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sonocativo 01-04-2012 06:43 PM

Power Steering Gear Box (choice)
Ok my gearbox is shot... gonna buy a new one ( actually rebuilt as they dont sell new ones ) 2 places has them and here goes...

Autozone has DURALAST $164 + $81 core PN#7533

O'Reilly has CARDONE $170 + $145 core PN#27-7571

I hear OReilly has better parts but I cant see the damn near double core charge???? WTF?
They both carry the Limited lifetime warranty and basically all the same specs.

so what would you suggest or has anyone replaced theirs and any issues with either? I have alot of play, tried adjusting it out and it did a bit for a short time but went back to the sway n play so I need it solid..... so replacing it. Trying to find someone now to do it as well since the next 2 days will be nice in the 60's

tfs2403 01-04-2012 09:37 PM

For what its worth, I replaced my sons 96 ram steering box. We bought one from Autozone and found the threads for the steering lines were all screwed up. They did not have another in stock but we needed the unit faster than that to get the truck on the road. We got our money back from Autozone and drove over to O reillys and got another gear box. The o reillys box went in really nice and had no issues. It has been in for a few weeks now and has been working pretty good.
Cant tell ya why there is such a difference in the core charge....
The Autozone box was probably just a freak thing, but it didn't help that we were in a hurry.
Generally I go to O reillys, I have found their parts to seem of better quality and the guys there are much more friendly.

Changing out the gear box is pretty simple, make sure you get a good pitman puller, ours was a real ***** to remove. Other than that it went pretty easy.

Good luck
Robb (Also a public servant)

sonocativo 01-04-2012 10:46 PM

Well I checked into both, even NAPA is the Also found out they are all rebuilt at the same plant, aint that something. I went ahead with the autozone and thanks for mentioning the threads, I will go check it all out now, as i know those lines do get cross threaded pretty easily when someone doesnt take the time and care to hand start them properly. Lucky for me all shops are pretty close to me so if I do need to exchange it. Now just trying to find someone to change it, I got the tools and can rent the puller if needed for whoever if they dont have one..only $15, not like its gonna break me... but I will pay someone to do it, so far no offers.

Okiespaniels 01-06-2012 09:15 PM

For what it's worth...I would investigate Redhead steering boxes or a Borgenson box. They're not the cheapest but have been proven to last longer than rebuilt discount parts store boxes.
The Borgenson box is easily modified to clear a stock steering shaft if you don't have the bucks for a new Borgenson shaft

sonocativo 01-06-2012 09:43 PM

Thanks for all the info guys.... Ill just go with the duralast at autozone for the time being.... when I go to do a lift and bigger tires i will upgrade the other components then. At ;east this will get me by for the time being so its safer, hate all that damn wheel play in the box.... already replaced all the suspension parts over the summer (tie rods, track bar and all that )

sonocativo 01-07-2012 06:02 PM

Good news/Bad news...
Found a local mechanic (Certified ASE) that does work out of his fully equipted garage on the sides when off from the dealership. He will replace the steering gear for me at $60- I supply the part, cool..... Now the bad. He wont touch the Autozone box since he warantees his work. He says the Autozone box comes with only a 90 day waranty and they usually crap out after 6 months, so unless I want to keep replacing it he said its up to me, so I took the Autozone box back ( I usually dont buy major parts from autozone anyways...but it was $164 + $81 )
Oreillys didnt have any in stock so I went to Napa and CarQuest...get this $197 part + $212 core and $220 part + 218 core...geeze freezin gizmo.....some BS going on there for a damn core, dont you think anyone who pays more than $50 core is gonna go get that $50 back...why so damn high on a core...... Im gonna drive by the scrap yard up here and see if theres one laying around ( I dont care what it comes off of....its just freaking crazy $200+ for a core. I know i get the money back but it takes all I have and cant pay the guy the $60 just to do the labor aint that some shiz. Im gonna check around online as some of the members mentioned and see about those free shipping and cheaper discounts. Oh well soon.

tfs2403 01-08-2012 09:39 PM

Usually O reillys or any other parts store can get these from nearby warehouse suppliers within a couple days.
Core charges, man, I cant even begin to guess why there are so high....and I wish I found someone to replace the box for $60.00 I would have jumped on that!!!!
Good luck to ya.


sonocativo 01-08-2012 09:56 PM

Yeah, I will definately use this guy ( ASE CERT, current employee at a major dealership doing sides at home with a fully equipted garage ) I told him we will just do it when I got the cash, no biggie for now ( taxes coming up soon ) instead I repaired my ac system today... more important with needing defrost in the winter and cooling in the summer with a baby ! A little play at the wheel I can live with but not a baby dying in the heat of the summer or not being able to see the roads in the winter.

sonocativo 01-08-2012 09:58 PM

checked out those redhead and Borrg boxes...$400-$600+ wow !!!! if I was doing a 5" lift maybe since Id want the best but for standard.... I think Ill go with a better cheaper box...if that made any

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