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Conversation Between up north and catsltd
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  1. up north
    03-24-2011 12:25 AM
    up north
    Part two: (and mine as well). the only thing is I will not be able to ceramic coat them until I know they wil fit or they probably will not take them back (I sure hope I get a positive responce from some body that has installed them on a 2500). I haven't called Steve yet and asked if they have done a install on a 2500 yet. I wonder if I can make a deal with top gun that if the headers will fit, before they are perminantly installed I cound run them down and get them to coat them. I am not sure how long the prosess takes? so many questions so many decisions
  2. up north
    03-24-2011 12:24 AM
    up north
    How's it going Grant. I have talked to Nick today about the headers on a 2500 and he could not confirm they would fit on a 2500 ( piss me off) I was looking forward to getting these installed. I have put out some posts to see if any members have tried them on a 2500. When I talked to nick today he suggested I compair a 1500 & 2500 side by side and see if there is a noticeable differance on frame clearance and cross member clearance I kind of through the question back to him and asked if he could get a 2500 to his shop and compair it to the 1500 they have at the shop with headers on it At least they would know what they are looking for. The other options are we try and install them but if they need to be tweeked I would have to tow it to a shop to have them finnish it, or they just will not fit then I would have to return them to Davenport. Option 2 take them to a shop and have them install them or suck it up and have Davenport install them and if they dont fit than it is there problem
  3. catsltd
    02-17-2011 02:24 PM
    They have a pretty good reputation.
    I have done several dyno pulls at there shop.
    Steve is the owner and he is a jackass,but they do know there stuff.
    I would just do the headers yourself very easy install.
    I did mine in the backyard in about 4 hours by myself.
    You Dont need to tune your truck with Diablo with just headers.
    Trust me what a waste of money,my truck runs perfect without a tune,so will yours.

    Some people dont like Diablo because of shifting problems me included.
    If you do the headers yourself,then buy a 85 MM throttlebody with the money you save.
    I would be happy to help you with the header install,dont pay a shop.
    Cheers Grant: 403-234-9863.
    It would take 3-4 hours to do complete install including hooking up exhaust.
  4. up north
    02-15-2011 01:32 AM
    up north
    CATSLTD I see you are from calgary I am looking at having a set of A/R headers and a Diablo tuner installed on my 2010 2500 I have been talking to Davenport motor sports in cow town do you have any information or advice on the shop? They were also going to put it on the dyno to get a base line and than do another pull after the mods to fine tune the program and see what the hp gain is. Also the run down from Ft Mac and back up will give me a good compairison on fuel mileage.


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