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jnash 04-23-2012 11:45 AM

Always a door chime on exiting the truck?
HI, I am new to this 2006 RAM 2500 06 Quad ST/SL.

Both new batteries went dead, recharged them, checked for current draw and each one separately when connected draws 2 amps for about 2 mins then goes down and stays at 1 mA - This is with the ignition off. So I assume that's OK.

When I pull the ignition switch out and exit the truck, the "chime" reminder is on reminding me to turn off something.
I cannot figure out what that might be.
I have no lights on, no bed light on, no radio on, no A/C on, and no accessories like GPS plugged in.
When I close the drivers door the chime stops.

Is it suppose to chime like this? I am not so sure the batteries wont go dead again.

EDIT: Ok, the chime goes on and goes off whenever I open the drivers door.
If I pull Fuse 11 [20 AMP] "IOD-CNN/RADIO/UNHOOD LMP/WCM/SDARS/HFM" the chime stops.
I have no under hood lamp that I can locate. What do the other acronyms mean?

jnash 04-23-2012 05:33 PM

45 people have read this and no one responds? lol
I regret not saying please help - but I meant to - sorry

Crash 04-23-2012 05:45 PM

Sorry brither I have no idea but be patient there are many helpful and knowledgable people here. This will bump your post back to the top and hopefully someone will have your answer. goodluck

GTyankee 04-23-2012 06:27 PM

Mine chimes if i get out of the seat with the FOB in the ignition
it also chimes if it is not all the way in Park
If i move the vehicle about 100 feet without the seatbelt latched, it goes off
if i am closing my door with the head lights on, it goes off, even if the key is removed

1 other thing mine does, it tries to warn me if i am in the Accessories position & i have been listening to the radio for a long period of time, then try to Start it without turning the key to the OFF position, it chimes, because some how it trips something in the computer. The check engine light then comes on & stays on until the system is reset, i had the dealership reset it, because i wanted to know why it stayed on & a few things were no longer working correctly.

Alnelson114 04-23-2012 11:50 PM

I think i can help on this one!
I moved my trailer brake controller recently. When i did so i accidently shorted one of the wires, and blew a 30 amp fuse under the hood (I think both 10 and 19 have something to do with trailer) I blew 19 i believe. With that blown, the dinging would happen with keys out. lights off. cargo light off. Whenever the door was open, it would ding. Check those first. Theyre the bigger fuses, and like 3$ at napa. Hope this helps!

jnash 07-01-2012 02:13 PM

Thanks guy, it ended up being a low resistance short in the 12volt cigarette socket.
It's been replaced and now all is good.
appreciate all your help.

jnash 07-01-2012 02:15 PM

It appears the ignition switch is worn out some. I can pull the key out in the off position and still get a chime. It would appear the switch still thinks the key is in there and so chimes. I have to try again to wiggle it and remove to the key to get the chime to stop.
What is all involved in a repair? Do I need the complete assembly or can I just get a new key barrel?

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