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KWPartsGuy 08-11-2012 12:54 PM

Hard shift/whistle/TC related?
I should state right off the bat that I am a red-seal certified partsman, trained in the automotive and now work for a Kenworth dealer, so I'm very well versed in all aspects how a truck is built and should perform, but my experience in that automotive stuff is getting further and further away as I get greyer. Ask me about parts for your Cummins and Cat engines and i'll pull that right out of my back pocket. However i have not owned an AT trans loaded vehicle in over 12 years, and it was a bullet proof C6 in my old Bronco.

Right off the bat when I picked up the truck up from new there is a whistle in the truck that comes on at about 50kph and stays till 65kph. When i manually downshift into 4th or below without changing my road speed the sound goes away. The local dealer has tried several times to find the source of the noise, the only fix they were able to attempt was a couple of pieces of weatherstriping on the door seals thinking maybe the noise was originating from there. They also tried their 'electronic ears' to no avail. Still whistling, waiting for catastrophic failure before the dealer will adress this again.

During a recent 2500km trip i noticed that when the truck is in cruise and has to gear down into 3rd gear for a hill, the trucks shifts quite hard into 4th coming back up. Has anyone else had this same issue?

And finally, having only glanced at the issues concerning the TC, I have no grinding only a whistling as far as 'odd' noises go.

Opinions anyone???

TransEngineer 08-14-2012 11:06 AM

Does the whistle vary with throttle opening (like, only there at light throttle and goes away as you open the throttle more), or does it vary depending on whether you're on or off the gas?

Have you tried running at the same engine speed (where you get the whistle), but in a lower gear (like 3 or 4, so at lower speed) to see if you get the same whistle?

I should note that when using the ERS shift control (to manually downshift), "5" on the display is actually 4th gear (the first overdrive gear) and "4" is actually 3rd (direct) gear. So do you get the whistle in both top (5th) gear, and also in manual "5" (which is 4th gear), but not in manual "4" (direct gear)?

fishinf1 08-18-2012 11:13 AM

I know my '11 ram 1500 has a whistle that sounds like a diesel turbo, if I get on it hard or 3/4 throttle when pulling a load usually after a downshift. Dealership stated they were unable to duplicate the sound. I'm not sure if mine is coming from the engine compartment or the tranny. Kind of strange. I'm sure I will find out what the whistle is about a month after warranty is up.

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