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Hitech Redneck 04-24-2012 03:23 PM

06 Electrical gone crazy(TIPM)=Shelled Tranny??
Alright Guys, I've been ripping my hair out trying to figure all this out. First, I'll have to give ya a lil back ground.

About a year ago, had a new tranny built by John Geoble (Geoble Performance Trans.) out of Waco. Awesome Tranny ill have to say, never had one bit of trouble from it. Right after i had it put in, the truck went crazy electrical, gauges everywhere, sparatic lights, the whole nine yards. Truck wouldnt start, i was fed up and took to the stealership there in waco. They told me i needed a new ECM, Jumped on the web and found one in a wrecking yard, had it shipped here, and my vin put on it. Dodge put it on, got the truck back and went roughly 40 miles and it did it again. Long story short on that deal after it was all said and done, it happened to be a bad ground connection. This being said, i put the original ECM back on it, and went on down the road with no problems.
About 2 months later, put an aftermarket radio in my truck, accidentally cut a power and a ground at the same time:doh: honest mistake. When that occured, it popped some fuses was thinkin no big deal. Get it all back together with replaced fuses to find out that my Bullydog PMT will no longer power up on my system! Called BD, they said they could fix it for 100 bucks, and id be on my way. Never sent it off because the truck still ran fine ( Even though the tuner was on extreme the last time that it had communicated with the ECM) and i just drive the truck anyway, figured it'd be ok on there for abit.
About a month later I instaled some HID's on there, plugged into factory harness, this kit had high and low beams built in. High's worked fine, low's would flash 3 times and then cut off. This occured for about a month, then they just cut off when they went to the low beams.
about the same time the low beams quit workin completely, so did my AC. Checked the line comin into the back of the compressor (AC system was replaced about 1.5 yr's prior to this) and like i thought, no signal from the ECM. Winter was comin up, decided to put it off till it started to get hot again.
So here we are, it's startin to warm up here in the DFW area, checked the pressure in the AC system - it was 40 lbs over filled. (was thinkin maybe freon level was to low for the ECM to kick the compressor on, maybe i had a leak or somthing?) Loaded up, was headed to my buddy's shop and on the way there, the spedometer stopped working, along with my odometer. At this point im already on my way there, so it's just another thing that will have to get checked out once i get there. about 10 min later, the Tach started acting up as well, again was headed to fix it, just eneabled speedo on the gps on my phone and rolled on. Just before i reached my exit is when it all met together.
Was cruisin along about 65 mph, it downshifted for no aparant reason whatsoever? felt like third, then nothing at all (like neutral), but the engine was still running just fine. I pulled over got her in park, i have a temp gauge on the tranny, and temp never got over 165. Checked the fluid level, i was about a half a qt low, filled her up. Tried to put her n gear, n she just sits there......Hate it when you don't here her drop into gear.
So, i towed it home got my scan tool out and started trying to figure this thing out. I had a few Codes
U0019 Can B Bus
U1415 - Implausible/Missing Vehicle Configuration Data
Had a wheel speed sensor out on the left side as well, but no tranny codes at all. I had the other ECM that i had gotten before, with my vin on it, so i decided to give that a try(I know it doesnt control Trans at all, but i have it, so figured it was worth a shot). I put it on there, No change at all, engine still puring along no problem. Swapped the ECM's back and cleaned and tightened every ground on the Entire Truck with out any luck. Check all the fuses, and got to readin about the fuse box. Didnt realize untill after reading for HOURS how unnecessarily complicated the TIPM was. After all the reading, found out these things do cause lots of weird quircky problems. After 250 times, shuts the circut off if it detects a "short". That explained the Lights an the AC not wantin to fire up anymore. after i did all the swapping i read the codes again and got
C2202 - Vin Mismatch (ABS Module)
C2206 - Implausible/Missing Vehicle configuration Data.
when i looked at the registered VIN of the vehicle on the scanner, it showed a different VIN by two letters on top of this.

At this point ive chased every wire looking for a broken or rubbed, hell just any possible way a wire could ground out, and didn't find a thing.
Called dodge and took her over there. Had the Tech hook up the starMOBILE, he was using WITech. Was just gonna get him to flash the TIPM module, at least see if it would fix SOME of the issues that i was having. Followed him back there, and he couldnt even get the program to communicate with the TIPM, and when it did anything, the TIPM would hang up when trying to "Veryfy VIN" so the flash could be downloaded and installed. Guys there told me that i would probably have to purchase a new TIPM, that a used one was out of the option, but that they had another one on another vehicle that they could test it with. i had done my homework and knew that you could switch em out w/o buying new, when he stuck his foot in his mouth it just confirmed it for me.
All of the modules on the vehilce seemed to be showing a slightly different vin (off by one or two letters) than what my VIN actually is. As it sits, every computer system on the truck is what came on it FROM THE FACTORY, but the BD is still stuck on the ECM.

So now im stuck, and not quite sure what to do. Gonna pull the trans today or tommorow after i get the modis on it, and take it back down to John.d He thinks that the PCM put the trans in a "limp mode" when it detected that the wheel speed was so much different from the input or output of the trans. Dodge guy called me ealier and told me that head could read my pump pressure and that it was showing pressure.....but according to John, unless a physical gauge is used, there is no way to read the actual hydrualic pressures, but Governer pressure could be read from some sort of electronic device.

So my question is did the TIPM go hay wire and cause a system wide malfunction? At that point did the PCM Instruct my trans to basically commit suicide? any thoughts? Comments? anything at this point would be fantastic, im at the end of my fuse with this deal.

Thanks in advance guys!

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