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02-22-2011, 03:19 PM
looking for some info as to what will fit under an 11 2500 with a 6" lift? 37's obviously but can you go any larger without having to jump to an 8" lift? what is the widest you can go on both tires and wheels? would rather not start cutting anything unless its easily covered. i want to try and stay with a 6" lift as there is a kt by tuff country that allows for long arms up to a 6" lift that does not require the removal of the lower factory control arm mounts.

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02-23-2011, 04:35 PM
I wouldn't do more than a 37 X 12.50

02-23-2011, 04:42 PM
Does the kit you are looking at say it will fit 37" tires ? I would think it would say 35" but could be wrong depending on the brand. Normally I would think with a 6" and 37" tires you would still need to do some trimming if you plan on really using that suspension. But if it says you can run 37's I would say it's a safe bet you would need to do some trimming depending on the tire and the width. If you are having a shop mount the wheels/tires ask them to install both of the fronts with the 37's and then the next size you're contemplating and see what kind of clearance you have. Les Schwabbs will do this before you purchase so your not stuck with something that doesn't work well. I would imagine other tire shops would as well. Good Luck !

02-23-2011, 08:39 PM
You have a 2500 so you can prob go to a 38" tire. I wouldn't think a 40" would fit but you never know, that would have to be researched. I am going with a 10.5" on my 1500 07 and I have 40s on the way. In relation to your truck it would be like an 8" lift on my truck. The new Rams actually fit a bigger tire then the 3rd gens. I have seen a 3rd gen Ram 1500 with a 9" lift and he had 40s on it.

Example, a 2002-2008 1500 Ram with a 6" lift will fit a 35" tire, recommended from the lift kit. The 09-11 1500 Ram will fit a 37" tire with a 6" lift. So there is more room under the wheel wells for a bigger tire. You have a 2500 so your sitting a couple inches bigger then a 1500 so it would be like an 8" lift on a 1500 Ram. They can fit a 37" with a 6" so if you go 8" I would think at least a 38" tire maybe even a 40". That would definitely have to be checked though since that is pretty big tire.

With all of that said, the 40s might look a little stuffed under the wheel wells where as the 38s would look right at home. Honestly if you go with 40s and it looks a little squished then you can always go with a body lift. I know a lot of guys dont like it but it would be a cheap way to get a few inches and to fit the tires better.

Now this would really be your call. I know 38s will fit but I am iffy on the 40s, but I thnk they might work (dont take it as a YES they will fit haha).

For wheels you should look into a 12" wide rim since a lot of the 38s and 40s out there are a 15.5" wide tire. The only ones I found that were able to fit a 10" wide rim were the:
38 = Toyo Open Country M/T, BFG KM2, Interco Truxs STS
40 = BFG KM2, Mickey Thompson ATZ, Interco SSM16

I dont know the other rim sizess you will have to check out the company sites or the specs. So if you are going to go with some aftermarket rims then make sure you get a backspacing that will match the kit specs. Also you want to make sure you get a negative offset rim to push the tires out away from the trucks suspension. You will want to go with a -15mm to -25mm offset. You would want to go bigger for the more width you have. If you go with an offset that doesnt clear the tire then you can always go with a spacer to help out.

Hope all of this info help you out!

02-24-2011, 08:57 PM
i'm thinking the bfg at which is alike a 37.5x14 on a 22. or just a 37x13.5. or maybe a kumho at thats 14.5 wide or so but a 37 essentially. did find a 38x13.5 bfg i think. i get deals on tires. so i'm trying to work with what i can get.

03-21-2011, 11:32 PM
I want to run 37 X 13.50 X 20 on my 2011 Ram with a 6 inch lift.

I also wanted to run 12 inch wide rims...

Let me know how this works out for you if you use 12 inch wide rims...

03-24-2011, 06:40 PM
If your gonna go w/ tires that wide I highly suggest a -12offset and fender flares let us know what happens w/ this