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slwHEMI 08-10-2012 02:43 PM

Not so much a "KILL"
well my brother and I were in the truck headed up north on the freeway here. And we see an Evo X, had rims and atleast exhaust done from what we saw. Me being a little punk I pull up to the side of him, drop it in second and whop the throttle to get his attention(cruising about 60mph.)
we floor it simultaniously and i'm pulling on this EVO! let off about 90 when he was reelin it in quick, but then I figure he was probably still in gear (probably 4th) so what I thought was an upset was really nothing haha, worth a laugh though.

RcsbHemi 08-10-2012 09:39 PM

That reminds me of a race i had with a friend about 2 years ago. I had my Ram a few months and he just got a new EVO. We went from a stop and he put about 2 cars on me right away, but that was it. I kept 2 cars lengths behind him until about 80 when we shut down(This was done on a legal track of course). Good run, our trucks seem to pull harder at highway speeds.

d3v1ld0g 08-12-2012 12:50 AM

Not too much longer and EVO's will be light snacks.....just need a freaking tuner

Cal2252 08-27-2012 10:14 PM

I have had two Evos (a IX and a X) and for about 2K you can have about 340whp in each one. I know this because I did it in each. A nice flat torque curve (a good tune) and a 8.5 - 9K rev limiter makes those cars pull really hard. With the awd launch I could hit mid 12s (full weight) all day long and I am not that good of a driver. I have a buddy who is an excellent driver and he could hit low 12s routinely with the same setup (in a IX). My point is out of the box they are reasonably fast, but with a little cash they can be really fast. And that's why people buy those cars plus they are fun as crap on just about all roads and in just about all road conditions.

I am not calling BS on anyone as I am an enthusiast and not trying to make enemies, but the two length race with the stock (I'm assuming) X from a dig is probably a little on the rarer side, especially when someone knows how to drive that car. I definitely like my truck and it pulls pretty hard on the top end, but there is no way that I would have remotely kept up with either one of my Evos. And stock X's (2010-2012) have hit 13 from a dig. 2008 X's are a little slower. I may be in the low 14s with this truck, best guess, but I haven't run it yet. In fact I haven't even researched quarter mile times in this truck, with or without mods. Now this truck with a low boost application, a long stretch of road, and a rolling start may be a different story.

Take that for what it is... an opinion. Cheers!:beerchug:

slwHEMI 08-27-2012 10:27 PM

Well, like I said, it was probably in a higher gear just leaning into the throttle lol. I thought the IX's were faster than the X's. I hear a turboed car like that produce numbers off e85.

Cal2252 08-28-2012 05:41 AM

Yeah, E85, race gas, and meth injection with a good tune can certainly change the game, but I didn't get into those. As the price of those cars is dropping, there should be a lot more of them out there that are built. The VIII's and the IX's have iron blocks and minus a few week links and maybe excessive mileage, it will be a regular thing to see 400hp Evos. X's are a little harder to get in that range reliably, but again, still pretty cheap to build.

I am not by any means touting the Evo as untouchable. It's absolutely not. I got beat by plenty of larger engine cars (mainly Mustangs with boost, which is what I want to get next and build from the ground up as a straight line racer) and even a few smaller engine cars with good race setups. I didn't race many trucks, a few turbo diesels but that was it. Never got to go against an SRT10.

And you're right, stock for stock, IX's are a little faster than X's, mainly due to mass. Mitsu really botched the release of the X in 08. It had a completely different engine and driveline, which got people really excited. It handled like a dream compared to the IX's which is why I got one. But it was much heavier due to safety regs with roughly the same power as the IXs. So while it was a little quicker around the track, in a straight line it was disappointingly slower (or should I say not faster) than its predecessor. Oh well... most people don't buy those cars to take to the drag strip.

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