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BIALORUCKI 10-26-2012 04:18 AM

Overdrive shuts off 1997 Ram 1500 5,9l
Why is it that mechanics are sooo greedy? I'm a contractor carpentry, electrical, plumbing, tile,etc... all other trades are more that willing to help share give FREE advice to anyone and everyone who needs it. Last I checked mechanics are paid pretty well 100+$/hr. Anyone else tired of this bullshit or is it just me?

RamTech 10-26-2012 04:57 PM

Don't confuse a shops labor rate for a technicians salary. I don't know what you've heard, but I guarantee you that auto mechanics do NOT make anywhere near that kind of money. As far as greed goes, I can show you several local contractors in my area that aren't about to offer free advice. Some don't even offer free estimates anymore.

Gen1dak 10-26-2012 05:58 PM

Do you have a question about a truck, or just looking for cheese?

Dukeboy 10-26-2012 09:23 PM

The real problem with offering "Free advice" (Basically diagnosing your trucks problem for free so you can go get your buddy in his driveway to do the actual work) is that any typical monkey can do the repair if you know what repair to make. It's the monkey that knows what repair to make is the one that is worth the money.

Also, as stated, The poor mechanic only sees around 2 /10ths/HR of what the labor rate of the shop is. The SHOP gets the big money, but then again, have you priced Snap -On (Strap-on) tools lately?? Wanna talk about getting hosed....

A basic Snap-On Modis Scanner will set you back a cool $10K, then EVERY year, some auto manufacturer will come out with a car that has to cause you to need a $1500.00 "Upgrade/Update" in you Modis you just paid for. And get this, You are ALWAYS running behind a year.

Sure, you can go to your local auto parts house and get your truck scanned for free, but an 02 Sensor code may/may not mean you need an 02 Sensor. Guess how many 02 Sensors I've installed that were supplied by the customer, from the Parts house, that didn't fix the 02 Code that the Parts house scanner said it was?

With the economy being what it is, the public's idea of "Customer Service" has changed for the worse. People today do what I consider "Wal-Marting"...Meaning, they will call 15 repair shops looking for the cheapest to repair their truck/car. Yet, they will spend countless hours researching a cell phone, and pay three prices for it????

No, when you call a repair shop looking for someone to tell you what is wrong with your vehicle, you have to understand, you are talking their knowledge (which is what they are paid for. Paid for what they know, NOT what they do), and cutting them out of keeping their doors open. I mean, you don't bring your hamburger to Mickey D's and just ask to sit and eat it there do you?

Oldskoolram 11-02-2012 08:52 AM

i agree with them i was a Mechaniv for ford for a number of years,16 bucks an hour flat rate sux compared to the cheese i get now as a safety specialist. But i think you need to understand that they will normaly not diagnose a vehicle without really taking a good look at it because if they misdiagnose it you will be even more pissed at them.

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