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RAMinDubai 10-17-2012 12:38 AM

Why is it hard to get out of reverse gear ?
Ola RAM people, from lovely Dubai !

Mine is RAM 1500 5.7 2011 at 8700km from new. I am having a minor issue which is probabkly nothing but irritating me more and more....

OK, reached my destination, aircon off, music off, etc, gear shift from D, N, R... heading into park. Wait, it doesn't want to come out of R ! After a bit more aggression it comes from R to P. Great !

Even just in a 3 point turn or something, I find coming out of R is a pain.

I find I have to be more agressive with the switch stick (dont know if it is called that) which I absolutely HATE being aggressive with anything to do with transmission.

So - why does it not come OUT of R easily ? silimar experiences ?

cheers Graham (providing the lights and sound for big concerts)

GTyankee 10-17-2012 02:43 AM

I personally don't know
Possibly your linkage needs a slight bit of adjustment ??

Excoastie 10-17-2012 05:57 AM

I agree with GT, it sounds like something in the linkage is hanging up.

If you're not handy underneath a vehicle I'd take it into your mechanic ASAP and get it checked out. It's likely to get worse, and then you could find yourself in a very bad situation of having your truck stuck in reverse.

good luck and let know how you make out


TransEngineer 10-17-2012 07:34 AM

Crawl under the truck and see if there's a pebble or something wedged in between the shift lever (on the trans) and the trans case, or whether something else in that vicinity is jamming or binding things up.

If the lever at the trans looks OK, then check the linkage adjustment. With column shift, pull the lever towards you so you miss all the gates in the column. Then shift it to the center of the Neutral detent. You can feel the detents in the trans. The column (or floor) shifter has no detents at all, but it has gates (that, for example, block you from shifting N to R unless you pull the lever towards you [column shift] or push it over [floor shift]. So you want to get the lever into the center of the Neutral detent in the trans. Then see how it lines up with the N-R gate. Are you already past the N-R gate (halfway into Reverse) at the shifter itself? If so, then the linkage is misadjusted, and that's why it's hard to get into Park. As you start to shift out of Reverse (towards Park), the trans is already in Park (trans lever will not move any further) and therefore you have to deflect the cable / linkage in order to force the lever over into the Park gate.

Another way you could check it: Shift to Reverse (engine not running) and have someone crawl under the truck and watch the lever at the trans. Now, as you slowly move the shift lever into Park, have them see when the trans lever stops moving. If the trans lever stops moving way before you're in Park at the column, linkage is misadjusted.

To adjust the linkage, place the shifter in Park. Under the vehicle, unlock the clip that holds the shifter cable adjustment. This clip is near the end of the cable, on the piece that connects to the lever on the trans. Push the clip from behind to pop it out and unlock the cable adjustment. Then make sure the lever on the trans is in the Park position (furthest rearward detent), and re-engage the locking clip. Done!

RAMinDubai 10-17-2012 09:14 AM

It seems linkage could be it then, and is easy to fix if done properly and fairly quickly. I will copy and paste this detailed answer onto a piece of paper and stick it under the nose of my dealer workshop as I am about 14 days away from a service.

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