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JeffreyCH 08-02-2012 11:27 PM

Bed swap and bumper?
I have a '96 strait cab short box 4x4 that needs a new box. I found a color matched rust free box but it is off a 99 ext cab short box. With this box fit, bolt holes line up ect.?

Also I have the color match sport bumper, the donor truck has a nice chrome rear bumper. Will this fit as well?

JeffreyCH 08-13-2012 06:48 AM

SOOO......Is this place is a graveyard? No one knows the answer to this? snobby cliquish forum that doesn't answer silly questions from a noob? Guess I'll find a different forum that is actually helpful...thanks anyway

jacksonsnorth 08-13-2012 07:25 AM


Originally Posted by JeffreyCH (Post 864420)
SOOO......Is this place is a graveyard? No one knows the answer to this? snobby cliquish forum that doesn't answer silly questions from a noob? Guess I'll find a different forum that is actually helpful...thanks anyway

Really man? You just posted and give the members a deadline to answer you? Hmmmmm. Thinking you should give it a bit of time, don't be so impatient friend. This Forum is the best you will find and if you take some time to look around you will see the huge amount of info available here. Good Luck.

jacksonsnorth 08-13-2012 07:38 AM

Is the donor bed and bumper where you have access to it, or is it something you have to travel if it is a fit? If it is close you could just go take some measurements and check bolt placement on your truck to compare it. I know someone who will probably have your answer, Warlock III. I will send him a PM for you so when he logs in he can address it right away. I hope that helps.

jacksonsnorth 08-13-2012 07:42 AM

OK I sent him a PM and I have to bail to go get my truck form the Service dept. Hope I helped. I will check in when i get back to see how you made out Jeff.

Warlock III 08-13-2012 10:46 AM

Hi Jeffery. I got the P.M. from JN.

To answer your questions...This isn't a cliquish forum by any means it's a family of members from all walks of life. New, old, recreational, working and serious Ram owners and I just happen to be the Uncle that everyone shy's away from at the family reunion. I don't have a new truck that I am able to mod to make it look better or perform better. Not everyone is here to modify their trucks, some are here to improve what they have, or just maintain it to the best of their ability.

That being said, some of us are human too. I personally try to get 8 hours sleep and live in the Eastern Time Zone,but try to check the forum 2/3 times per day if there happens to me something I can help someone with, So 12-24 hours is a stretch.

Moving on..YES the 6.3 bed from a standard cab will interchange with with a 6.3 bed from an extended cab/4 dr. The rear half of the frame is used for both trucks from the factory and the factory seam is located behind the front spring mounts. If you go out and look at both your '96 shorty, and your '98 extended cab you'll see the same seam. Since they use the same frame, the mounts and everything else is the same. Dakotas are the same (characteristically) as the standard cab 8' bed truck has a one piece frame, but you can go out and look at that too.

There should be six bolts that hold the bed on, three screws in the fuel filler door, four screws along the rear license plate valance, and unplug the tail lights.

You'll have to use your tail light harness because the plugs are different.

The bumper is the same for the rear.

If you have to transport the bed, the easiest way is to take 6 pieces of 2x3, cut them into about 10 inch pieces and place them in the holes in your bed. Flip the replacement over and place it on top of yours (mirror image).

I hope that answered your questions.

Since I get the feeling that you're going to take the bed off your '98 extended cab and swap it over to the '96 I don't think you'll be needing to transport it but I thought I'd mention that for future reference. I have some knowledge on the Dakota

My apologies for not answering you sooner.

JeffreyCH 08-14-2012 09:33 AM

I didn't mean to come off as inpatient, in fact, waiting over 10 days and 100+ views with no answer seems anything but....My apologies if it seemed that way.

The thing is, finding a virtually rust free box around here is rare, and to find one that is the same color as my truck is just pure luck. The box is in a local salvage yard, and I can get it for 150 bucks(basically the price of scrap weight, so after the swap I can take my box in for scrap making this box pretty much free). Deals like that don't come around very often, so I need to jump on this before someone else snags it ;) The only days I can get it is Wed.-Thurs. afternoon when the forklift operator has time to dig it out, then I have to take it off the donor truck myself. I work 3rd shift, so for me it's like getting up in the middle of the night to get this done.

Warlock, thank you very much for the answer to my question, I never would have thought of getting it home that way. However, I have a 16' flatbed trailer, I'm going to throw a couple 4x4 fence posts on the rails and strap it down. I'm kind of like you in that I'm just trying to make what I have as nice as I can. To me it makes more sense to pay cash for an older truck, and put the time and $$ into it to make it nice rather then a 500/month truck payment. If I put 500/month into this truck for 6 months I'll have a pretty much new truck instead of paying something off for 5 years watching it loose value and deteriorate before it's even paid for.

I picked my truck up for 1000 bucks, and so far I've put all new ball joints, front axle seals, a couple brake lines, all fluids/filters, serpentine belt, and replaced the radio(got super lucky on this too, found the premium sound infinity deck with eq for 20 bucks)

Warlock III 08-14-2012 09:49 AM

No problem at all just looks to me like a classic example of us getting off on the wrong foot. All is well, but I'm not going to get a room with ya.

I've been a day late on a few deals that were too good to pass up, and they got passed up.

If you want to surprise the guy...when you get it all ready to come off...tie a seatbelt crossed from front to back right to left, and another left to right making an "X".

If you have to use 4 belts (2 tied together to reach) tie a knot in each end and then tie them together. Make the "X" using the holes in the bed rail...and let him pick it up that way. I've done it probably 150-200 times and it always seems to amaze people.

JeffreyCH 08-14-2012 11:00 AM

No room!! Awww come on, I'll even spring for the honeymoon suite with Jacuzzi tub :LOL:

The seat belt trick sounds cool, I'm going to do the same thing except using the heavy duty ratchet straps I'm taking along to secure it to my trailer.

Oh and BTW, my '98 is a ext. cab long box, which is almost as hard to find as the straight cab short box ;)

Warlock III 08-14-2012 11:06 AM

The seat belts make the equipment operators happy because they don't have to wait around. they can pick it up, move it, and say good-bye because there's always something else to do.

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