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SS4Luck 09-13-2012 08:01 AM

Well guys, its time to say goodbye
Okay, so I had all this typed out in a lavish and hilarious story and accidently deleted it, so your gonna get the shorter, more fact forward verse.

Last week I got rid of snow white after a love hate battle came to a shitty halt. Dodge ended up buying back the truck from me last Thursday. Here is the chain of events that led to me wanting to blow it up.

1) About a week before RamFest the trans went on me on the freeway for no real apparent reason. Was going ome light accelerating then all of a sudden lost the TC/Pump and what felt like clutches... no big deal, I had been waiting for that to happen anyway

2) NEw trans in, hauling butt to RamFest to make it into TX literally as the meet began. Rolling through Mesa, AZ I decided to get on it next to a Raptor as we leave the gas station, well on the 2-3 shift I lose all power again... awesome! Turns out they didnt flush/replace the trans cooler/lines when they put the new transmission in. Trans #2, taost.

3) Get it home get the 3rd, yes 3rd transmissino in the truck and a few days later I have that problem i had always been fighting of the truck locking itself in 4th gear for no apparent reason. Throwing codes and driving like crap. At this point Im fed up. I take it to the dealer, they replicate the problem and I tell them call Dodge, Im done with the truck. This was the 5th documented time I had had shift problems and I was over wondering if my truck was gonna to be normal for me or not.

So everything becomes official last thursday, which was probably the worst day of my life. Most of you here tha new me knew that SnowWhite was my baby. I had my race car Camaro that I loved, but that truck had a part of my heart that no girl would manage to get a hold of, let alone another vehicle.

So me and krissi and her little brother go to In N Out for dinner. We hit the drive through in Krissi's little Sentra and cruise on home. I light a cigarette as we get on the freeway and i look down to put my lighter back and all of a sudden my world goes black and next time I open my eyes I am being pulled out of a CatScan tube in the middle of some god forsaken hospital with no idea whats going on, cue another blackout, wake up as they are shooting me up with morphine, cleaning my face up... so i naturally do what every person in that situation would do and freak out and start trying to get free and threatening all these strangers with their lives etc until my Dad and Krissi's mom come running and calm me down. I appologize for my outburt, explain myself, and let the 5cc's of morphine put be into a nice drug enduced sleep, not waking up again till the next day (which is no Friday around 10am). I wake up and Krissi and my parents and her mom are sitting around me all looking very very nervous and relieved my eyes are open. Im hooked up to more machines than a bad science expirament in a hollywood movie and hrut from waiste to head... So here is what happened...

We had just got on the freeway and merged over going approx 60mph when Mr IM JUST SO FREAKING HAPPY I NEED TO GET DRUNK AND SCREW OTHER PEOPLES LIVES UP rear ends us in his 2012 Merc GL SUV going approx 110 :smiley_thumbs_up: The merc pushes the whole back of the Sentra up to the seats and the trunk lid through the back window before pushing us off of the freeway and down a hill (now under our own power/guidance) coming to a rest, ironically, against the outside fence of a Mercedes dealership. Senior I have no respect for human life keeps on motoring down the freeway like nothing ever happened....

A bunch of people see this happen and pull over and call 911 and have the dudes license plate number and all that good jazz. The merc was found about 2 miles down the freeway, past two exits he could have gotten off at and ditched the car, on the side of the road, then engine seized, oil all over the reeway leading up to him. He was arrested on DUI (with extras tagged on something about human life err i dont really know) Felony hit and run and Felony Evading (he tried to jump a fence or something when he saw the cops... along with speeding or some small charges that wont matter in the long run im sure. I am completely unconsious in the back seat, to which Krissi and Tyler turn around to think im dead from the blood everywhere and my posture. The broken glass and force somehow cut the seatbelt and my head proceeded to bounce off ot the Bpillar, then the headrest, then off of the now in the passanger compartment truck lid, before coming back to rest on the back of the seat, giving me the awsome damage of 1) shattered right eye socket 2) shattered nose 3) deep and gushing cuts all over my right eye/eyelid and cheek 4) somehow ripping my right nostril clean off of my face, along with the little center divider part of my nose 5) doing enough damage to my back to make it impossible for me to lift my arms over my shoulders, let alone be comfortable while breathing.

Tyler some how got me awake enough to get out of the car, to which I sat down on the wall lit another cigarette apparently, and waiting while the medics came. I have no recollection of this, but CHP and the ambulance workers were both laughing cuz I looked like death, but was cool and calm enough to be smoking... ya, being in a horrible state of shock is an awesome awesome thing huh?

Back in the hispital I have 2 surgiers in a 60 hour period. The first to put nearly 80 stitches into my face and nose. I have a few pictuers of before the stitch me up and it is clear the front of my face was blown open by impact, not cut open by glass and the second surgery is to put either 2 or 3 titanium plates/rods in my eye socket to keep my eye from sinking down to the roof of my mouth while my eye socket healed (or something along those lines at this point they were keeping me so loaded on morphine i didnt know that I had only been in the hospital for 3 days.

They released me Monday night and I have bene laying home in bed pretty much hating life bein bored ever since. I go in next week to have the stitches removed and am waiting to hear from my lawer about Mr I drive a MErc therefore I can do what I want and his insurance/civil suit and when it is all going to be started. I honestly just want enough to replace lost ages, cover medical bills and a few grand to go to Vegas or some place on vacation where i can have a few drinks, turn my phone off and reflect on this life changing experience. MY lawyer wants the guy in the poor house, I say he gets me extra money? Wont hurt me in the long run lol

In all reality, if the settlement is large, I am going to buy another Dodge, but I am going to buy a 2500 CrewCab Long bed Diesel. But thats a whole different shit show really.

I have a few pictures from the hospital stay and the car. They are kinda graphic, but nothing too extreme. They were all taken in the hospital after I was cleaned up and nothing worse than wat you see on TV. I would psot them in the off limits section but i no longer have access to it

Pictures begin now

This is the first picture I have of me, it was from Thursday night

This was after the first surgery to stitch me up

After the second surgery with more swelling

This was the day I was released after a majority of the swelling had gone down

This was actually tonight, i have goop to put in my eye to help it heal or stay lubricated or something and then you can se where they sewed my nose back on

Graphic pics over

And with my final paragraph. Here is what is left of Krissi's car...

Krissi and her borther were both wearing seat belts in the front seat and walked away with minimal bruises and sore backs, witch muscle relaxors and a few days in bed have all but cured. The cops/medics/investigation team said if either of them had been sitting in back that they more than likely would have been ejected from the car when the seatbelt was cut/broken and would for sure be dead. As it is no one knows how I am either 1) still alive or 2) not seriously hurt. They expect my eye to come back to withing 5% of what it previously was and worst case scenario i will have to wear glasses/contacts for some activities, they say it is highly unlikely though.

I do want to thank everyone for my time on this forum. IT has been amazing, and easily the greatest forum I have ever been apart of and I do see myself, dodge or not, stopping back in to say hi and hang out with you guys. In the year I was here you were the most supporting, loving group of complete strangers I ever had the please of making fun of Canada with, and there will ne countless memories taken away from this.

So with that Im bowing out and going to try and get some sleep. Take care everyone :wavey:

GhostR1der 09-13-2012 09:41 AM

Omg Jordan. So glad you made it out alive. Feel free to hang around and continue to give people your knowledge. You are a smart guy when it comes to these trucks. Again I feel sorry that you were put in this situation. I hope everything heals and you can return back to normal with minimal damage.

CajunDodge 09-13-2012 10:14 AM

Holy crap Jordan! You sir are blessed to be alive and you sure have my prayers and best wishes for a speedy and full recovery, so please stop in when you can and let us know how you are doing! Sorry to hear about your truck as well but look forward to seeing you back here with your new RAM but take care of yourself and hope Senior Drinks A Lot gets his justice!!!

- Cajun

ArmyofOne 09-13-2012 10:42 AM

Wow jordan, rememember what we talked about 6 weeks ago? I f*cking hate drunk drivers... People throw away all regard fro humanity when they get behind the wheel of a 6,000lb+Vehicle shitfaced.

Get well soon bud and dont ever hesitate to call if you need something. We understand why you werent and worries there. You got an A for effort. :LOL:

Stump3r 09-13-2012 11:02 AM

Damn Jordan!!!! Hope you have a speedy recovery! You are always welcome in these parts.

RedneckMechanic 09-13-2012 11:24 AM

Holy SH*T dude!! Glad you, and everyone else, made out alive. That is insane! Wishing you a speedy recovery and that Mr Mercedes gets what's coming to him. I know we don't know each other personally, but within this forum, we are all brothers and sisters, and you will be deeply missed. Just because you no longer own SnowWhite, doesn't mean you're any less welcome. Keep in touch brother. Good luck!

GTyankee 09-13-2012 11:41 AM

Damn Jordan, Get yourself better & hopefully heal back to 100%

We almost got to meet up twice, once at the Meet & Greet in San Clemente & again at Ramfest 2012

Hopefully we will meet up when your driving the new Ram

Get well

RansRAM 09-13-2012 12:54 PM

This was a very hard post to read. I wish you all the best in getting over this. Man that is a horrible thing to have to go through and I hope they lock Mr. Merc up and throw away the key. Take care and get better.

916Timmy 09-13-2012 01:04 PM

That sucks major @$$! Hope you get better soon and get everything that you want out of it! At least it was a Mercedes and not a Pinto that hit you.

Edgethis 09-13-2012 01:33 PM

I hope you get well soon, Jordan. Drunk drivers are one of the lowest forms of life around IMHO. I am new here but already I can tell this is a great place to be. Hope to see you on here in the future!

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