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hodgeee 09-05-2012 04:53 AM

I am pissed at Dodge/Ram
I know this is a late post, and it has been beat to death, but COME ON!!

390hp, 407ftlb. Great looks. This is what sold me on this freakin truck, but then I cant even chirp the tires! WHAT......THE.......F$&#!!!!!

The torque management is way overkill, so do I actually have a 390hp truck, NO I DO NOT, FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!!!!!! How is it a 390hp truck when the computer kills the power down so much, that I cannot even chirp the tires!?

Ten years ago, I bought vehicles with 250hp and so on, and I could do smokey burnouts, doughnuts in the parking lots, and kick the tail out on long sweeping corners!, The whole reason you buy a muscle car!!!!!!

Now there are reasons they super encrypted the computer,........... so we can't mess with it PERIOD! who is to say that they will ever come out with a tuner. There are a lot of vehicles that suffer from not being popular enough, that they get no performance parts, great for A to B drivers, but WE do not buy those vehicles for those reasons, this is why mustangs, camaros, and challengers sell. FOR GODS SAKE, this is why the aftermarket earns 12 BILLION A YEAR in revenue.

Ok if you want to do this, but then at least offer something yourselfs, like Mercedes or Porsche does. The American way was to let people modify things, and individualize there stuff, ITS WHAT WE DO!!!!!!!!!!

I am actually considering trading down on this truck for a 2010 or 2009, I bought this with the intentions of modification and personalization. I thought, what a great platform. And I just want what was promissed me at least! A real 390hp and 407ftlb truck, let me decide if I want to beat the crap out of it, and have it fall apart in 30,000 miles, or baby it, and make it last 250,000 miles! It should be this way. I feel like I have been stolen from and lied to, and now it may cost me $5000 or more to get an older vehicle, and loose out on this one, and I already put $5200 down on this one, and $2000 in mods!

I am finally in a position to build a dream truck and supercharge it or turbo it, customize the interior, custom build the looks and performance, and not have to take shortcuts, or get a less than stellar performer when I am done. Tired of looking at other peoples dream cars and vehicles, I want my own, and I have been a good member of society, keep my nose clean and be respectfull to others. Save my money and work honestly for it. Like I said, then all of a sudden I feel like I have been robbed!

I will give Dodge untill the end of this year, if they do not open up the tunning on my vehicle I will probably trade it, for a earlier truck, or just build another mustang. I have had some nice Mustangs in the past, but not a dream vehicle, like I have always wanted! I tell you what, no more upgrades or mods on this truck until I find out!

OlGrizz 09-05-2012 06:12 AM

The age old quandry. Getting the power to the ground. It used to be the factory put gobbs of horse power in the system,and our problem was to hook it up. Super Bee,GTX, Daytona 500,all with HP and torque figures to dream about. Traction was the problem of the day. Now they can make decent HP,at a somewhat realistic RPM range, and choose to dumb it down so we poor idiots don't hurt someone. Not ourselves,someone else. LAWYERS! Haven't you heard? We aren't responsible enough to "handle" all this HP. The first small block chevy I built as a youngster had more HP than most of the so called performance cars of today. Wasn't rocket science either. 430 HP on racing fuel (Cam2 or Turbo Blue). Guess what? I'm still here! Alive and well. Didn't kill anyone else either. They say the front of our beautiful 4x4s are lowered for economy. Bull sh!t. I remember when the soccer moms in commyfornia were lobbying for lower headlight levels on these deadly heavy trucks. Too many mini van pilots with too much free time attacking our vehicles. Scared them I guess. Those folks driving on the phone and texting scare me. I say build us real trucks with real old time HP and torque. The only thing that has changed in the last 40 years is the lawyers have taken over. They only listen to the ones with the most money. Or the politician with the best suited agenda. Mopar better open their eyes. Muscle heads follow the muscle. I don't love Ford,but I could sure drive one if they out run and out pull the Ram. Sorry if I offended anyone, just one man's opinion.

wasse 09-05-2012 06:53 AM

good stuff guys...I agree, the numbers are high they advertize but its not often , accept a nice cold morning on flat or down hill ground where I actually feel that power they I installed an K&N CAI and a Flowmaster exhaust and had no clue a performance chip wasnt available till after I purchased my 2012 and did the other mods...very shitty, especially when the other dealers havent hogtied their customers the way Dodge has,,,disapointing to say the least...

Gantman 09-05-2012 09:49 AM

hodgeee, you of all people should know that horsepower at the crank is what most of these manufacturers list bud! You said you have souped up many mustangs in the past, so again, you should know the difference between horsepower at the crank to rear wheel horsepower. Chrysler/Dodge put that 5year/100K warranty right about the same time they installed the military encryption. Makes sense doesn't it? For us NORMAL usage MOPAR pickup owners that daily drive, weekend recreational tow, and load building supplies on our rigs, the horsepower is a plenty and then some. That's the difference in some owners getting 100,000 to some owners barely getting 10000 before a tranny rebuild. I understand your point BUT, not all of us want to drag race a 6000lb truck on the streets anymore; as much as I have with my 97 Dakota and 99 Ram with the 5.9L magnums. Things can close up pretty quick on the streets. Which leaves me with one more point; you ever watch the guy on youtube doing a burnout with an SRT10 Ram? Lost control, rolled it over into a tree. That's the reason I believe, behind Chrysler's control.:doh:

Bikenut 09-05-2012 10:12 AM

Agree with Gantman!

The general public IS a bunch of idiots btw.

SFVDOC 09-05-2012 10:22 AM

HogdeeeI hear what you are sure doesn't drive like it has 390 HP.

When I had my '69 Camaro SS with a stock 300hp / 350cid and and Auto with a shift kit could chirp the tires all day long.

I rented one of those new Transformer Camaros one day. Same thing, couldn't get much wheel spin at all even with all the traction controls off. But once things got going it was like a bat out of

I point the finger to the Government and that Auto Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. They are the ones pushing for all these controls on vehicles. They are dumbing down cars to what we have now. Pretty soon these things will drive themselves all in the name of safety.

And IMO, Chrysler will never release the codes for the engine controller. Can you imagine the liability if they did and some guy removes the speed limiter, runs his truck up to whatever and the drive shaft lets go causing an accident with injuries? The lawyers would be all over this in a heartbeat.

chefred112 09-05-2012 10:37 AM

I feel for the new 4th gens...I'm hoping it's the same as it was when my year 1st came out (05) where there wasn't much you can do, but over time the mods and tuners were able to decipher the coding and get it done... I know at the end you just want to be able to do on your truck what i have done on mine... spin the tires..

RansRAM 09-05-2012 11:26 AM

Wow, guess I lucked out with my 2010. With the SC installed I can chirp this thing without even trying. :smileup: I do feel bad for you guys, there is no reason why they need this type of encryption. We bought it and should be able to do whatever we want (understanding that they may void the warranty). Its a concious choice they have taken away from us. :i_rolleyes:

Canviper 09-05-2012 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by RansRAM (Post 881461)
Wow, guess I lucked out with my 2010. With the SC installed I can chirp this thing without even trying. :smileup: I do feel bad for you guys, there is no reason why they need this type of encryption. We bought it and should be able to do whatever we want (understanding that they may void the warranty). Its a conscious choice they have taken away from us. :i_rolleyes:

I totally agree it's a Conscious choice Chrysler has taken away from us. And really no one is really sure why. Ford and GM does not have there trucks locked out at all. And please don't bad rep me for saying this I have been a dodge supporter for 22 years but I just recently test drove a 2012 Ford Harley Davidson very nice truck and the 6.2L is pretty good to. But i still feel dirty about test driving a Ford. But after doing some checking the Ford's computers are not locked out and if you check out the Ford racing website you can get a Whipple SC for your Ford as long as it's installed by a authorized dealer and the Ford guys are keeping all there warranty. Something to think about, I am starting to a little bit. Why can't Dodge offer this kind of aftermarket support?

Black1 09-05-2012 02:35 PM

I can chirp mine any time. I don't know if she'll do a smokey burnouts since I've never tried. Tires are too expensive and I hate having to clean black goo off my fenders. That said, the code will be cracked eventually.

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