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krazybone 05-26-2012 03:12 PM

Fender Flares Poll
Its my birthday tomorrow and am going to buy my one and only some new clothes. Really torn on what brand to get and what specific set. I know theres a dozen threads but i thought id make a poll on it since i couldnt find one (if i missed it i apologise)
Which do you have? Which do you wish you have? As of now im leaning to
Prestige RX Riveted Fender Flares pocket hole

for price and look. also, ptm daytona orange or keep black? leaning towards black Thanks!

ALA1973 05-26-2012 03:33 PM

i have been looking for some OEMs

06 BigHorn 05-26-2012 04:25 PM

Had Bushwacker on my old truck

Kcbigbadram 05-27-2012 02:36 PM

I also had bushwhacker extend-a-fender on my old truck and Loved them.

You definitely have to paint them to match. Had mine black for a while and liked them a lot more once painted. I'll try and posts some pics later if I can find them

Ram11 05-27-2012 02:56 PM

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I love mine ,,,,Bush

RedneckMechanic 05-29-2012 01:36 AM

I need to get some to cover the rust spots on my box... Looking at OEM style flares myself...

krazybone 05-29-2012 09:52 AM

Im in the same boat, i have some serious paint chipping and rock gouges from driving gravel roads everyday on my back wheel wells. thought since i am buying flares anyway might as well go for nice looking pocket hole ones and dress it up a bit. there's more brands out there than i thought though, and the prices vary significantly

ALA1973 05-29-2012 06:57 PM

Ram11 are they the OE Style Fender Flares from bushwhacker

bigreid 05-29-2012 06:59 PM

I would just get the bushwacker OEM style if I were you. The only reason that i'm getting the pocket style is because it matches the "RIG" theme to my truck (all bolt on)(rims, fender flares, grille, tag, emblem)

bigreid 05-29-2012 07:01 PM

sorry for the double post, but also keep it painted. There are wayyy to many trucks on the road in my part of the country that leave em matte black

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