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crazymick 09-26-2012 12:06 AM

05 quad cab 5.7 hemi swap
So I was looking around online recently and I found a interesting little bit of info. For a couple of years they put a viper V10 in a ram. This news has well upset me. Had I known this I wouldn't have bought the 5.7L I would have done a little more searching and found the SRT 10. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the 5.7L. Other then I have this friend and over the last 10 years its been a constant battle of one upsmanship. Up until recently I had him beat in the automotive aspect of our little on going friendly battle. He just purchased a 2012 5.7L and has done alot of work to it. So in my persuit to pass him up I have decided that I am going to drop a V10 in my 05. Essentially ending the battle with one clean sweep. I thought about just purchasing a SRT 10 and trading in mine but desided that my insurance company would have a hay day with that. So if I swap they will never know and in the long run this will basically pay for the swap...
So I know they came stock in a select number of models but how difficult is the swap? What all would I need? I have also come across info that transmissions don't really hold up well with the kinds of HP and torque I am looking at. So tranny suggestions will definately be helpfull. If it helps I drive my 5.7 like a raped ape so with the 8.0L I am thinking it might be a good idea to upgrade the tranny?? How much work is this really? Has anyone done this? I don't imagine its a complete plug and play. (nothing I do is ever that easy)
This project is 6 months to a year out. ( I am going to get the truck cosmetically and mechanically where I want it before this project) Also what are the bolt on power adders I can put on the viper v10 that will put it over the top. Basically in a year my buddy and I are going to meet up and I want not only beat him but leave him questioning his manhood. LOL (and thats why they call me the crazy mick) As always I appoligise for rambling. Thank you for any insight and help you can provide.

HemiLonestar 09-26-2012 10:58 AM

You would have to find a donor truck and grab the entire driveline. The Viper engine came with it's own automatic (48RE, a modified DIESEL trans to handle the power) and the Dana 60 in the back. SRT QC's use a 2 piece driveshaft, you either have to fab something for the carrier bearing or get a custom 1 piece. SRT QC suspensions are no different than regular 1500 suspensions except for the front coil springs. If you put the Dana 60 out back, your rear brakes will be bigger than your stock front ones. Stock SRT brakes in 04 were really big 2 piston sliders; 05-06 they were even bigger 4 piston fixed on 15" rotors. It goes without saying you will need the ENTIRE harness.

This swap has been performed on a 2002 QC 1500. He got everything to work, but it isn't easy and SRT parts aren't cheap. In the long run it would be better for you to find a reg cab SRT-10, insure it as a collector vehicle, then blow his doors off. Downside is, collector insurance limits your mileage drastically. Upside is it's usually cheaper than normal insurance. Good luck.

crazymick 09-26-2012 05:56 PM

Awesome info thanks man. Yeah I knew it was going to be a rather large project but I hadn't figured on it being that big.

HemiLonestar 09-26-2012 09:09 PM

I had people tell me it wouldn't work or wouldn't be worth to upgrade to the SRT brakes (I have front and rear with a Dana 60). Between the immense stopping power and the better gears, I haven't regretted one bit of it. Wasn't that big of an undertaking just for suspension.

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