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shephdt 05-19-2012 10:33 AM

how do I remove door window and regulator ?
I have an 89 150. Need to fix the drivers door window. I'm having problems.

Got the door panel off. the window went up and down in the channels easy enough, the power motor still spins. Bought new regulators in case I need them.

How do I get the glass off of the regulator?

regulator is riveted to door. drilled the rivets, but the regulator is stuck in the door and I can get it to move. the window glass is now jammed into position.

thanks in advance,

shephdt 05-19-2012 12:43 PM

problems fewer now.

bad form to reply to your own questions.....but I'm just trying to get this completed.

pulled the window glass up to close window. don't forget to secure the window in the up position!

that gave me enough room to move the regulator around. Had to remove three bolts to remove power window motor. when I did this, I dropped the motor and the regulator.

next question is where is the power motor supposed to be on the regulator gear when I reinstall? since the new regulator also rivets in place, looks like I need to get it right on the first try.

also, how do I reinstall the tension spring on a regulator? I can get it to hook, but I'm not sure if that is too little, just right, or not enough tension.

Warlock III 05-19-2012 08:53 PM

It's a constant spin motor and only stops under resistance, so it doesn't matter where you place the motor gear on the regulator.

The spring has a tendency to want to take your fingers off. I'm pretty sure it has to be put in in the down position to assist the motor going up. Hopefully you only did one at a time and can reference the pass side.

It would have saved you a whole lot of time if I had read this earlier. The easiest way to do it all is to pull the vent window and track in the beginning.

shephdt 05-19-2012 09:14 PM

Thanks Warlock. I thought about pulling the vent window. Hesitated mostly because my truck is old enough that I'd have a tough time putting the old stuff back. But what you wrote, using the spring to help push the window up, makes sense.

I actually left it apart. I had other things to work on, and wasn't making a lot of progress. I'm looking at the weatherstrip/seals to find where to buy those, and I think pulling the vent will help. Alot. I'm also going to bolt the regulator back in, instead of trying to rivet it.

Warlock, would you be trying to do the weatherstriping for the window if you were taking one apart and the old was iffy?

I've looked around for a decent write-up on the weatherstriping, too. I've been looking on a few dodge forums and I haven't seen too many write-ups with photos for 1st gen trucks. I've got some photos from my phone for what I did today. I'll try to put together a how-to.

I've had to put more into this than I was planning for: ball joints and front suspension, gas tank straps (tank was held on with a flat cloth strap), and now redoing the windows. But I like the old girl :smiley_thumbs_up:

Warlock III 05-19-2012 09:57 PM

I had a '90 Ramcharger (red and white) Royal Sovereign edition...with the Elmer Fudd red and black checkered seats. The weather stripping just pops into the track. I got mine new at a local auto body supply store. I couldn't find the outer bottom felt but mine was okay.

I guess it depends on what you mean by "like". If she's an old girl she could be a Betty White or a Michelle Pfieffer :LOL:

shephdt 05-20-2012 03:09 PM

not much to update. got some short bolts to use to attach the regulator. I did pull the vent, which allowed me to insert the regulator with the power window motor attached.
Now I'm having a hard time getting the regulator arms to attach to the door and to the window. I've tried the regulator at both ends of the gearing, and in the middle. Just doesn't seem like there a position where they can all fit. Also tried it with the regulator not bolted to the door and with it bolted loosely. no luck.

any tips?

Warlock III 05-20-2012 03:14 PM

Match it up to the old one is where I'd start...sounds like somebody may have messed up.

memobug 04-20-2013 01:18 PM

How to remove the vent window and track?

Originally Posted by Warlock III (Post 802731)
It would have saved you a whole lot of time if I had read this earlier. The easiest way to do it all is to pull the vent window and track in the beginning.

Any advice on how to pull the vent window and track? I removed the lower track bolt and the vent window trim, but I can't find out what's still holding it in somewhere around the power mirror.



memobug 04-22-2013 02:17 PM

Some tips on reinstalling the glass
I did want to follow up to my own response and post what I learned. If I have the opportunity I'll start a new thread with some photos.

This post covers my experience in replacing the driver side glass in a 91 D-150. I would really suggest you work with two people. The window's pretty heavy and it's difficult to grab a tool when you're holding something. If nothing else, the two of you can yell at each other!


DISCLAIMER: This post is wholly based on my first time experience. I couldn't find anything on the web that really helped with this. Maybe a Clymer manual or something covers it well.

The window was already broken when I bought the truck. There is supposed to be a bolt near the interior door handle. The next step would be to remove the Philips screws that point up into the door handle pad - if you have one of those ;) the door handle itself is secured by a single bolt you'll need to remove to get the door panel off.

Then if you have the power window/doorlock model you can use a flat bladed screwdriver to release the side clips, or wait until after the next step so you can see a little better from the inside.

There are about a dozen clips that secure the panel to the door. They are basically U clips bent into an L shape with a bit of rubber at the U part. I found it easiest to carefully locate the clips, which are about 2" in from the edges of the panel and pop them out with a flat screwdriver. I understand some later models have them all oriented the same way, so it's possible to lift the panel out. Mine didn't seem to be exactly like that, and only a half dozen clips were still there.

Once that's off you'll be able to set the panel aside, and go ahead and take off the switch assembly. The metal frame of the switch should stay with the door. You can take the switch assembly out by tilting it and feeding it and the wires back through the opening.

There will be a layer of thick plastic film that you can peel off from three sides and tape out of your way.

The regulator had the window all the way at the top. If it's electric, be careful because there's a powerful spring that wants to raise the window frame to the top. Next I vacuumed the glass out of the bottom of the door.

Inspect the U-channels and rubber trim. This is a good time to replace it if it's worn. I found I could get 2 sets off the JC Whitney website for about $100, and it includes everything for two front doors, including the weatherseal for the door itself. However, it does not include the single triangular wing window rubber, which I understand is sold separately.

If you've elected to replace the trim and have the replacements you can go ahead and pull it out because it makes things easier. Laying the pieces you remove on the ground in their basic orientation may help keep some order to the process.

There was no adhesive used anywhere in the trim rubber. The back channel pulls right out all the way down to the bottom. there are two or three little nylon pegs you'll see located toward the back. A screwdriver some similar plastic tool may be helpful in prying the material out of the channel, particularly if it's old and non-pliable.

The bottom inner and outer channels have some sealing lips and are held in by four or five clips. you can start at one end and push them up into the window frame area.

Now peel out the front channel. Both the front and rear tracks go nearly to the bottom of the door.

The next step is to remove the wing window which has a triangular frame and the front channel is welded or riveted to it. It seems like it should be possible to install the window without removing the actual wing glass, but I could not get that to work for me because the triangular wing vent window frame slips into the main window frame and I had to drop the wing vent window frame down to get it clear and free.

The wing window is secured at the top and bottom rear edge with Phillips head screws. it may be glued. Mine was glued and the top came right off but the bottom edge was epoxied and very stubborn. Be careful not to drop the window! Once the window is removed you can remove the triangular rubber grommet. It slips over the wing window hardware. I was careful removing mine and it was in decent condition so I was able to reuse it.

Next to get the vent window frame out there is a bolt at the bottom and a screw at the top. The screw is at the front center edge of the outer frame. it was staring me in the face and I found it hard to find!. The bolt is under a 1" plastic goof plug towards the bottom of the channel that you'll see nearly at the bottom of the track.
With the track loose you should be able to slide the wing window frame down into the door and back until it's free enough to pull out of the car door entirely. this would probably be necessary for servicing the motor or replacing the regulator. It certainly makes installing the new rubber easier. Be sure to feel around so you know where the channel is supposed to go in relation to the regulator, which will make it easier to reinstall.

This is all much easier without the rubber channel side and bottom tracks in place!

Next I put the channel in the front part of the frame, installed new channel in the top/back and inner and outer lower wipers. The set came with a pair of each and you can reference the other door, or the parts you removed and laid out carefully to know what goes where. the bottom pieces with their clips go in last, as they overlap the back channel a bit.

I pushed the clips in with back of a screwdriver. The u-channel can be fit pretty easily by just pressing it in and if you need to in places around the door you can put one side of the channel in and push the other side in with a screwdriver or plastic chisel, working your way around slowly. There are a couple rubber nubs that will help you locate the material properly. The nylon pegs should get pushed in first with a nutdriver or something once you've located them properly.

Now you can put the vent window frame back in the door (assuming you don't need to replace the regulator)

I lowered the regulator down and tied it to the door frame with some wire to hold it. It's working against a spring so be careful. The regulator has a horizontal channel into which the window will sit. Be careful if you wire it that you don't cross over this channel with the wire. I would clean the inner surface of the horizontal channel here to degrease it so adhesive will stick well.

Replacing the window is probably a two person job. I put some padding in the bottom of the door so I didn't break the window if it fell a second time. You need to pry the lips of the rubber seal apart a little to get the window between them and then you can lower it down into the channel, seat it in the back track and then guide it into the front track.

Since the front track is not secure you can move it around using the wing window vent frame. Now you can secure the wing window it by reinstalling the front bolt in the track and the front screw in the frame.

I have some more work to do with the motor/regulator so I haven't glued the window in place but I expect you'd next put some RTV into the channel and bed the window in that, perhaps with some shims if necessary. Then slowly raise the regulator to the top of its travel and tape the window in place against the frame.

Then reinstall the vent window molding and the vent window itself.

Replace the goof plug, tape or glue the plastic sheet back against the door and reinstall the panel after putting the wires the switch wires and assembly back through. Locate the door handle lever and make sure it's in position before you snap the clips back on. It was a little tough to reinstall the handle. I had to pull out the lever and wedge it with another too (nutdriver handle or screwdriver) to get it out far enough so I had clearance to reinstall the door release bolt.

Regards, Matt

GTyankee 04-22-2013 03:54 PM

nice write up

a couple sites that you may want to bookmark,ca...991%2Bdodge,ck[ID],0,ck[idlist],0,ck[viewcurrency],USD,ck[PHP_SESSION_ID],3v6ffbuqdrqmm9sa59t9gka2f4

this place has good parts photos, but their parts may be costly

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