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gonefishin776 10-23-2012 11:47 AM

Ricy v6 mustang with a hottie....
Out grabbin lunch for work. First in line at a light, red mustang, didn't see GT emblems so figured it was the v6 pulled up next to me on my left. Side skirts, blacked out wheels, racing stripe...and the best part...dude man's gf was smokin hot in the passenger seat. I looked over, she looked over at me, back to her bf, back at me. Light turns green and I wasn't sure if he was tryin to boogy or not so I stayed moderate on the gas until I saw he was stayin with me then we both punched it. I knew his little ricy v6 was no trouble but I'm pretty sure the look in that girls eyes said "i wish my boyfriend didn't drive a girl car". So I had to let her hear the hemi roar and show her what she was missing. Pulled on him as she just smiled and her bf backed down.

99gp 10-23-2012 11:57 AM

I used to have one of those v6 mustangs :LOL: Nice kill,and you gotta show off the hemi. It is like the #1 requirement when you sign papers. Dodge has a check box that says: do you promise to show off our great engine. :smileup:

gonefishin776 10-23-2012 12:02 PM

Funny story about test driving my mom was with me and the salesman said to romp around on it to see if the checkengine light would go out (long story, besides the point). My mom says "o god, did you just tell him to do that?? I hate you.." And oh boy did I hit the gas hard test driving it around. My mom was pissed. So I definitely checked that box and I show off when it is deserved.

GhostR1der 10-23-2012 12:42 PM

Funny story I didn't even test drive my truck. Lol I k we what I wanted without question before I drive it. I drive it home with .2 miles on it.

Yesterday a RAM slt pulled up to me and kept revvin it up. It was completely stock but the kids driving were staring at my truck and I could see them admiring it. We take off from the light and he stomps on it and I just continue normal speed letting the maggy growl just a little. Well the next light the same thing but he kept slowing down and stomping on it beside me. I usually don't like to race our ram brothers but he was more interested in seeing what my truck would do I guess so he suckered me into it. We were about a 20 roll and we both stomped on it. My truck down shifted and began to squeal tires. The maggy was screaming then and I was pullin him fast. I let off when I shifted to 3 and slowed down. The kids in the truck pulled back up and they all had huge smiles on there face. It was a kill but more than that I think they were inspired with what they wanted in there truck.

S.C. Express 10-26-2012 04:08 AM

^^ I know what you mean. Funny the first person to bite on my truck was... you guessed it, another Dodge owner. I played around a little this morning with a guy in a Ram 2500 C.C. diesel work truck. He kept trying to get up to me at the lights, then when he did, he made sure that diesel made enough noise to catch my attention. I don't know if it was all he had, but I never went more than 1/8th throttle and easily kept him right beside me. We were pushing our luck in a 35mph zone at 8am in the city. Still fun though. I keep waiting for something good to bite, everybody's scared of the Hemi! That reminds me.. I have a coworker with a Toyota that brags too much about his mods. Poor little Yota still sounds like crap even with some kind of aft. intake and exhaust on it. Nothing sounds like the Hemi.

chefred112 11-02-2012 05:05 PM

lol, speakin of kids...a couple years ago I'm leavin work and come up to a light, it's friday so I'm daydreamin about what to do on the i didnt see the nissan armada pull up next to me with spintech mufflers (he told me), he revs it to get my attention and i look over and the driver yells, "that thing have a hemi?" I nodded, openned the cutouts and gave it a good stab.. i leavem open and when the light turned green I laid into it..the roar of the cutouts open was deafening to say the least..when they pulled up to me at the next light I could see the kids all bug eyed with the driver yellin "DDDAAAMMMMM"!!!

snrusnak 11-02-2012 05:20 PM

I got beat at a light once on my Buell by a massive lifted 2nd gen ram 2500 diesel, and my bike will run 12's. That was embarrassing lol.

Oldskoolram 11-04-2012 10:20 AM

I love these stories,smokin some fool with his girl is always the best. I never back down from a challange unless i see the popo, but my truck isnt pretty,or very fast. It is somewhat loud and maybe that is why i get alot of come-ons. Most people see my 97 RCSB with black primered nose and fenders with all the little dings and stock rollers,as well as the V8 magnum badges and dont realize that this beast has the 360 in it. Its usually to thier surprise that I'm still there next to them till about 70 then she runs out of pull, But off the line they are like"what,are you serious". When I "play" at the light, I will shift to 1,and power brake it to about 1500 to 1750(best guess)RPM to preload the suspension. Then when the light turns green, let off the brake and roll on the gas steady so as not to spin the tires. Then once she is rollin I drop the hammer and shift up at about 4800 to 5000 RPM becuase even manually shifting it still takes the trans a split second to shift up. When i get a posi and gears installed this method will have to be played with for the new setup. But the look is always priceless.

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