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mEasy27 10-25-2012 12:07 PM

Rear Brake Line Issue
I lost much of my brake pressure one day and my brake light was on.. I noticed i had brake fluid on my frame next to the gas tank.. How difficult is it to replace..

1996 1500SLT short bed..

Screamintrashcan 10-25-2012 02:24 PM

It connects to a tee immediately behind the tank, you'll need to put a little bend at the rear. I've had to replace those lines on both of my pickups, you will need a double flare tool with a 3/16th die, a small tubing cutter, and a tubing bender, this can be made by welding 2 1/2" pipe close nipples about 3/8" apart onto a 10" or so strap, pipe, box tube whatever to keep from kinking the tube when putting the rear bend in, AFTER shoving the new section of brake line thru behind the tank, from front to rear. You'll find an area beneath the front floorboards inside the frame c-channel where there isn't any rust on the brakeline, cut, install a nut, and double flare the line, install coupler, then move to the rear, holding the tee, remove the nut with the rusted line, shove the line thru behind the tank, bend the tube, put a nut on, and do a double flare, and connect. cut the line at an appropriate place to fit onto the coupler at the front end,install nut, double flare and tighten. you will be fotunate indeed to get the brake bleeders loose on the rear axle cylinders without breaking them, start with the passenger side. you may have to open a front bleeder and dynamite the brake pedal to shift the fuse to get fluid to the rear, and lose the brake sys warning light. PS in my case, the next lines to go will be both of the lines in the rear of the drivers front wheelwell, then the one to the passenger front. The right rear on both of my trucks have the only original line remaining. Nuts are cheap, and so is the 25'roll of tubing, the new stuff is really flexible, but I prefer the dark green stuff, it's cheaper, as well. the only high dollar item you'll need is the double flaring tool, Probably 50-70 dollars these days. You may not use it often, but when you need it, theres no getting around it. Lots of cars use bubble flares, nowadays, but on this dodge truck, everything is double flares. Good luck, this is expensive work to have someone else do, especially when the bleeders are seized, it's simply time consuming, nothing difficult, though. Oh yeah, leave the old line in place, it ain't worth the trouble to pull the tank to remove it...

mEasy27 01-20-2013 04:06 AM

thanks... havent been able to tackle this yet.. are there any alternatives?

RamTech 01-20-2013 09:11 AM

Nope. Line replacement is the only repair option. There's a tutorial with pics on brake line flaring here

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