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2011RamCC 01-02-2012 02:25 PM

OEM muffler
How restrictive is the oem muffler, and why? I would think that, in the interest of better fuel economy and such, that a good flowing exhaust system would be attractive to the manufacturer.

Also, is there a muffler out there that fits without any modifications? I have the dual rear exhaust. It has a nice rumble at idle, and the sound inside the cab is not too annoying. I understand that there is more than one dual rear exhaust system from the factory, the one for the Sport models being more "aggressive" sounding. Never hearing one of those, I can't compare.:4-dontknow:

TNC 01-02-2012 03:21 PM

It's more than fuel mileage and power that the manufacturer has to worry about. One of the biggest for them is sound level. Federal sound regs for new vehicles is pretty strict for manufacturers.

danhalen 01-02-2012 07:05 PM

Mufflex makes a direct, bolt-on replacement. They offer 3 sizes (14", 18" and 22") from aggressive to mild. There are tons of YouTube videos of these on our trucks as well.

hyperlitejacko 01-02-2012 08:53 PM

I put the 18" mufflex kit that is a direct bolt on. It sounds great.

New2Ram 01-02-2012 08:59 PM

The stock muffler is very restrictive. I saw a pic on here somewhere that showed what it looks like cut open, but I can't find the pic on this site now. The exhaust comes into the body, then has to bounce off the rear of the case, then doubles back and to an internal pipe that comes out the back...if that makes any sense...:LOL: You might try doing a search for the stock muffler cut open. My Magnaflow 14" required two pieces of pipe to be added between the new muffler and the existing tailpipes. No big deal, had it installed at a local shop for $160 including the muffler. No increase in gas mileage tho...can't keep my right foot off the floor now!:SHOCKED:

gsxrken 01-03-2012 12:21 AM

I have not heard that the sport got a different exhaust.
Can anyone confirm or deny?

2011RamCC 01-03-2012 02:39 AM

I'm not sure if the exhaust is what I would say is different, but I believe the resonators are different. I like how mine sounds, but never having heard a Sport, I can't compare.

2011RamCC 01-03-2012 11:23 PM

Can anyone here offer more info on this exhaust thing?

dig 01-04-2012 12:24 AM

Just talked to my buddy today about my muffler and tailpipes. He laughed, He does race cars and is doing a 600hp chevy right now. He says that he is installing 2.5" pipes and that is as big as you need for 600hp. So why do you need more then what you have stock for 390hp. He also got a good laugh about the Y pipe. He said people think just because it is louder it is more powerful. He has been doing this for a lot of years. So I do have to consider what he says. I'm just quoting him. No let her rip.

2011RamCC 01-04-2012 12:35 AM

Thanks for the input, dig. I'm sure that a more free flowing muffler would be in some way benefitial, but I don't want any more interior noise than I already have. I only have just under 15,000 miles on this truck.

Now, can anybody shed some light on the difference between the dual rear exhaust on the Bighorn as opposed to that on the Sport?

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