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Sberge84 04-20-2012 10:09 PM

Dealer Rant
So....this is my first post other than Newbie checkin.

I managed to work in free spray-in bedliner when I bought my truck last Friday. Soonest appointment they had was this morning. I also pointed out a few "on the lot" scratches that they are supposed to buff out/ farm out to local body shop, whatever. So I drop it off with intentions of picking it up this that's what the service writer and salesman has been feeding me all week. Cool. 4PM rolls around and after waiting for a phone call back for 45 minutes on the status of my truck, the phone finally rings. Apparently the technician had an "emergency" and had to leave early. I'm a pretty understanding dude, so I'm fine with that. I figured I'd swing by and take a peek while grabbing a few items out of the truck for it's overnight stay.

Okay, before I go further, I know I'm just b*tching and I'm being impatient, I just want to vent I suppose.

The tech only got to sanding down the bed before spraying and hasn't even touched the scratches. now I have to bite my nails all day Saturday thinking about how this tech that doesn't usually work a Saturday is going to rush through this job. FYI, it's black, so....I'm worried these cats will add to the issues more than fix them. To top off my slowly building frustration, the service writer informs me that the tech was having alot of equipment issues this morning and his spray gun was clogging up. Boy, that really instills faith that it'll be done tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'm stuck with my man card temporarily revoked puttin' around this "less than hetero" silver PT Cruiser loaner. I suppose it could've been worse as I was informed that I was originally supposed to get the purple one :Wow1:

I know, half you guys on here have had far worse dealership stories. baby is brand new and still has that charm, I want her back....NOW. Doesn't help that the sun is finally shining up here in Anchorage and I wanted to detail it tomorrow. What's that? Rain on Sunday. FML :doh:

brad12kx 04-20-2012 11:52 PM

I can certainly understand the frustration of not having your truck. There are a couple of things to consider -
1) You do have a loaner vehicle, albeit a PT it's still wheels. :)
2) Stuff happens. We've all had those situations arise where the best laid plans were altered at an inconvenient time. This time is was you tech.
3) It is always better to show patience (easy to say, but.......), as in the end you will reap the rewards or disasters. When ample time is available to the tech, there is a greater chance that you will be on the reward side.
4) Silver is a more acceptable color than purple for us guys. LOL

Last summer I was without my truck for a bit while the body shop removed an unauthorized body mod compliments of 'poop head' while I was asleep in a hotel. Although it was very frustrating to be without my 'baby', I make it 100% clear to the body shop that the allotted time for the repair was unacceptable IMO. I felt they needed at least twice the allotted time to do the job properly and asked that they slow the pace in favor of perfection. They took me up on my offer and had the truck an extra week. Boy was it worth it! :smileup:

You'll get it back in time to detail it many times this year, so hang in there. You can always add to your rant at any time and someone from the Ram FourmZ support group is sure to join in. :D

Warlock III 04-27-2012 06:27 PM

That was a well thought out, lucid and insightful reply...only you forgot to inform him that ForumZ therapy is FREE!

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