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spockmckoy 07-15-2012 04:19 PM

Tranny repaired...add any additives?
HI, I had tranny issues with my 5.9 ram 2500. For 2 yrs now it has been shifting oddly and was delaying repairs due to $$$. I had engine issues and repaired them myself with the Hughes engine plenum kit. After the engine was back to 100%, it put more stress on the tranny to the point where it was constantly searching for the right gear. I knew other items were now breaking down inside. I know my limitations and a box full of gears is my limitation. I took mine to 1 of 3 local tranny shops. Total rebuild/parts was $2100 (12 mos/12k mile warranty) The other shops wanted $1800 (NO warranty), AAMCO wanted $2300, never mentioned their warranty, AAMCO said, "I THINK we can rebuild it". It now shifts properly, no CLUNKING, no banging when the brakes are applied. I asked for all of the parts back. I know it was from mine because when I had to change the fluid due to the pan rotting out, I changed the filter too. Stuck to the magnet was a piece of the 6" snap ring for R/OD gears. I searched through the box of my parts and discovered the rest of my 6" snap ring in 4 pieces, 2 other snap rings broken in 2 pcs each. A pin that was all chewed up. Several other components bent. For what it is worth, in the final days before I took it to the shop, it threw 2 codes. One was 'governor voltage high', the other was 'govenor voltage low'. I was told by the tranny shop that that is fragments of metal messing with the solenoids. I have a steep driveway and it wouldn't crawl up in drive. I had to place the automatic in 1st to crawl and I was damn near flooring the gas pedal. Also, as to the truck not pulling up out of my driveway, I was told that Dodge's original design had seals around the pistons in the tranny that broke down in the tranny fluid. Thus, the pistons were working, but the fluid was passing past them, which is why it got worse/worse when I had to pull up a steep hill from a complete stop. the new rebuild is supposed to have corrected several issues with the 618 tranny original design. I can only go with their opinion. 2 of the 3 tranny shops told me the same story. BOTH knew what the piece of metal was I found on my magnet before I pulled it out of my pocket. They both said that the 6" snap rings for the R/OD gears are notorious for breaking in this tranny. I know next to nothing about trannys, so I am pretty much at the mercy of any tranny shop. A question I do have to all of you is this: do you add any Lucas or other additives to your trannys, OR should I just go with the fluid installed during the recent repair?

emjohn4 07-15-2012 05:05 PM

No additives required or suggested.

Correct ATF fluid, only.

spockmckoy 07-15-2012 05:31 PM

thanks for your reply. I'm not a big fan of 'additives', but after a tranny dieing at only 54k, [city driving] I don't have a great confidence in just tranny fluid and want this tranny to last.

emjohn4 07-15-2012 05:40 PM

Get (if you don't already have) a large external transmission cooler. Get the largest one you can fit; don't worry about the rating.

Keep the bands adjusted as well. The 46RE / 44RE aren't known for their excellent durability, but aren't junk transmissions either; just sort of "ok."

54k miles isn't much, but the 2500 is a large and heavy truck and can be subject to hard work / towing. If you aren't the first owner, you likely don't know how the previous owner treated the truck.

spockmckoy 07-15-2012 06:03 PM

mine from the day it was born. I work it, but I don't beat it either, well, I mean I don't beat it all the time d:o)

major324 12-02-2012 12:33 AM

I just put in my transzilla tranny and the reccommended only LUBE Guard as an additive keeps things from sticking and other things but these guys are the best. but also add a cooler and keep fluid fresh as possible.

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