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Spacepup 05-08-2012 10:33 AM

Plastic Chrome painted Grill Scratched HELP!!!
Ok, time for my first omg what do i do about this question? Expect many more. To start off I love my truck just like the rest of you love yours. I park it way out in the country of any parking lot and do a walk around on it every time I come out of any place, to check on damage and just plain admire all the clean curves and shiny finishes.
I know where every single imperfection is in the paint and chrome is, even the hidden ones. There are a few paint related issues already but they are covered up until I can get to them. However I was horribly distressed to discover a not to deep but noticeable (especially to me)3 to 4 inch scratch on the top portion of my chrome painted plastic grill.
I have no idea how to fix it. I've looked it up on the net but all I can get off the net is anyone who tried to rub it out got rid of it but caused more scratches around the area, they are finer and smaller but scratches none the less. they used products from mcguires <spelling> and muthers <spelling again> from what i understand.
Now I am hoping someone on here has solved this problem. I know i have no pictures up yet i am hoping to have it figured out how to post them by tonight. I will include the pics of the scratch as well as pictures of all the imperfections I can find as well. Hopefully I can get these taken care of. Then i can start doing any Mods i have planned or that you all suggest.

Thank you in advance for your help and I apologise for the long post, I am very long winded. So long winded i can take 4 min just to say the bathroom is right over there lol.

Be well and peace to all

moparornocar72 05-08-2012 11:46 AM

I would recommend getting a shop to fix the scratch and then color match it to your truck unless u just like the chrome. i took the chrome grill and sanded it down and primed and sanded and primed and sanded etc and this was the finished product.

Gantman 05-08-2012 12:10 PM

Nice DIY job there moparornocar! I am currently doing my OE chrome grill as well and color matching it white while leaving the center crossbar chrome. Work still in progress but will post pics here when done. Spacepup, a chrome scratch or dent is tough to match with any chrome touch up; trust me, tried it. Either you have it all redipped or chrome paint the whole piece to be consistent in color. Most of the time, chrome touchups can be off in brightness and color so just get it right the way you need it the first repair out. My first 500 miles on my truck and took a big rock chip to the front chrome grill. I removed the entire grill and replaced it with an aftermarket chrome grill.

OneBulkyGuy 05-09-2012 04:18 AM

Gantman is absolutely right about chrome paint touch up not matching brightness. If you are very picky about your truck grill, you will want to sand it down and lay a basecoat down (get it as smooth as glass for best results). Take your time on it. I have used a lot of chrome paint and find I prefer Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome. It comes in aerosol or airbrush and is very easy to use. Good Luck! Post some pics when it's done :smileup:

Ramfd 05-11-2012 10:51 PM

i painted my grill too, there was WAY too much chrome on the truck for me. again I sanded primed and then sanded paint and clear, I didnt use enough clear and now i have some imperfections in ti so i am going to sand the clear down and touch up and reclear seoon.

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