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act3am 05-10-2012 07:59 AM

Lost coolant oil is milky DESPERATELY NEED HELP
Wats up RamForumZ member I desperately need help. 2days ago i was driving on the highway and the oil pressure gauge dropped and stalled on me. I got it towed home and check for engine codes, and the P0112 code came up which is Air Intake Temperature Sensor circuit Low. I took the sensor out and it was melted so I replaced the sensor check engine light is gone. Then i looked up under the car and there was engine oil on the tranny. I checked the oil on the dipstick and it was milky. I pulled the spark plugs and there were no oil or coolant on them. I tried to start the car again and it will start up rough and then shut off. Over night all the coolant leaked out on the floor. Anyone else have this problem?

P.S. - There were no overheating issues before this happened
Im stuck.

I dont know whether its the Headgasket or Intake Manifold Gasket or sumthin else.

Thanks In Advance

BLKSVT 05-10-2012 09:04 AM

Headgasket is my opinion..

OhioRambler 05-10-2012 09:13 AM

I am guessing Head gasket too. Had that happen to mine.

SuperiorStyles 05-10-2012 09:36 AM

Engine Rebuilt Time

act3am 05-10-2012 09:55 AM


Originally Posted by OhioRambler (Post 796098)
I am guessing Head gasket too. Had that happen to mine.

Same exact thing happened... But if it was the headgasket would I still be able to start and drive?

snrusnak 05-10-2012 11:44 AM

Sounds logical that it's the head gasket. I'd talk with superiorstyles if possible, he's very knowledgeable on this engine.

act3am 05-11-2012 07:31 AM

ok cool thanks alot

Maddevill 05-11-2012 03:21 PM

Your head
I agree with the guys. It's probably a blown head gasket, or a cracked head. What worries me though , is the coolant and oil on the GROUND.:SHOCKED: Even if you had a blown gasket, it wouldn't leak externally. You may want to get under the truck with some cleaner and a strong light and have a look around. Good luck.:smileup:

dodgert 05-11-2012 03:39 PM

What about a freeze plug they still put them on newer engines

GTyankee 05-11-2012 05:02 PM

I agree on cleaning off the top & bottom of the whole engine & engine compartment
It can't hurt & it is like hand washing your vehicle, you see every little thing

You should do the standard compression , leak down test, radiator pressure checks

If you pull the intake & head(s), go one step further & check the plenum gasket
Hughes is suppose to make a good one

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