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hicksrt 02-14-2012 09:32 AM

AMSOIL 25,000 Oil Change
Trying not to rehash this topic over and over and over, but I just wanted to get some opinions on the extended drain interval for AMSOIL in the HEMIs. I used to have a 2000 Toyota Tacoma V-6 that I ran AMSOIL in religiously, only changed the oil once a year, no problems and the oil was never deep black at the time of the drain. I'm converting over to AMSOIL on my HEMI, and was wondering will I see the same benefit? Will I honestly get the one year oil change out of the HEMI?:smileup::smiledown:

Would you guys trust running AMSOIL and performing a once a year oil change?

Toms Blue Ram 1500 02-14-2012 09:44 AM

Thats all I run in all my vehicles ( Ram , SRT8 300 , Cadillac , 300M ) . I've gone twenty thousand before a complete changeout . I still replace the filter every 3-5k and top it off . I think Amsoil now has their own filter which they say will go 25k . I've talked with a Amsoil dealer that had over 100k on the oil that he put in it when he did his initial changeover . He contiunued to do the oil analysis and said the oil was still good . That oil was still in the car when he sold it .

hicksrt 02-14-2012 10:08 AM

Tom, that is amazing, I just ordered the AMSOIL and the EA oil filter. I think I'll still change out the filter at 10,000 though, even though it's rated at 25,000.

snrusnak 02-14-2012 10:16 AM

The oil is good stuff and the filter is as well. It will break down a little quicker with a bigger engine though. Just monitor it when you check it and basically when it gets black and "watery" it's time to change it.

TNC 02-14-2012 10:32 AM

I'm not an oil engineer or expert, but don't most of them recommend that you use oil analysis if you're going to push 8K miles or more before changing? It makes sense that there probably is no "fixed" mileage minimum or maximum for oil. Useage conditions seem to be everything in determining oil life, and that seems fairly logical. This is where oil analysis comes into play. With quality synthetics, I've used 6K as my max for my automotive, drag cars, etc. not included. I know I'm throwing out...well, recycling...good oil most of the time, but I guess I don't want to putz with analysis. Still, I think most real experts say that minimum and maximum oil change mileage can vary greatly, and only analysis gives the true state of the oil's condition.

On this issue of oil color, I think this is an overrated and probably incorrect way to assess oil by the seat-of-the-pants. The consistency of the oil, as in very watery or overly thick, might have some visual assessment value, but a dark color is usually the sign of the oil doing its job of keeping contaminants and particles suspended in an engine that's in good condition.

hicksrt 02-14-2012 11:15 AM

TNC i have to completely agree with you on the color of oil. The blackened oil would indicate it is doing it's job. I think once I change the oil and add the AMSOIL I will pull a sample at 5,000 for BlackStone Labs. And then again every 3,000 until the Lab results indicate time to change out the oil.

snrusnak 02-14-2012 11:33 AM

You guys are right, but most people don't want to or won't do oil analysis. The consistency is the most important thing (over color). When it is not "oily" or "tacky" anymore, and becomes "runny" and "watery" is a good way to tell just by the seat of your pants that it's due for change. Darker color means it's breaking down, or basically turning into sludge over time. The dark color doesn't really mean it's "dirty" it's just that it's breaking down.

huntergreen 02-14-2012 11:49 AM

first and foremost, how does this affect the warranty? i come from the days of three thousand mile oil changes and would never be able to go that long on one oil change. i change at 6000miles now but cant see myself going longer than that ever. must be getting old.

Toms Blue Ram 1500 02-14-2012 12:11 PM

That was old technology and myth . The dealer ship will tell you otherwise I'm sure . But as long as you have the ability to perform a oil analysis and prove to them the oil's still good , there's nothing they can do about it . I wonder how many mechanics in their shop use a pure synthetic like Amsoil . And besides , what they don't know won't hurt them .

Toms Blue Ram 1500 02-14-2012 12:14 PM

Besides , if they want to make a stink about it , tell them to prove to you that the oil's exhausted . Let them get the oil analysed at their expense .

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