!Great Job Ram and can't wait for whats next!

6:28 Ram Truck: Thanks, Sherman

6:29 Ram Engineer: Guest - question on Ram front axles - 2500/3500 front axles had a number of upgrades in 2007, 2010, and 2012 model years; focusing on a number of specific improvements such as knuckles, ball joints, and seals. The Ram team has also increased the durability test length by 50% to make sure the improvements work. Again, the goal is to be best-in-class durability for these systems.

6:30 Comment From Jake
It seems as though from what I have been reading recently that Ram may use airbag suspension.. If this is indeed the case, why not also install air-ride seats?

6:30 Ram Product Specialist: Hi Jake, we don't have air suspension in our current product. You may have seen or read about our Longhauler concept truck, that does include air suspension, and we continue to monitor interest in this feature. Air-ride seats is another feature that we will have to consider.

6:31 Comment From Kurt
I would be looking for the same set up as semi trucks so the just the rear and thanks for hosting an event like this

6:32 Ram Product Specialist: Kurt, thanks for the feedback, we'll take that in account.

6:33 Comment From Ken E
Do you see natural gas becoming economical enough to produce a natural gas engine soon? Not a conversion but a full engineered natural gas engine.

6:33 Ram Truck: Ken, Thanks for the comment on CNG. I am sure that you are aware that natural gas is an abundant resource here in the US. Our new partners from Fiat are the European experts at CNG powertrains. We will work hard to make a good combination of these two facts.

6:33 Comment From charlie
are there any horsepower upgrades planned to blow away those superdutys

6:33 Comment From charlie
you should jack all the horsepower that you can get out of that Cummins that engine can handle more then the ford or chev can

6:33 Cummins: Aaron, Charlie - Focusing on increased torque allowed us to make the engine more flexible and provides a broader (more useable) power band. While maximum power remains the same, the new 800ft-lb rating provides significantly more power in the lower RPM range, delivering up to 46 additional horsepower at typical highway cruising speeds.

6:34 Comment From Aaron
Why did you increase tq to 800 but no increase in HP?

6:36 Comment From Tyler
How about a soild front axel on the 1500 again

6:36 Ram Engineer: Tyler - your question on going back to a solid front axle for Ram 1500 - sorry to disappoint you but the 1500 Ram is great with a independent front axle! It gives the Ram 1500 a better ride and handling. The front independent axle is quieter, lighter, more efficient, has a disconnect feature to save fuel, and is durable. If you really are interested in a solid front axle, consider the Ram 2500!

6:37 Comment From eric
will we ever see a large suv. tahoe or excursion sized vehicles?

6:37 Ram Truck: Eric, we have nothing like that planned. The sales of vehicles like that have decreased in recent years and they don't fit in well with the coming fuel economy regulations.

6:38 Comment From Guest
how can i get more power from my 12 valve Cummins

6:38 Cummins Engineer: Guest: We can not suggest any performance upgrades.

6:39 Comment From justin
how can i get more power from my 97 12 valve Cummins

6:39 Cummins Engineer: Justin We can not suggest any performance upgrades.

6:40 Comment From Smaczne
When will the RAM PU get the new 3.6L V6 engine?

6:40 Ram Truck: We have announced that the pentastar V6 will replace all corporate V6's, so stay tuned for an announcement on Ram.

6:40 Comment From Baron
Offering a rear suspension system like the Firestone R4Tech would provide a much smoother ride, a kneeling feature, and allow for maximum towing/hauling capacity to be achieved all while shaving ~140 lbs off the rear suspension. Anything thoughts of offering something like this as an option?

6:40 Ram Product Specialist: Baron, we don't have air suspension in our current product. Our Longhauler concept truck does include air suspension, and we continue to monitor interest in this feature, for potential future products. Feedback on the concept truck has been very positive. Thanks for joining us.

6:42 Comment From Vulpine
Why don't you build a compact truck for light duty--say a half-ton?

6:43 Comment From Ernest
Is there ever going to be a light duty diesel ram. And I know its not a popular choice for todays 1/2 ton truck owner but I would love to see a 1500 crew cab with the 8ft box. Toyota makes one but who would want to own one of those.

6:43 Ram Truck: Vulpine, we are constantly looking at the product portfolio and there may be an opportunity there. We will consider it.

6:44 Ram Truck: Ernest, a light-duty diesel is certainly something we're looking at.

6:44 Comment From Kevin
I agree with ncgrl1 about the manual transmission. How about something like an Eaton FR? The the power can be turned up on the manuals like the autos are getting.

6:44 Ram Engineer: Kevin, thanks for the input regarding the manual. We know there's a following for manual transmission.

6:44 Comment From diseled
What will be the future of Ram's diesel? Will Ram stil opt out for urea?

6:45 Comment From Tyler
I want a 1500 with a soild front axel and a Cummins

6:45 Cummins: Diseled... unfortunately we can't discuss future technology here as you know, but rest assured we are continuously evaluating new technologies, and work together with RAM to offer the best package for the customer.

6:45 Ram Truck: Tyler, the best I can say is that we make that truck today, but it is a 2500. They are different for a reason. We don't have any plans to change the 1500 configuration.

6:46 Comment From Squidward
Are there any plans to make something like the RamRunner a production vehicle, rather than a do it yourself project thru the parts catalog? Seems like Ford has really hit a homerun with the Raptor, many of us would love to see Ram get in the game.

6:46 Mopar Engineer: Thanks for your interest in the Ram Runner! As with other products from Mopar we are always gauging consumer interest and looking to work with the brands to offer vehicle packages to meet your wants and needs.

The Power Wagon is an excellent off-road vehicle that is offered today though it is intended for a slightly different use.

6:46 Comment From Kevin
How about an onboard air system option? The 6.7L used in medium duty trucks have air systems. I added one using a York air conditioning pump.

6:47 Comment From Chris - Ram Info Center
Is there any chance you will bring the Road Runner to the Ram Product Information Center"? :O

6:47 Comment From Chris - Ram Info Center
make that Ram Runner

6:47 Ram Marketing Specialist: Chris- Ram info- You may want to take a look at the Ram Power Wagon- the most capable off road truck on the planet- right from the factory!

6:47 Comment From Steve McGitchie
owner of 2008 ram 3500-why no air suspension in chassis or better seats as an option, I find the seats were better in my 2001 2500 Long Distance driving not good

6:47 Ram Product Specialist: Steve, we continue to look at air suspension (Longhauler concept truck) and monitor interest in this feature. What did you like better about the 2001 seats? What would you change about the current seats?

6:49 Ram Product Specialist: Kevin, we don't have air suspension in our current product. You may have seen or read about our Longhauler concept truck, that does include air suspension, and we continue to monitor interest in this feature.

6:49 Comment From Ernie
OK Ram, ever thought about a factory camper top that woud meet D.O.T. requirements as a "sleeper". It would be great for the hotshot trucking business.

6:49 Ram Marketing Specialist: Ernie, That is a great idea... we will take a look at it

6:50 Comment From Ray
Will the ram partnership with Cummins continue now that fiat has a controlling interest in ram?

6:51 Ram Engineer: Jay - Regarding a six-speed transmission on the Ram 1500 - For 2012 model year the Ram 1500 offers six-speed automatic transmissions across the entire vehicle line, including ERS (electronic range select). As far as the 6.4L Hemi goes; cannot answer that (you know).

6:51 Ram Truck: Ray, Cummins is an outstanding power train partner. Their reputation for reliability adds value to the Ram Truck brand and is a source of pride for our HD owners. We expect that relationship will continue for many years to come.

6:51 Comment From Jay
is there 6sp transmission coming in the near future for the 1500 models? or an optional 6.4 Hemi?

6:51 Comment From Ed
Are there any plans for a turbocharged Pentastar V6 engine in the Ram? Clearly Ford has had some success with that formula, but Chrysler is the engineering company and can perfect that in their light-duty pickups. :-)

6:52 Ram Truck: Ed, turbos in pickups are not necessarily the right answer. For years, any vehicle with a turbo was not rated for towing of any kind because of the heat generated when the turbos are constantly in boost. Stay tuned to Ram. We won't let you down.

6:52 Comment From Ray
why not a ram with an Allison transmission? GM no longer owns them

6:53 Ram Truck: Ray, no plans to offer Allison.

6:54 Comment From devin
does the long hauler concept have a permanent 5th wheel hook up in the bed?

6:54 Ram Product Specialist: Devin, the concept vehicle has only been shown with a gooseneck hookup in the bed, but it does have two alternative tailgate concepts, one for a fifth wheel and one for a gooseneck. A fifth wheel hookup would be feasible.

6:54 Comment From drifty
how about the locker rear (rear only) in the 2500 /35000

6:55 Ram Truck: No current plans for a rear locker, but we'll take it under consideration. We are always looking for enhancements.

6:55 Comment From Guest
can we expect a v6 turbo?

6:55 Comment From Jay
I own a 2009 1500 Ram and I think its 5sp transmission is a bit slow especially on the 2nd gear, are you planning on making an improvements on the transmission for the new models?

6:55 Ram Marketing Specialist: Jay, Our 2012 1500 RAM has a new 6 speed transmission

6:57 Comment From Jake
When can we expect to see an 8 speed transmission?

6:57 Ram Truck: We are always looking at potential product enhancements, but we don't have anything to announce at this time.

6:57 Ram Engineer: Ed - regarding a V6 engine in a Ram 1500 (tubocharged or not) - what would be your thoughts on the most important attributes for a powertrain combination like this? Fuel efficiency versus tow capability versus performance versus long-term durability/reliability? What should the priorities be for the Ram customer?

6:58 Ram Engineer: drifty - our limited slip diff gives you similar performance with quicker response than electric. You also don't have to predict when you need to lock the axle. If you're in need of a vehicle with real off road performance, then check out the axle locker.

6:58 Comment From Baron
When ordering the optional cold weather group (ADE) , why do some trucks come with the block heater cord and some do not?

6:58 Ram Marketing Specialist: Baron, All of our Cummins equipped engines come with a block heater. If you order ADE, the cord should come with it.

7:00 Comment From Sam D.
Hi Ram Guys!

7:00 Comment From Wayne Bautch
How much does a 3/4 ton Cummins cost?

7:00 Comment From Kurt
I have been looking at that suspension system and I would add it to the next truck I order as it would save me time and money and give Ram another up over the other trucks

7:00 Ram Product Specialist: Kurt, thanks for the positive feedback.

7:01 Ram Truck: Wayne: $35,120 starting MSRP plus $995 destination.

7:01 Comment From Ray
Why does the Cummins ram have such low marks in reliability from consumer reports regarding the fuel system over consecutive years?

7:01 Ram Truck: Ray, all diesel engines went through emmissions system changes back in the 2007 model year that caused all manufacturers some growing pains. I can assure you that Cummins engines are the longest lasting, most durable and reliable engines on the market today.

7:01 Comment From Keith
Ram Engineer. Awesome to know that you have extended the durability testing by 50%. That is stuff that we rarely get to hear!!

7:02 Ram Engineer: Kieth - Thanks for the positive feedback!

7:02 Comment From Mr. Mopar DG
will we see a V6 turbo version of the awesome 3.6?

7:02 Comment From ncgrl1
If the window sticker doesn't give the rear end ratio, what would it be with a manual or an automatic?

7:02 Ram Engineer: ncgrl1 - The rear axle ratio is posted on the sticker.
Manuals and autos are offered in 3.42,3.73.and 4.10

7:04 Comment From Ray
Add my support for a half ton ram with a light duty Cummins. I'm grateful for the opportunity to ask ram/Cummins directly.

7:04 Ram Marketing Specialist: Ray, we appreciate your support. We come to work each day with the thought of supporting Truck Enthusiasts like you

7:05 Comment From Paul
I have a 2008 Ram 1500. 5.7. When does my mds activate? What speed does it deactivate?

7:05 Ram Engineer: Paul - MDS doesn't activate just on speed alone. Several factors are involved, including power demand, load and speed. The EVIC in the middle of the cluster has a small "eco" not when MDS is active.

7:08 Comment From Hal Hughes
Are there any plans to increase the payloads on the 2500 and 3500 trucks? Ram has increased towing capacity but in reality, if the payload does not increase, it's difficult to increase towing because of pin weights.

7:08 Ram Engineer: Hal - the towing increases we made in 2011 up to 30K GVW meet the SAE trailer tow specs, including pin weigths.

7:09 Comment From David
Why does the Longhorn not have more of a defining character. Most people love the interior and it is on par or better that the king ranch but the exterior needs improvement. One area of concern is in the wheel selection. Customers want different wheels with their exclusive trucks.

7:09 Ram Marketing Specialist: David, Thanks for the feedback... voice of the customer is important to us. We will take this into consideration for future planning

7:10 Comment From Powerubi Wacon
As much as I love my 2005 Power Wagon...I dislike the 545RFE gearing/logic just as much. I wish that I had; the overdrive off feature, as in the 2006 model; and it would be nice to have the Electronic Range Select of the later models. Is a transmission, with better gear ratios than the 545RFE, coming soon? That is the only way I would ever upgrade. A 425+ horsepower HEMI might also get me to trade-up?

7:10 Comment From Powerubi Wacon
I would like to see Mopar offer the Rock Rails for the Power Wagons. I have a 2005 Power Wagon without them and I am upset that I can not buy them anymore.

7:11 Ram Product Specialist: Powerubi Wacon -- for 2012MY all gas engine HDs get the 66RFE transmission. No changes planned currently for the electronic system (locker/SmartBar).

7:11 Comment From Jared
Are you hiring? I could be a great asset for Ram.

7:11 Ram Engineer: Jared - check out

7:11 Comment From Drew
In my opinion fuel mileage is the only reason a V6 should be in Ram, right now there Hemi is more or less the same on mpg, so not interested.

7:11 Comment From Ed
Well my expectations on a V6 engine in the Ram would be quite simple.

7:12 Comment From Keith
Ram Engineer: To answer your question about the V6 engine....The most important attributes would be fuel efficiency and durability/reliability in my humble opinion

7:12 Ram Engineer: Drew, Ed, and Kieth - Thanks for the feedback on the V6 Ram 1500; fuel efficiency seems to be the key attribute! For a Ram, durability/reliability is not an option.

7:12 Comment From charlie
dodge is the best truck hands down offroad or on road i have a 2006 quad cab diesel 4x4 manual trans and a kore suspension under it. And on the dino 550 horse 1100 ft torque build something like that and you will sell ten times more trucks then ford or chev ever will

7:12 Ram Marketing Specialist: Charlie, Thanks for the feedback.

7:13 Comment From Jake
How about reinforcing/redesigning the lower seat side bolsters so that the seam does not separate after exit/entry

7:13 Ram Engineer: Jake - what year truck do you have

7:13 Mopar Engineer: The heavy duty rock rails were offered from Mopar at one time- unfortunately they were discontinued. We are investigating offering these again for current and past models.

7:13 Comment From drifty
how about a power wagon with 6.4 l mds and 6 spd manual

7:16 Comment From Ray
Is the 6.7l Cummins compatible with common rail fuel injection?

7:16 Cummins Engineer: Ray: The 6.7L Cummins is a High Pressure Common Rail Fuel System.

7:16 Comment From SoCalDesertRider
Will Ram ever abandon the front central axle disconnect 4wd system and go with regular locking hubs on the 2500 & up trucks?

7:16 Ram Engineer: SoCalDesert Rider - your question on axle disconnect - what is the reason you want manual locking hubs on your Ram? For us back in Michigan, getting out of the truck in a snowstorm to manually lock the front hubs would be a real pain! The Ram's electric axle disconnect is fast, durable, and we stay warm!

7:17 Ram Marketing Specialist: Jman, we currently offer 20's on 1500...Are you interested in 18 & 20's for 2012 HD

7:18 Comment From jman
when will you offer 81 and 20 inch wheel options?

7:18 Comment From Sam D.
Hi Ram Guys. I work in construction and have almost all Ram Trucks. Love the trucks but there are some things missing for people like me. 1. A 3500 regular cab single wheal in gass. The competiton has it and its what I need. There is no reason Ford can have a F350 reg cab pickup with single rear wheals and a 11,500gvw and Dodge cant? I have been forced to add leafs to a 2500 for years now. 2. Put the upfitter switches in pickups. Ford and GM do this and it makes it so much easyier for guys like me to run lights and stuff that we need. It also is cleaner than drilling holes in my$ 50,000 dash. 3. We need a higher front axle rating. There should be a 6000lbs option for all pickups, even the gass ones. 4. My latest truck, a 2011 ram 25000 hemi still shifts wrong for a work truck. It always wants to be in too high of a gear. 5. Can a higher rated tire be put on these trucks. My trucks run loaded every day and they eat these light duty tires. Can a heavier duty tire be made from the factory?

7:18 Ram Engineer: Sam D - Thanks for the input regarding gas 3500 and increased payloads, Regarding tires, what rear pressures are you running?

7:19 Comment From Keith
I have owned two RAM Diesel trucks. I think they are great. Suggestion: Perhaps High Intensity Headlights and a branded transmission(for marketing reasons) would be something to put some thought into in the future. Tx

7:21 Comment From Hal Hughes
Ram HD's with a Cummins has the HP and torque to do pretty much anything an owner needs. What I hear a lot is - I wish they would concentrate on increasing mpgs. Is Ram working on this?

7:21 Ram Engineer: Hal Hughes - your question on "increasing MPG's" - this is a HUGE focus for the Ram team on all fronts; along with more performance and capability. The recent changes to 6-speed automatic transmissions is an example, but even little things like improved brake drag are being made.

7:21 Comment From Paul
It would be great to see a 1500 w/ a baby Cummins!!!

7:21 Ram Truck: Paul, as always, we appreciate the thoughts and feedback.

7:22 Comment From Keith
How about HID headlights in the 2500?? That would be great!!

7:22 Ram Engineer: Kieth - Thanks for the input on the headlamps.

7:23 Ram Truck: Drifty, A lot of good comments in there. We love the power wagon and will continue to try to make it better.

7:24 Comment From SoCalDesertRider
Will Dodge/Ram be increasing the GVWR's and RGAWR's of the 2500 and 3500SRW trucks, so they can have greater payload capacities to carry heavier fifth wheel hitch weights, or carry heavier slide-in campers?

7:25 Ram Truck: SoCalDesertRider, we are always looking at those capabilities and will work to exceed your expectations.

7:26 Comment From Sam D.
I work in construction and have almost all Ram Trucks. I dont understand why Ram doesnt offer a 3500 regular cab pickup in single rear wheel and in gass. I want/need this in a pickup and chassis/cab set up. The trucks need the front axle upgraded to at least 6000lbs too. On the 2500 reg cabs the rear springs are too soft as well. I have utility bodies on my trucks and had to add leaf springs to all of them.

7:28 Ram Truck: Sam, thanks for being a great customer! We see why you are asking for those items. We would love to keep you loyal to Ram, so we will work on those things. We don't have anything to announce, but we'll work on it...

7:28 Comment From Drew
Why was the 66RFE is not used in 1500 models over the 65RFE?

7:29 Comment From Paul
Not to sure what EVIC is. I havent seen any "eco" in my cluster since i bought it.

Ram Marketing Specialist: Paul, EVIC is electronic vehicle information center... an instrument cluster display that provides information about the vehicle and its operating systems

7:31 Comment From Ray
Will ram offer a composite bed, Toyota is doing well with them?

7:31 Ram Truck: Ray, no plans for a composite bed at this time. We really haven't had much demand for one. Customers seem to prefer the simplicity of all-steel fenders.

7:31 Comment From Mark
How do you monitor customer satisfaction in end product lines (i.e. - component lives, upgrades, problem areas).....your customers have a lot of real miles of info to provide you for necessary or proposed improvements. Can you take advantage of this knowledge in your customer base??

7:31 Ram Engineer: Mark - we use several venues to gain real world customer feedback, including the our dealer network. We have relationships with fleet customers that have high milage vehicles. We also interface with National Truck Equipment Association and TDR.

7:31 Ram Truck: Drew, The second digit in the trans designation is the torque rating The 66RFE uses the internal gear set from the 68RFE. It's got great torque capacity, but is too much for a 1500. We updated the 545RFE to the 65RFE with a new torque convertor and improved software to get improved fuel economy. We will continue to work on even better transmission technology in the future.

7:32 Comment From Jared
How about a PTO on the Ram HD? Other than in the chassis cab, putting the option in the pickup itself would add to business market to get a cheaper option on a truck instead of building a full upfit. It would still need to get certified of course.

7:32 Comment From Franj
W hy does the ram have the same hemi as the car line up? Would like to have low end torque not topend its a truck

7:32 Ram Engineer: Jared - What upfit would you need a PTO for on a pickup

7:32 Comment From Sam D
Why isnt a 3500 reg cab single rear wheel pickup and chassis cab offered in gass?

7:32 Ram Engineer: Franj - The Ram Trucks have Hemi engines specifically designed for trucks; not cars. Look closely at the performance numbers (HP & torque and the peak RPM's). The Ram Hemi's have more torque at lower peak speeds. The Ram engines also have key features for trucks to maximize cooling performance, increase oiling capacity and others. But the Hemi name is all over both!

7:33 Comment From Ray
When considering a used ram/Cummins, how many miles is too many?

7:33 Cummins Engineer: Ray: I have actually seen several Cummins Ram with well over 1 million miles. One actually at 1.4 million, and the head was never removed.

7:33 Ram Truck: Sam D, the 3500 Gas engine has completely different handling characteristics than the diesel. We will work on perfecting the package so we can offer it to you.

7:34 Comment From Jared
small crane in the bed

7:34 Ram Engineer: Jared - Most small cranes work well with a EOH internal system at a much lower cost

7:34 Comment From Ray
Are you guys as engineers getting tired of the horsepower wars? Obviously it takes more than great horsepower/torque numbers to make a great truck.

7:34 Cummins: Ray - I've personally met an owner with 2 million miles on his truck without major overhaul to the engine. It's a proven engine that is extremely durable in a multitude of different vehicles / machines.

7:36 Comment From Powerubi Wacon
The electronic locker/SmartBar, on the Power Wagon, has been troublesome for me and many other Power Wagon owners. They take waaaay toooo long to engage. The air-lockers in my 2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon engage almost instantly. Will future Power Wagons continue to use the same electronic system? Any chance that it will change to an air-locker set-up?

7:36 Comment From Drew
Since Ram is the only manual available in 2500/3500 have there been studies done to see how many gear shifters were poached from Ford/Chevy

7:37 Mopar Engineer: The lockers and stabilizer bar will engage/disengage easier in a "neutral" position without any torque on the system. While it's true the original Wrangler Rubicon used a low pressure air system to engage the lockers the 2007 and newer Rubicons use a 12 volt system. It's likely that electronic systems will continue to be used.

7:37 Comment From Ed
Fuel Economy about 25 mpg hwy (you can definately achieve 23mpg realistically with the current pentastar, but Fiat Multi-air and DI can add power/economy). Keep the durability the same as it has been in the Grand Cherokee and Durango. Power would have to be at about 300 hp, so about the same as the Durango. Towing capacity should be at about 6,000lbs, so more than the Durango.

7:37 Cummins: Ray - it also takes more than high horsepower numbers to make a great engine! We have to balance emissions, reliability and performance to deliver the best all round package.

7:37 Comment From Drew
Any plans for 3500 Rambox

7:37 Ram Truck: Drew, we are proud to be the only Heavy Duty truck manufacturer that continues to offer a manual transmission. We estimate that about half of our manual sales are conquest because the other guys don't offer it. I won't give you the exact number.

7:38 Comment From Powerubi Wacon
I also would like to see a manual-hub option on the 2500/3500 4X4s. It would be nice to be able to unlock the hubs, to reduce the wear & tear and fuel consumption, and reduce the drag.

7:38 Ram Engineer: Powerubi Wacon - Thanks for the input on 2500/3500 manually locking hubs. Do you think more customers would want electric? Same savings in wear/tear and better efficiency.

7:39 Ram Truck: Drew, stay tuned and keep reading RamZone.

7:41 Comment From Keith
Have you tested fuel economy figures on the current Cummins engine in the RAM with urea treatment? I am just wondering what the MPG increase would be or if it would be negligible at best. Thank you

7:43 Ram Truck: Keith, we have a lot of experience with both Urea and non-Urea systems. We use Urea in our chassis cabs. There is an affect on FE, but because these trucks do not have EPA labels, I can't give you exact numbers.

7:43 Comment From Murrin
Any plans to give the Hemi direct injection? Seems like a win-win for power and fuel economy.

7:43 Comment From Ed
Would I be able to put a Cummins into a 2011 Power Wagon? I know there's a Hemi, but I prefer the Cummins.

7:44 Mopar Engineer: It will be easier to install the axles in a Cummins-equipped truck. Fortunately, they are available - we even built one and took it to Moab with 40" tires a few years ago. :)

7:44 Ram Truck: Murrin, we are looking at a lot of different engine technologies. We can't comment on the future direction at this point, but DI is being considered.

7:44 Comment From Frank
Will the ram 1500 offer a 6 speed manual any time?

7:45 Ram Truck: Frank, we have no plans to offer a manual in the 1500. We are currently the only ones that offer a manual in our Heavy Duty, though.

7:45 Comment From Don
Also could you explain how the factory trailer brake controller works. Dose it use brake line pressure or an proportional system?

7:45 Comment From Squidward
With all due respect your limited slip rear differential does not perform nearly as well as the G80 locking differential that comes standard in all Diesel4x4 Chevrolet and GMC's, and now that Ford is offering an optional electric rear locker on 4x4 Superdutys, you're really falling behind. Why not make the standard electric rear locker that comes with the Power Wagon an avaliable option on all your 2500's? if I'm not mistaken the Power Wagon uses the same AAM 11.5 rear axle as the rest of the 2500's, just with a different gearset.

7:45 Ram Engineer: Squidward - regarding rear axles and lockers/LSD - I believe the GM rear locker is a mechanicaly locking diff; which locks when it sees a difference is wheel speed left to right. The Ram Limited Slip Differential is a helical device that senses torque not speed, and we feel it is better for all around use. In our evaluation, the optional electric locker on the Ford is not even close! It has to be manually switched on; so if you are already stuck you're toast. And it take too long to engage.

7:47 Ram Engineer: Don - the factory trailer brake controller use brake input and deceleration to mange the brake control. For 12MY there are multiple brake control levels to choose from, including EOH with light and heavy trailer wieghts.

7:47 Comment From Guest
I fully expected to replace my current 98 Ram 3500 12V CTD with an equivalent 2012. But closely following several Cummins forums have me on hold. Issues still seem to plague the 6.7 with all the EPA changes. One would think all the bugs would have been worked out by now. As I use my current Ram CTD as a daily driver and only haul an RV ocassionally, would considering a new 6.7 be a mistake if it is not worked heavily ? Also, why is the Hemi not available at least in the 3500 RSW ?

7:48 Comment From Frank
Will the ram get lower end torque to compete with the ford in towing?

7:48 Ram Truck: Frank, we offer great low end torque on our gas and diesel engines. Plus, towing is not just about 0-60 times. it is about getting up to speed, scrubbing off the heat that is generated, controlling the load, and bringing all that weight to a stop. Ram pays attention to all of those things and does a good job for you on all of them.

7:48 Comment From Gerry
Is electric steering assist like in Durango a possibility for Ram's?

7:48 Ram Truck: Guest,
The Cummins Turbo Diesel engine has and advanced diesel exhaust emissions aftertreatment system which we pulled forward several years ahead of federal requirements. Typically, the filter de-soots itself in the course of the customer's normal driving pattern. We found that the duty cycles of a small number of customers did not adequately clear the filter and as a reult have made significant improvements in the system since the initial launch. We have developed software improvements -- available to all customers, including owners of 2007=2008 models which will resolve the issue. These improvements place no restriction on idle time or use of the exhaust brake. These changes have been incorporated in Ram Trucks, allowing them to meet the high quality levels of our previous generation diesels.

In the end, the Ram Truck Brand feels that our excluisive use of this diesel particulate filter technology offers customers a less complicated, lower maintenance -- and most importantly -- less costly alternative to the diesel exhaust fluid treatment systems required by other diesel pickup manufacturers

7:49 Ram Truck: Gerry, electric steering is a relatively new technology that does offer some fuel economy benefits. We will consider offering that technology in more packages....

7:49 Comment From devin
i would love too see that redish color interior used more, its a beautiful look

7:49 Comment From Drew
Any chance the White Moab PowerWagon "stepside" box could show up on a Red Express with exhaust stacks ;)

7:49 Mopar Engineer: The "stepside" box on the Moab concept vehicle was used to see the responses from enthusiasts. With enough interest, anything can become a possibility! ;)

7:49 Comment From SRTStud
Any srt minivans coming?:)

7:49 Cummins: Guest - also to note, as part of our extensive validation for the Cummins 6.7, we run a lot of miles and tests in a lightly loaded (often empty truck) condition, to ensure that the engine can deliver the same legendary durability that our customers have come to expect from Cummins.

7:50 Comment From SRTStud
I'm only half joking about the minivan.

7:50 Ram Engineer: SRTStud - An SRT minivan; what a novel concept!! Thanks for the suggestion, but - how many cup holders should there be? Let's stick to Ram HD.

7:50 Ram Truck: Devin, the Red interior is a great color for Charger, but don't look for it in a heavy duty truck any time soon.

7:50 Comment From Powerubi Wacon
That is great news to hear about the Mopar Rock Rails making a comeback...maybe. There are many of us that are patiently waiting. Thanks, from a happy: 2005 Power Wagon, 2003 Wrangler Rubicon, and 1998 Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited owner!

7:50 Mopar Engineer: Nice fleet!

7:51 Comment From Jake
I have a 2008 2500.. What were the heavy duty rock rails?

7:51 Mopar Engineer: The heavy duty rock rails are tubular and bolt to the frame to help protect the body from damage.

7:53 Comment From Ron
I see the 2012 3500 max GVWR increased by 100 lbs to 12,300. Were any changes made to the 3500 to handle this extra capacity ? How far is Ram from the 13,000 rating of the competition ?

7:53 Comment From Lloyd
When are you offering power retractable mirros

7:53 Ram Truck: Lloyd, we are working on that option as we speak, but I can't advise you when it will be available.

7:53 Comment From Hurley
is upfitting at final assembly wheels/tires, air suspension a planned option? also any special paint options on regular orders?

7:54 Ram Truck: Hurley, nothing to announce on upfits. We do offer almost 30 paints for special order and we can paint as few as 10 trucks in any one color.

7:54 Ram Engineer: Ron - We ran the 12MY vehicles through all our durabiltiy testing to validation ratings

7:54 Comment From Mike
The Ram Truck is the best looking and most solid truck on the road. The HD beats all competition with durability and performance.

7:54 Comment From Will
I'm glad Ram still makes a heavy duty truck with a manual transmission!

7:54 Mopar Engineer: We are happy to have a manual transmission too. Some of us even have one as our daily drivers!

7:54 Ram Truck: Thanks, Mike. We couldn't agree more!

7:55 Comment From Ernie
The Longhorn is the best truck interior ever but David is right, the exterior could be more. Would some filigree etched in chrome bumbers ala old Colt pistols be too much?

7:55 Ram Truck: Ernie, we agree on the interior and will continue to work on making the exterior more and more unique. BTW, that is the first suggestion that I have heard for a filigree bumper!

7:56 Comment From devin
whats with the slingshot edition ram?

7:56 Comment From Ken E
The new CAFE standards will be rough on trucks. Do you see smaller gas engines, diesel, CNG, or hybrids being the dominate technology focus?

7:56 Ram Truck: Devin, What?

7:56 Ram Engineer: Ken E. - You are right the new CAFE standards are tough but Ram is up to the challenge!. All of the items you mention are possibilities for trucks across the board; improvements in gas engines, alternate fuels and diesels, and even HEV's. Ram has a fleet of 140 Ram 1500 plug-in hybrids in government and fleet service as part of a DOE program to investigate their viability in the market.

7:56 Comment From eric
i would like to see the ram brand get thier first truck of the year award! what will it take to do so? and when can we expect a shot @ it?

7:56 Ram Engineer: Eric - The 2010 Ram HD was Motortrend truck of the year!

7:57 Comment From Ed
Why do we use urea in c&ch 3500 series and up but not in 2500/3500 trucks?

7:57 Cummins: Cummins offers a broad range of integrated technologies and has the ability to choose the right technology for the right market. For the Chassis Cab product, we determined that Urea (SCR) was the optimum solution for the duty cycles in that particular market. However, for the pickup product, we already had a proven combination of advanced technologies that met 2010 emissions three years early. Therefore, we invested our resources in continuously improving our current technology rather than applying SCR, which is a new technology for the pickup market. RAM HD customers can continue to drive with the added convenience of not needing to fill their trucks with urea, and without the added complexity of these systems.

7:57 Comment From Guest
Why was the 66RFE is not used in 1500 models over the 65RFE?

7:57 Ram Engineer: Guest - regarding the 66RFE - the 66RFE transmission was specifically designed for the Ram 2500 pickup with the 5.7L gas engine; matching the vehicle's capability requirements.

7:58 Comment From Ernie
And cool exclusive 20's o the Longhoen would be awesome! Great job Ram on the most handsome truck in recent years and thanks for listening!

7:59 Ram Truck: Ernie, for 2012 We are offering new optional 20" wheels on Ram Light Duty. They are HOT!

8:03 Ram Truck: The Ram HD chat is concluding. Thanks for all of your questions and comments! We’re sorry we didn’t get to all of them tonight, but be sure to check back on RamZone soon for responses to the questions that were not answered.

8:03 Comment From Powerubi Wacon
Mopar Engineer- Thanks! I love my 4X4s. It's a Jeep and Ram (Power Wagon) Thing. Not everybody understands.

8:04 Comment From Keith
Thank-you Ram Engineer, Mopar Engineer, Ram Truck and Cummins for a great opportunity to talk to those who make these trucks what they are..Awesome!

8:04 Ram Engineer: From Ram Engineers - Thanks for participating; we appreciate you as customers and we appreciate your feedback!!

8:05 Mopar Engineer: Thanks everyone! If you have any other questions for Mopar drop us a line on!

8:08 Comment From Kurt
Thanks for hosting this

8:08 Comment From Drew
Thanks keep up the great work!

8:08 Comment From Ernie
Thanks for building a great truck!

8:08 Comment From Ray
Thanks for talking the time to meet