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SuperRam 03-17-2012 07:10 PM

High Output cams for 2002-2007 4.7 ram 1500.
Hi. I'm new here on Ram
I have some questions in regards to the H.O cams for the 2002-2005 ram 4.7L.
What engines do these H.O cams come from? Are they from the H.O 2008 dodge ram 4.7L?? Or what?
I heard that they are on national back order. But let say that some chrysler dealership has them or that they are in stock now. How do you ask for them?? I'm sure they aren't just H.O cams for 1g 4.7 ram engine.

So what makes them H.O? It seems like the engines 4.7 from 2002 to 2007 in the rams 1500, dakotas, jeep cherokees, jeep commandores and dodge durangos vary from year to year and from Hp and torque but yet, they are all 4.7. The same year for a given truck or suv or jeep will not have the same TQ and HP when compared to the next, (if I'm wrong, please correct me) unless all the 4.7s from the years 02 to 07 from all the mentioned vehicles have 235hp and 300tq and the HO 4.7s are from the 2008 trucks, jeeps, etc.
Really appreciate it if someone could clear this up for me.

Thanks guys.

SuperRam 03-19-2012 02:14 PM

So what do you guys think? Can someone post what are H/O Cams for the 1g 4.7L ram 1500 engine and what veicles have these cams and their years?

Thanks guys.

snrusnak 03-19-2012 03:27 PM

I'm not exactly sure what vehicles the HO engines were in. There is the "early" 4.7L (prior to 2008) and the "late" 4.7L (2008 and later). HO does not mean 2008 and later. Prior to the 2008 revisions there was the standard 4.7L and the HO 4.7L. After 2008 there is simply the 4.7L, there is no HO version.

I'm pretty sure all the HO engines said "High Output" on the air cleaner. I want to also say they were prominently in Jeeps. Nick at airram would know all of this for sure, look into that.

Everyone says they're on back order, I haven't seen anyone able to find a set for a good while.

HemiLonestar 03-19-2012 03:43 PM

Look for 02-04 Jeep Grand Cherokee, it will say 4.7 HO on the side, will either be a Limited or one of the special editions (not a Laredo).

SuperRam 03-19-2012 04:24 PM

Thanks Guys. So the cams on the 2008+ 4.7 won't fit or can't be installed on the 2002-2007 4.7 ram 1500. But the High output cams from the 2002-2004 HO 4.7 engine found in the jeep grand cherokee Limited or special editions such as the overland can be installed and these are what we called HO cams for the 2002-2007 dodge ram 1500 4.7?

If so, then this will clear out some of the confusion about the HO cams and what trucks, suv's, jeeps have them.
I found these cam numbers for those that might be interested in the HO cams and how to recognize them from standar 4.7 cams. I also read that one of the camshafts is shorter or longer by about one inch in legth. So they are of not the same size.
Now, I'm sure that most of the people here might know or the information is already here but I just could no find it. Thus the reason for this thread that I posted and I thought I shared what I found.

53021411AB (left, 2002-2004)
53021412AB (right, 2002-2004)

snrusnak 03-19-2012 04:30 PM

^that's correct. I'm pretty sure the newer cams won't fit in the older engines. They changed cylinder head design somewhat, I'm not sure that anyone's tried or measured to confirm, but I haven't heard of anyone doing it.

I think since the HO cams are nearly impossible to get anymore, and the 4.7L is a "red headed step child" in terms of the performance world, the interested people have either given up or moved on to something else. I saw a set on some random website once a couple months ago during a google search, but I'm sure they were snatched up fast.

cbush314 03-19-2012 04:41 PM

I too have also noticed that these H/O cams are becoming scarce. So is there any other cams for the engine? Or do you have to have custom ones?

snrusnak 03-19-2012 05:03 PM

There were other cams but I think they were all ground from the HO cams...

SuperRam 03-19-2012 07:15 PM

I really hope that dodge brings them back!

[Completely out of topic. Is it possible to swap the engine of a HO 4.7 cherokee to the 2002-2007 dodge ram 1500 4.7?? ]

I might go to some of the dodge dealers here and ask for some HO cams and see if they have any.

HemiLonestar 03-19-2012 08:02 PM

Give a read:

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