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Conversation Between stiWhoLeo21 and RAMING IT
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  1. stiWhoLeo21
    05-12-2011 01:26 AM
    and for shooting just handguns. havent shot anything else broo.. i would love to shot everything else thoughh=)
  2. stiWhoLeo21
    05-12-2011 12:13 AM
    dude even explaining it to me was graphic. ya know maybe you dont like talking about it and ill respect that but how did it happen?

    insurances suck they suck all our money y a la hora que tienen que entrarles le sacan las culeras.. i had to have surgert immidiately and i had it 3 weeks. my cartilage had grown already and had to get cut =(

    whats this chapter your talking about bro.. cuales son tus planes? theres 3 rams in my driveway =).. im definitely down letme know what you wanna do with it
    05-11-2011 08:05 PM
    Yeah I should of read your profile before I sent you a pm haha.What you shoot rifles, handguns, revolvers its all gravy with me. So you just injured yourself recently then wow bet it still hurts when you laugh!! haha what they got you on for pain norco? percocet? vicodin? FYI that stuff if taken to much will tear your liver apart.. word of advise. As for me i got injured on 7-13-09 and not till last december did the insurance aprove my surgery, prior to that I was getting epidurals(18" needles they inject into your spinal cord) "steroids" to ease the sciatica. Im not expected to return to work til late this yearWhat type of business you guys run? I read your a chef?I was also born here in East Los. Jefes from tijuana. Well bud I gotta go clean out the iguana tank wife's naggin lol. Here's my number if you wana text to chat or help set up a freaking chapter in our area that i have been pushing for lol ttyl take care.
    562-326-0512 Julien
  4. stiWhoLeo21
    05-11-2011 07:45 PM
    wow. now you definitely been at the aiport dont ya? haha.. well hope those are the last plates and screws to be put on ya buddy.. it sucks major bro.. i injured it 5 weeks ago and had surgery 2 weeks ago. i also have a screw holding on to my femur into my pelvic bone..

    yes i love shooting. havent been in any competitions, im not quite informed about them thats why. been to many gun shows and etc. working on my ccw since im self employed with my parents.. and wanna do law enforcement also..

    niceeee. well i was born here.. pero mis papas son de guadalajara =). i consisder myself to be full on mexican since i was raised with pozole and pinching during mass and all that mambo jamboo hahah.. thanks i really appreciate it bud. imma be in bed 3 months an extra prayer will be awesome, thanks man,,
    05-11-2011 07:37 PM
    Hey there buddy sorry to here about your knee. How long ago did you injure it? I got 4 screws and 2 plates in my lower back & my L5 fused to my S1. Oh yeah 8 more screws and 2 plates holding my jaw together hahaha. Damit bud sucks doesnt it!? Ive been trying to put my sights in the lord but honestly its frustrating but I remain focused.

    I did quiet a few competitions and Im not one to brag but I kicked butt on a few of them haha. You shoot? Yo tambien so Latino more specificly Mexicano. Good luck with your recovery I'll throw in a prayer for you bud.
  6. stiWhoLeo21
    05-11-2011 04:29 PM
    law enforcement? cometition shooting? are you kidding man? where have you been all my life? hahah jk no hommo man.. kudos for law enforcement, shooting and military. i suffered an injusry myself just as i was about to do my written test for lapd in a seminar, they wanted latinos and well i thought i had a big chance since im betting my degree in criminal justice and im latino..

    but 2 weeks prior i fell and needed knee surgery im down 3 months with 2 screws on my knee.. pretty upsetting since it makes me think i no longer will be able to protect and serve ;(, but im in recovery so hopefully ill do well..

    kudos bud,


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