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footbal9584 06-24-2012 03:34 PM

1989 D150 restore thread little history...

This was my grandpa's truck he bought brand new back in 1989. He had it as a farm truck for 12 years when he gave it to my dad in 2001. I was 13 at the time and got to drive it a little bit here and there (offroad of course). When I turned 16 he let me drive this as my first vehicle for a few months until I could get my own car. When I turned 19 he gave it to me because he needed a more reliable truck for work and he got a company truck (Ford ugh). So I have driven it occasionally and used it for hauling everything from trees to sand to gravel and anything else you can imagine. It has performed awesome. After much thought I have decided that I want to restore the truck to keep it as long as possible so that I may be able to give it to my kids one day. Money and time are tight so it is going to be a very slow process, but I'll continue to keep you guys updated with any progress I may make.

Alright guys here is what I have to start with. I am currently working on fixing the fuel pump and replacing the brake/fuel lines. Also shortly after I get the fuel pump fixed I will be taking it to get the frame sand blasted and replacing the rear leaf spring hangers. Then I will be putting an underbody coating on the frame and should be all finished with the back aside from the bed (which is another story).

Here are the pics of the beginning...

As you can see my hangers are pretty rusted out, so I am going to replace them while I have everything apart.

I need to replace a broken nipple on my fuel pump assembly, which i am going to use the brass nipple idea from this site.Thanks.

A question I have is what is that white thing it has a ball in a cage on the inside so I am guessing it is some sort of rollover/pressure relief valve, but there weren't any hoses going to it and a nipple on there is broken as well. So where do the hoses come from/go? And what is this part called? Thanks

Also the drain hose had a broken rusted line in it does that one just hang down to the ground or does it go somewhere specific?

Next is this thing it looks like a plug for a computer monitor and goes into the differential. What is it called?

Here is the other end of that differential plug it was cracked and the connectors inside corroded and it broke all the way. So i need to replace this as well.

And finally someone took it upon themselves to just splice all the tail light wires together and remove the connectors. Does anyone know where I can get new ones besides a junk yard?

double0ram 06-25-2012 03:10 AM has brake light sockets (two wire) for 8.06 a piece and tail lamp sockets (three wire) for 1.52, 3.85, and 8.99, listed under the 89 d150

looks like your giving this truck some new life, looks good. ill certainly follow this thread

now... Lodi.... Wisconsin?

footbal9584 06-25-2012 11:28 PM

Hey thanks but the sockets are good I need the connectors for them though I want to put a legit trailer wiring harness on but it goes between the connectors for the tail lights the passenger side is still there, but the driver side was cut out.

Here's a pic of the trailer harness so you can see the connectors

Also I tried the brass elbow trick for the fuel pump and unfortunately it leaks a little bit I tried thread tape and it still leaks. :( does anyone know of any glue or something I can use to seal it it screws in good and holds good but leaks just a tiny bit.


Also no Lodi, Ohio, do you live in Wisconsin

double0ram 06-26-2012 01:21 AM

Ah my bad man! Well rock auto has connectors for almost everything, they probably have that.

footbal9584 07-30-2012 05:42 PM


Originally Posted by double0ram (Post 829310)
Ah my bad man! Well rock auto has connectors for almost everything, they probably have that.

Ya I'm gonna look around for them. My biggest thing now though is the dang fuel pump. I have been unable to find one locally and until then I cant take it to get the frame sandblasted. Im gonna try checking out pull-a-part to see is they might have one. Does anyone know all the makes and years the plastic gas tank was used?

Just wanted to let you guys know I'm still here just long time goin lol.

double0ram 07-30-2012 05:46 PM

I would probably think it would be the same years as your engine, all the way back to 88... but I don't know for sure.

ramsport99 08-04-2012 03:56 PM

Been a few years ago now but I got one for my old '90 at Autozone. No big deal at that time.

panhead 08-07-2012 12:39 AM

I will be following, I like seeing an old truck getting a new life.

footbal9584 08-08-2012 12:30 AM

Ok guys got an update for y'all.

I went to pull a part and had lots of fun finding as many parts and pieces I could get my hands on. They had a 1990 Ram 150 which is where I got most of the stuff, others I got off a 100 and 250 around the same year. So I spent $70 and here is what I got.

1. Fuel pump assembly
2. Washer fluid reservoir and pump
3. OEM Radio
4. Good Windshield washer nozzles
5. Passenger small window latch
6. Wiring harness for rear half of truck
7. Driver door glass with a mint condition track

Here are the pics.

Here is the wiring harness for the rear lights I got. As you can see the connectors for the lights are still on there so i will be able to easily get the trailer light kit and install it. I am going to use waterproof connectors when I splice this harness in with the original wiring to guarantee no problems.

You can see my new radio here. I couldn't test it at pull a part and when I got it home I found the display did not work. So I took it apart and found the solder for the resistor right next to the LCD panel was broken. I resoldered it and now everything works perfect on it. I just need to clean the sticky residue off it.

Here is the new driver window I got. The lower track rusted off my current window and I could not find anyone who had it both dealers and glass shops. It rusted so bad because the lower window seals fell apart so rain got in there also broke the speaker too. I haven't gotten those yet so I am going to wait to put this window in. In the mean time I am going to wire brush the surface rust off and paint it to ensure it lasts a very long time.

Here is my new fuel pump assembly next to my old one with my brass fitting failed attempt. I ended up just dismantling the top portion of each assembly because the insides of the new one seemed more beat up than mine plus I didn't know how good the fuel pump was. So I just swapped the top part and now it works perfectly again. I still do not know what the white hose fittings are for, I anyone does I would greatly appreciate it.

I got two emblems that my truck was missing. I am still looking for the 150 emblems that are supposed to go next to the RAM emblem though.
And my washer fluid reservoir. I used to have just a washer fluid gallon bottle with a hose in it going from the universal pump, but now I got the stock reservoir and believe it or not but the pump on the reservoir still works.

I did not get a picture of the washer nozzles or the window latch yet but will as soon as I get time. I also spent this afternoon cutting off some rusted bolts on the frame and welding a couple patches on which I will take pics of as well. I also removed a trailer brake controller that didn't work because half of the wires were rotted out/cut.

I also found out that monitor looking plug into the differential is the differential speed sensor so i am planning on getting one of those as well.

My next steps are now replacing the brake and fuel lines/hoses. I noticed the fuel filter was extremely rusted so I am going to replace that. I actually found a new one behind the seat I am guessing my dad bought, but never put it in. Once those are replaced I will be able to take it and get the frame sandblasted and painted and replace the leaf spring hangers.

So my next questions are...

What do you all recommend for a frame coating that's going to last a long time?

Also what are those white hose fittings on the fuel pump assembly for? There is a ball on the inside right there in a cage so maybe some sort of fuel shutoff for a rollover condition?

double0ram 08-08-2012 12:36 AM

dealerships have an undercoat that they can spray on every year. I've also seen a buddy bedline the frame. I'd go that route as its permanent, bonded and doesn't need a yearly coating.

good work man! plenty of good used parts you got!

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