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KLRRAM 02-21-2012 12:52 AM

Holiday Dodge Austin, MN
So, this is where I bought my 2010 Dodge Ram from new. I had a d-bag of a salesman but, I forgot how bad he was until today. So, here goes the story. My Mother-In-Law, Wife, Kids, and I all went to the dealership to look at an possibly buy a Durango(for Mother-In-Law). We get there and I tell her to avoid this guy at the dealership and talk to someone else. Keep in mind this guy has no clue who I am or that I bought a truck from him or that I have had it serviced there everytime. So, we walk in and the younger salesman remembers me and my truck like I was there yesterday and I have never talked to him personally, so he directs us to my good old worthless salesman that knows absolutely nothing about any car on the lot. We stand there for 5 minutes, 2 feet from his desk while he is sitting there bullshitting with one of his co-workers about nothing. Finally, he gets off his dead a** and talks to us. We go out, look at the Durango, and take it for a drive. We come back, park right in front of his desk window, sit out there looking it over for 15 minutes, and he never comes out. We go inside and wait for him for another 5 minutes. What was he doing....buying frickin Girl Scout cookies:wow: She shoots him an offer after going around a little bit. He takes it to his sales manager and comes back oh....about half an hour later. He tells us what his boss came back with. Does not even ask if we would want to counter offer or what it would take to put us in the vehicle. Throws the paperwork on his desk...I mean actually throws it on his desk and doesn't say another word to us. Instead he starts talking to one of his buddies driving a pos PT Cruiser. Of course, we are like FU...and walk out. This put such a bad taste in her mouth she doesn't even want to look at Dodge, Jeep, or any other Chrysler product for that matter. Funny thing is she is a cash buyer and could buy whatever vehicle on the lot that tripped her trigger. Honestly, it put a bad taste in my mouth too and brought up a repressed memory of mine. Even though there service dept is ok, my truck will never see that dealership again...nor will my wifes Journey. As a matter of fact when I go to buy another vehicle it probably won't be a Chrysler product at all. Sorry for the long rant. Longer story made a little shorter..If you want good service avoid this dealership.

GTyankee 02-21-2012 01:19 AM

Sorry about your BAD experience
Now you need to call the Owner of the dealership & let him or her know what happened & how it drove your mother in law & you out the door

I can't stand a salesperson that ignores you while BSing, i also know that he didn't go to his Sales Managers Office, unless they were kicking back drinking coffee & shooting the bull about something on tv.
My next vehicle will be bought through the dealerships Fleet/Internet Dept
no more salesperson, no paying for their commission either

By the way the sales guy that sold me my Ram recognizes me, but he thinks he just sees me all the time & waves, his trainee remembers me quite well, he is now a regular sales person
None of the sales people know what options are available, unless they look at a brochure or go to the Dealer Connect website

KLRRAM 02-21-2012 01:40 AM

Yup...I plan on calling the General Manager tomorrow. I am also planning on writing up a letter to Chrysler Customer Service. Just to stir it up a little more.

brogers93 02-24-2012 02:55 PM

Personally, I would not have gone near that guy a second time. Just ask the sales manager for someone who knows what they're doing!

rdsabin 02-25-2012 09:09 AM

Go to Albert Lea to Dave Syverson's. They can be a bear to get the price down sometimes. The only other Dodge dealer I have had the pleasure to deal with is Jeff Belzer's in Lakeville, MN. Good luck on finding a Durango she may like.

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