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Kansaszj09 10-29-2012 01:23 AM

97 Ram stalls at start up, then immediately dies, IAC?
I have a 1997 Ram single cab 5.9 4x4 with 140k on the odometer. I recently bought this truck about 7-8 months ago, never noticed that the battery clamp was loose before, I had gone through a rough field and the battery stinkin fell and tipped over and was leaning against the belt while RUNNING and lost acid and sprayed it ALL over of course. Ever since I am certain the battery lost quite a bit of acid, I couldn't leave the lights on while the truck was off for no more then ten minutes then I would have to jump start the truck, each time I had left the radio on too long without charging or running the truck, I had to jump start the truck with a battery pack that allows me to jump myself and each time I turned the key over with the portable battery pack jumper on attached to the battery, I would have to give the truck gas after the truck cranked over and I would have to hold on the gas pedal for a good 5 minutes at least while idling to get the truck to run at normal idle before I could drive. Well the last week or so I can't even start the truck and I have had to use the battery pack jumper to start it, it seems like it wants to crank over but can't get enough juice or something to start, so of course, I have to give the truck gas and idle with my foot on the pedal while I turn the key to start it and tonight I had to leave my foot on the pedal for about 10 minutes while idling before the truck went back to normal, I left off the pedal a few times while idling after it was started and it immediately wanted to shut down. I was wondering, would the IAC be a possible culprit, maybe the battery is bad and needs replaced? But I can't see the battery being the problem since the truck runs fine after getting warmed up? Any ideas or suggestions? Also is there any way I can test the IAC to see if it's bad if by chance this is what it is??

Kansaszj09 10-29-2012 03:04 PM

Well I think I may have figured out the problem, at least it seems so far like it's working. I bought a new battery and replaced the old one. So hopefully that was all it was. All I know is now I gotta take a brush and clean the acid off the belt pulleys and alternator etc : ( lol.

bassa2000 10-30-2012 07:46 PM

Sounds like you need a VERY detailed cleaning of the whole engine compartment or your going to have a mess later on, and replace the belt if it was exposed to battery acid.

Good luck!

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