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Goatboy 10-11-2012 09:42 PM

Air intake 01 Ram 1500 question
Now that I have my truck back I am enjoying looking her over in more detail and getting know her better. One of my to do's is to replace the air intake. The stock one is total crap and as with most, the back clips broke off when I tried to change the filter. So currently its being held closed by the 3 clamps in front and tape wrapped around the whole thing. Anyways I got to looking at whole thing and noticed that where the black plastic flexible tube clicks into the metal side wall of the engine bay, is pretty much the end of any kind of a real air flow channel. What it looks like is that the intake is behind the head light... Is that right? If so how can that even work? There is minimal clearance around the light, bumper below and fender above. So here is my question:

To the left of the radiator there is a black plastic piece blocking off things from getting into the engine area. Being an HVAC guy, I could so easily fab duct work through that black plastic and dying into the black flexible tube. Making it get a ton more air. Question is, if I do this and give it a ton more air, is there anything else I need to adjust? Or anything else I should be taking into account. Thanks

MY1stRAM 10-13-2012 08:54 PM

your mass air flow sensor should detect and adjust the fuel for the amount of air entering the only need you would have to adjust anything else is if there was so much air being pushed in that you were maxing out your injectors and running it lean but with a naturally aspirated engine with what your talking about you would have a hard time maxing out even factory injectors

FDRam01 10-17-2012 08:52 PM

A cold air intake will really wake up your truck. I put the specter intake on my truck as well as moving the IAT sensor into the intake tube. You'll have to get a .25" NPT plug to put into the intake where the sensor was. Also these truck have NO Mass air flow sensor it is a Map sensor. Big difference in how the air is measured. Also the injectors will support a CAI with out any problems. Believe it or not guys run these injectors with highly modded engines with out upgrading .

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