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Crobber 05-26-2012 11:22 PM

Overheating Again !!
Last week the truck's waterpump went out and that was the source of the overheating problem. Had that fixed.
Now today my truck once again is overheating. At a much slower pace but non the less overheating. After i noticed it was overheating I checked the cooland and it was out. I filled it back up and drove it around to see if it would drain it all out like it did before.
After 10 miles of driving the truck still would overheat at idle and only some coolant was gone.
*I was kinda under the impression that the truck felt like it was missing some of its power early but idk.
*Also when i noticed it overheating I instantly flipped the heater on and a steamy flow of air came out with a weird smell. Hard to say what it smelled like but it lasted for about a minute and went away. Engine temp. dropped from 250ish to 200 real quick and bought me time to get through the line of cars.
Any thoughts/Suggestions?
I checked the oil i didnt see any signs of coolant and will have to wait till morning to check for oil in the coolant.

ScottLC 05-27-2012 02:24 PM

Leaking heater core.

Leak around the timing cover behind the water pump(Common, especially after a pump R&R).

Crobber 06-08-2012 02:55 AM


Originally Posted by ScottLC (Post 807816)
Leaking heater core.

Leak around the timing cover behind the water pump(Common, especially after a pump R&R).

Just thought I would give an update.
The problem did end up being the heater core like you mentioned.
The job took 7 hours with 90% of the labor coming from me. I probably could of done it in 6.5 but I made a few things much harder than needed to be. :doh:Lol the brace that holds the heater core pipes down took me 30 minutes cause I didnt think of pulling the fire wall back first before removing the screw. I sat there with a bit and a small wrench loosing that damn thing. :sad:. That and I had the hardest time with the hose clamps.

Note: When inside the engine bay watch your feet. I woke up with code 1494 the next morning. A plug had been disconnected slightly which caused the code. :doh:

snrusnak 06-08-2012 09:36 AM

So you've replaced the water pump and heater core, and you are overheating? First thing to do is verify you got all the air purged out of the cooling system since you did the work. Start the truck on level ground(or with the front slightly elevated) and the radiator cap removed. Turn the heater on(fan on, vent set to floor, and on hot setting) then let the truck get up to operating temperature(or as close as it will get). Keep the radiator filled with coolant the whole time. As it's warming up and also once it's up to temperature, "burp" the air out of the cooling system by squeezing the radiator hoses to push the air up and out the radiator. Sometimes tapping them and the thermostat housing and radiator tanks also helps. Then replace the radiator cap. Most of the air should be out now. You will likely have to top it off over the next few hot/cold cycles. Also, make sure to use 50/50 antifreeze/water mix(too much antifreeze will cause poor cooling). Also be sure to maintain proper coolant level in the expansion tank(if this level is too low you can suck air into the radiator).

If this doesn't help, I'd replace the radiator cap(cheap) then the thermostat(cheap). This is of course if you don't actually have a leak somewhere(like suggested above, or a head gasket)...

Only other possibilities would be a bad clutch fan or a clog.

Crobber 06-08-2012 11:58 PM

Sorry my mistake the overheater was caused by the heater core being corrodid.
After I replaced it everything runs fine.

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