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2011 ASSAULT 800 09-26-2012 10:33 AM

Burwash Prison - Abandoned - 40 years later
It was finally nice out yesterday so I took my girlfriend to Burwash Prison (Camp Bison) which is located 30 mins south of Sudbury and 30 mins off the highway, part of it you can drive into by truck and the rest is either walk or use a quad as they have destroyed part of the road going in. She had never been there, I have been there 4 times now, 2 times at night in pick up trucks and twice during the day by atv. The prison was built in the late 50's as a low security prison to house a few hundred inmates. There was the actual town of Burwash that was around from 1914 to 1975 when the provincial gov't forced out the remaining residents. The jail had closed in the late 60's as it was costing too much to maintain and keep running. It was more of a working farm type jail, the inmates helped with crops and animals in the fields during the day to help feed the town which for a long time was only accessible by train. Anything of value from the prison was taken by high rank when the jail closed and people exploring it have aided in removing enough and everything and graffitying it up. Here are a bunch of pictures of what it looks like now, mind you I never took and pics yesterday so these are from 2009 when I went with my Dad, nothing has changed other than more spray paint has been added and none of the wooden cell doors are left as people have ripped them off to have fires in the gym.

View of the prison as you turn the corner on the 1 lane road leading into it

rear of the jail.
kitchen and mess haul
mess haul
the gym, what is left of the stage. Many fires have been lit in here
1 of 4 cell wings
Huge boilers
top of the boilers, note the asbestos on the floor
Big 8 cyl diesel engine, someone has managed to flip it off its stand, onto its side and pull the crank and pistons out. I am unsure of how anyone could have done this as it is in a room with no where to use a come along and slings and no way to get a truck near the door way to pull it off
basment work shop, had sound proofing foam on the walls with names of people, their age and how long they were there, 1 name we found yesterday was aged 13 when they got there and was the from 1930-1965 (not sure if they were an inmate or family of someone who worked there perhaps)
another part of the besement, it is flooded, I have never had rubber boots to be able to go explore it but from what I am told there is a hospital down there and tunnels that run for a long ways (although some say there are no tunnels just a hospital, 1 day I will find out)

My parents have neighbours down the road from them who were gaurds at the prison back in the day, 1 neighbour's father was the superintendent there at some point in time. Just thought I would share some pics, I enjoy seeing and exploring old abandoned places that have history behind them, this is something that you do not see too often, I think because of its location kind of being in the middle of no where that is why it has never been torn down

CajunDodge 09-26-2012 10:42 AM

Wow, that's pretty neat in a creepy sort of way lol but I agree, it would be something I would have to explore myself too. One day I hope to make it to Alcatraz and tour that one. Is there anything left of the town that used to be there? Thanks for sharing the pics!

- Cajun

99gp 09-26-2012 12:06 PM

Wow, that is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing

2011 ASSAULT 800 09-26-2012 01:21 PM

I forgot to mention a bit more about the town, after the residents were "forced" to leave the buildings remained for quite sometime, they finally bulldozed them in the 90's. I never did see the "ghost" town but I know lots of people who did. I think there was 1000 residents at the towns peak, the town was about 2 miles (3.2 kms) from the prison, had a church, barber, community centre etc. I didnt look to hard but I am sure you could probably see where the foundations are, you can see lines in the long grass of where the driveways were

does anyone else have pics of something neat that has been abandoned?? more so than just a random house. I saw a documentary about detroit a few months back and it showed all of the abandoned sky scrapers downtown and alot of factories from the auto industry that have also been abandoned. Lucky for me this prison is on crown land so I can never be charged with trespassing

ModelTFan01 09-26-2012 07:49 PM

Looks like something from one of those ghost shows on T.V. Pretty creepy, but nonetheless cool!

2011 ASSAULT 800 09-26-2012 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by ModelTFan01 (Post 897122)
Looks like something from one of those ghost shows on T.V. Pretty creepy, but nonetheless cool!

you should see it in the dark when you are back there with very few people, in the middle of a big feild with a big river right behind it... full moon, you get the idea. It doesnt freak me out though. I forgot to add pictures from the roof, there is a gaurd room that over looks the gym, gaurds would sit up there, there are 2 windows with screen over them and 2 small holes, probably to keep order if they ever needed too, from that room there is a hdden door that takes you up onto the roof

brad12kx 09-28-2012 12:22 AM

I would really enjoy exploring a place like that. You need to go back with rubber boots and a camera with a good flash. :)

2011 ASSAULT 800 09-28-2012 09:31 PM


Originally Posted by brad12kx (Post 897869)
I would really enjoy exploring a place like that. You need to go back with rubber boots and a camera with a good flash. :)

I deffinetly will, it is supposed to be nice for the next week or so, so maybe I will ride the dirt bike back there with my gf again or my buddy and explore the basement some more. I think most government buildings like this are either sold off or are torn down, not this one though. I would imagine eventually it will need to be taken down, many of the outside layer of bricks have comes off in huge sections

ShawnC13 09-29-2012 07:27 PM

Those are some very cool pictures thank you for those!!

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