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blackram99 10-29-2012 03:56 PM

tsb 020898 steering knock
Have been chasing front end issues for a few months and am about to go crazy. 99 1500 2wd 5.2 quad cab sport, 175 K, original owner, no wrecks.

Found the referenced tsb and it describes one issue to a tee, however, there seems to be no discussions or solutions anywhere. I thought the issue was fixed after replacing the idler arm, but still have a low level rattle in left front. Have replaced rotors, wheel bearings, both lower ball joints, shocks, pitman arm and gearbox and remaining ball joints/tie rod ends are only 5 years old.

Misdiagnosed the dr side lower ball joint as the initial problem of knocking when wheel turned hard to left. Did not fix problem, :4-dontknow: but now get a rattle when hitting bumps esp. wash board road.
Idler arm fixed the left turn knocking immediately.

This weekend decided to replace stabilizer link/bushing and now the left turn knock is back. GRRRRRRR. :mad3:

Sorry for the big 1st post, but I am really getting sick of crawling around under this truck and hope someone may have a solution.

Carl Hanson

blackram99 11-04-2012 09:58 PM

Got rid of the rattle, but still no solution on the severe shake on lock to lock left turn.

Had two issues causing rattle- 1. wheel bearing cap came off and was rattling around inside the hub cap. 2. when I installed the new shocks and tightened top nut till the shock began to turn. When I jacked up the front to re-check for rattles, I noticed the bushing/washer under the upper shock mount was loose. Had to put a wrench on the fixed nut while tightening from above.


blackram99 11-06-2012 06:54 PM

Thank God I'm Alive
Today was the day to find out why my front end has been making so much noise. Was driving 55 coming up to a stop light, started slowing down and felt something bad wrong in the front end. It felt like a slight drop down and felt a lot of resistance (like the brakes were on). Pulled it into (get this), a cemetery!! Debating what to do as it would still drive-Just had a bad feeling that I should not go any further. I was about 6 miles from home so I called AAA. Drove it onto the rollback and took it to one of my mechanics.
My mechanic has heard my complaints about the front end and hunting for a solution he changed the lower pass ball joint, and re-adjusted wheel bearing torque 2 weeks ago.
I asked him to make sure to turn steering hard to the left as it began the nasty vibration again a few days ago.
A half hour later, I had to go back and get some tools out of the back and noticed it was way out on the edge of his parking lot and there was a jack under the pass front and the tire was off. Looked at the spindle and saw the inner bearing sitting on it and didn't think anything if it.

He called me later and told me "The tire fell off in his parking lot while he was making a hard left turn!!:SHOCKED:!!!!!" The spindle sheared between the inner and outer wheel bearings.

I'm glad I followed my gut and was not crazy that the front end was not right. It's been to 2 mechanics and I have jacked up the front end at least 10x's in the last couple of months.

Now I find that nobody makes the stupid spindle unless You want a 3" lift. I guess it will be off to the junk yard.

Hopefully someone else can learn something from my experience.


panhead 11-15-2012 08:14 PM

The way I find bad suspension parts is by jacking up the front of the truck, placing a jack stand to each side of the axle. Someone on the ground and one jerking the wheel. Cheapest way of solving an issue.

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