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Xtremjeepn 03-02-2012 03:44 PM

V10/ 5 speed with 4:10 and 285s? Thoughts?
I have only had my Ram for a short while. It goes fine but the 3:55 axles gears seem a little tall on the highway. Anyone running 4:10 and a 5 speed? Thoughts on the combo?

I stumbled upon a diesel owner with the same axle combo with 4:10s that might want to do a straight swap.

I probably won't go bigger on the tires for at least a little while. I'm very familiar with axle ratio swaps and have done many in Jeep axles. Just curious on driving impressions with the V10 as I'm still getting familiar with it.

HemiLonestar 03-02-2012 04:08 PM

Torque monster gas hog (but underpowered for anything but towing) in stock form. Lots of potential to be had, but not much in the way of speed parts, especially since the truck and Viper engine parts aren't interchangeable.

Xtremjeepn 03-02-2012 04:28 PM

I bought it as a wheel barrow and maybe a fun Expedition build truck.

Want to keep the ultimate functionality with it. (not going to run 37s on this one.....)

No overly concerned with the power. I tows fine like it is(had 10,500lbs behind it a few weeks ago) Already has headers, full dual exhaust, MSD wires, etc.....and honestly it's the least powerful thing I own. If I want to go fast I'll simply take one of the other vehicles.

Just don't want to do the swap and feel like I'm spinning too high on the highway all the time. Since I have not driven it that much I'm just not sure how an extra 400 rpm would feel at highway speed on the V10

ArmyofOne 03-02-2012 11:24 PM

It would feel like a kick in the wallet. You already get about what, 14 hwy? on a good day? with 4:10's that would drop to around 11. Towing would get easier, acceleration would be better, but without running bigger tires, there really isnt a need.

Wow...3:55 is really tall for that truck. Might I suggest a 3:73 or 3:92?

BigRedOne 03-03-2012 01:20 AM

I am original owner of a 1995 std cab with that very set up (4:10 5spd V10) but most of my seat time was spent on 33x12.5’s which are slightly taller than your 285's. On 33's I got ~10mpg unladen and ~ 8mpg towing but I loved how it drove. It never felt tortured at fwy speeds and as for the characterization that it’s gutless, I couldn’t disagree more. I totally spanked my buddy in his heavily tuned 5.9L CTD in straight line acceleration. His CTD had 3.50's or 3.70’s in the diff's but still, he couldn’t believe it! He was sorely disappointed. Anyway, I don’t think you’ll regret the change, and if you feel you’re a little short just go up to 33’s or 35’s, but it has never felt too stretched to me.

sledneckforlife 03-06-2012 07:32 PM

Im not understanding why people say the v10 is 01 quadcab has 80k on it with an automatic and 265-75-16s and has plenty of power...hell, it cuts out sideways at 30-35 miles an hour on dry tar... I guess I got lucky. Oh, and if your worried about gas mileage, buy a v6....

Xtremjeepn 03-06-2012 08:31 PM

Thanks for the input guys! Keep it coming.

Fuel mileage is not a huge concern. The truck is a 9th vehicle for the 2 of us:4-dontknow:

Always liked these trucks and needed one to do truck things with. But not really a daily driver thing. (though I have been driving it a lot and enjoying it)

gunfighter 03-09-2012 05:21 PM

I have the 5 speed with the 4.10 gears in the differential, ran 285's for the past year. It runs 60 mph at 2000 rpm, so your highway overdrive is gone with that setup. The engine makes 450lb of torque at 2800 rpm, the curve starts a little over idle, and it pulls all the way up. I get about 10 mpg, I personally would be much happier if the Highway speed was running about 1300-1500 rpms. It's an over drive gear it should drive like one. The truck will pull in 5th without downshifting all the way down to 25mph. I'm going to go with bigger tires in the future, somewhere between a 35 or 38. if I need a creeper gear, it's got a wicked 1st gear, and if I really need it there's always 4 low. Hope this helps.

BigRedOne 03-09-2012 11:44 PM

I ran 33's the whole life of the truck (~80k miles) and I just went up to 37's and now I'm really wanting more power. My engine is bone stock and it now struggles to maintain highway speed in 5th on even modest grades unladen where it had no trouble on 33's (mine is the lighter std cab, not the extended cab). So 35's are the max I'd personally go w/out engine mods on 4.10 gears based on what I'm now getting although it's possible my cats are plugged so next wk I'm getting relieved exhaust (Magnaflow cats + flowmaster muffler) and I'll post an update once I see how that does. After that I'm going straight to a massaged throttle body and cold air intake, then 1.7:1 roller rockers if I need it but I wouldn't trade the 37's for anything so I may ultimately go to 4.56 or 4.88 gears depending on how much difference the engine mods make.

gunfighter 03-10-2012 09:09 AM

Bigredone, keep us posted on how that works out for you. What RPM are you turning at highway speed with 37's?

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