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jssmith76 04-12-2012 03:19 PM

'97 1500 Front 4x4 Hubs...
Ok, gotta replace both of my front hub assemblies. Drivers side has a lot of play, passenger and some play. Found this out when I went in to get my brakes serviced. Anyways, that brake shop said they would charge me $600 per hub, plus $120 to install both of them. I said thank you, but no thank you. They did say that if I go elsewhere to buy the parts, they'll still install them for the $120 quoted, so I might go back and have them install for that price though. Dunno.

Anyways, looking online and saw a couple different hubs at AutoZone for about the same price. One was a Timkin, the other was a Duralast. Just wanted to pick your all's brains as to what would prolly be the best for the buck that's out there. I do some light offroading, mudding, etc... Tow a trailer occasionally. Other than that, just everyday driving in the warm Arizona deserts.

If you have any insight, opinions, or anything else, let it fly. I want some good stuff to chew on before a drop a few hundred bucks on the parts.


Warlock III 04-12-2012 06:15 PM

Josh, I did mine and replaced the u joint on the right side in under an hour in my driveway Saturday.

I'd prefer the Timken as I've used Timken bearings in the past and have had no problem with them.

As for the installation fee.

Loosen the outer nut (38mm I think)

Jack it up and take off the wheel
Remove the caliper (10 mm allen) and brace it up
slide the rotor off
remove the 3 14mm (9/16) 12 point bolts that hold it in and tap it out

By the way I also posted in this thread that'll lead to this thread


jssmith76 04-13-2012 10:49 AM

Sweet. Thanks for the replies. Good idea bout the u-joints. I did replace one of the hubs a few years ago (passenger side). Of course, I was expecting the bearings to come out by themselves, and actually succeeded at that. Shortly afterwards, I found out the hub assembly comes as one unit, not separately. So, I started to take the rest off. Long story short (too late prolly now), I had wait a few days for a buddy of mine to "break" a bolt for me. He's a good 350lb, former Marine. He had to put all his weight in to break that bolt loose. Hopefully, if I do this myself, I don't have the same things happen.


gman1951 08-25-2012 07:32 PM

secret tip
If ever you have rusted or siezed bolts or nuts to remove, get a can of Kano Kroil. It is the best penetrant (IMHO) made. It will penetrate 1 millionth of an inch crack. I just tore my 95 down for a plenum/throttle body repair/ mods and the wheel hubs,u-joints,tracking bar, and offset ball joints are on my list of to do's. Good luck with all your endeavors.

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