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ArmyofOne 06-15-2012 11:47 PM

The Boating/Fishing Thread...
This is gonna be a cool thread.

Having a truck usually goes with hauling or towing something. In my case its my 26' 2001 Bayliner Ciera 2655 Cabin Cruiser. This is my first boat, I bought it from my dad for $5k. It has a newly overhauled 5.7L Motor and outdrive and it's worth (from what I have seen) roughly 20-25k US. It doesn't need anything mechanically, my dad just upgraded to a 31' Bayliner Ciera and had no need for 2. I told him if he ever upgraded I wanted the '01, and he agreed. I never imagined the price would be that low...but his reasoning was he was "proud of me and I earned it."

Looking at some of the accessories I need that go with having a this **** is gonna get spendy. The boat has 6 life jackets, an emergency raft, kicker motor, Radio, and pretty much everything I NEED to get started, but what about things that are also good to have like Caddy Bouy's to hold your drinks without shaking them, or Fishfinder/sonar. My dad took his FishFinder (hummingbird top of the line model) as a condition of the sale. I also need a good GPS for ocean travel, a transponder beacon, and in the state of WA any marine saltwater vessel over 22 feet must carry a Flashing LED beacon on an inflatable bouy to be deployed in the event of an emergency. (the coast gaurd can see it flashing.) Whenever it becomes submerged in salt water it deploys, tethered to your boat so the USCG can find your wreck, and hopefully you. That setup alone runs about $1,000.

Not to mention I am outfitted for Largemouth Bass Fishing, and I need to be outfitted for deep sea, Halibut, salmon etc...This could cost a small fortune. The last time I had to switch fishing gear, one deep sea reel and halibut rod setup was about $400-$450, and that was 10 years ago! My wife warned me it was going to be rediculously expensive, but I said I didnt care. Thinking I might take out a $3-5,000 0.9% loan through USAA (almost free money ) so I don't have to ding savings. I don't need to take out a loan, but with an interest rate that low, why the hell not?

Did the math, if I fill on the base, filling both boat and truck at $4 a gallon = $440. That a pretty cheap weekend getaway when you think about it. I really think I can get 2-3 weekends out of a tank of fuel. We used to go ~400-500 miles a weekend on ~80 gallons (tank is 84). I really think the truck is going to use more fuel hauling the boat, than the boat will on the water. Dad says about 5-8mpg on the boat. And I think the truck will get about the same .

Does anyone know where I can get this stuff cheaper? I am not closed to second-hand stuff, but I need it to be reliable. Oh, and anyone have a line on a good, but (fairly) cheap weatherproof sat-phone?

Feel free to use this thread to share everything and anything related to Boating/Fishing, as you never know who will have good information.

SS4Luck 06-16-2012 06:01 AM

To keep with the boat AND bayliner theme here we are hooked up to our 21 ft bayliner

ArmyofOne 06-16-2012 10:22 AM

I unfortunately have no pix of mine yet. But Bay-liner's are such nice boats aren't they?

I just can't believe how much all the gear costs!

Razorbass 06-17-2012 12:49 PM

I sold my 18' Stratos bass boat earlier this year. I only used it a few times last year and wanted the garage space for my truck. I have several small lakes near my house that are perfect for kayak fishing. Love just throwing the yak in the bed and heading out.

Glad you started this thread. Hopefully people will throw in a few tips and tricks too.

Razorbass 06-17-2012 12:54 PM

Here's a pic of the boat I sold. I plan to get another bass boat some day. We are trying to build a house next spring so it will be after that is complete.

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