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primo spaghetti 02-11-2012 09:03 PM

Best Oil Filter
Has anyone ever tried the Bosch oil filters? I ve always used Mopar (and honestly they really seem fine to me), but i saw the Bosch fileter for 3 times the price as the Mopar filter the other night...i almost got caught up in the "it costs more so it must be better" i thought id ask!

916Timmy 02-11-2012 09:10 PM

I like the Wix filter!!!

Blackzilla 02-11-2012 10:42 PM

NAPA Gold what i use.

Kong 02-12-2012 08:24 AM

Check out the Royal Purple filters. I am having trouble finding them locally, but they look really promising.

bigdaddyII 02-13-2012 07:20 PM

Almost any oil filter will be fine. About the only one I wouldnt use if Fram. I like to go to Autozone when they have their Mobil 1 sale going on where you buy a 5 quart bottle of Mobil 1 and they throw in the $12 Mobil 1 filter free. If that deal is not running when its time for a change, I go with Mobil 1 and a Mopar or Wix filter for a 5,000 mile run.

Excoastie 02-16-2012 02:50 PM


Originally Posted by primo spaghetti (Post 719877)
Has anyone ever tried the Bosch oil filters?

Anyone have any info on these?

I picked up a couple at Wally World the other day when I was getting my stuff to change the oil on both the wife's Challenger and on my truck. I'm not having second thoughts, as I've never actually seen or heard of anyone using a Bosch filter before....

I've used many of their other products over the years, and I don't think I've ever had any troubles.

I know the arguments about what filters is best, etc and everyone has their own opinion on this. I'm more interested in personal experience with this product good or bad.


snrusnak 02-16-2012 03:54 PM

Main things to look for are the following:

1) The filtration level(measured in microns). "Better" filtration is not necessarily better. "Better" filtration (in terms of micron rating) will be more restrictive and your oil pump will be working overtime. It's best to get a filter that has the same filtration level as oem.

2) The type of gaskets. Some cheap filters (like the cheaper fram models) use cardboard instead of rubber. It should be obvious why rubber makes a better gasket than cardboard...

3) Anti drain back valve. Not all filters have this, and if it doesn't then it can cause "dry" starts as it will take longer to circulate oil throughout the engine on start up.

WIX(same as NAPA) is what I use. Mopar's are good. I don't know for sure but would guess that K&N, RP, and Bosch all are good.

micar71 02-17-2012 02:56 PM

Agreed, snrusnak. Something else. Some filters use a leaf spring and others use a coil spring. If the coil spring is not supported well, then the filtering system inside the canister may offset. This may cause the filter to not do it's job correctly. My mechanic brother in law stocked only WIX. Bosch is good and so is Mobile 1. Stay away from the four letter "F" word! Yo MaMa may not get you for using that word, but some of us might. Lol

pearl207 02-17-2012 03:25 PM

I personally use Amsoil oil and Filters. They are expensive but based on all the information I have researched, as well as other users, they are reportedly the best on the market. You might spend more, but in the end, you get what you pay for. I have also used K&N filters which are quite expensive but are what they refer to as "high flow" filters. K&N also makes a very good lifetime air filter

snrusnak 02-17-2012 03:26 PM

Yes that's true the coil spring is better than the leaf spring. The expensive frams are supposedly good but why pay double when you can get a good filter for half? Fram has a genius marketing program...

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