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moes 11-08-2012 12:42 PM

Tuck runs rough after reaching "operating temp"
2001 Dodge Ram, 1500, 5.2L(318 C I), ear Wheel Drive : After engine reaches "operating temp", it runs rough, coughs and sputters, does not accelerate, pings, no more than 1000 RPM otherwise it stalls....However, I let it cool down, it starts and runs just fine UNTIL it reaches "operating temp" and we go thru the same scenario again...

When it first began to act up, I replaced Plugs, Wires, Distributor Cap and Rotor, however, that did not fix it. So, then based on my Buddy putting a Meter on it, I subsequenty replaced the Ignition Pick-Up and the Coil---that has not helped either...

The fact that it acts up when it reaches "operating temp" and runs fine UNTIL that time, I am thinking it is a Sensor of some sort that is subject to ambient and engine operating temps....

Any suggestions/recommendations ?

RamTech 11-08-2012 12:45 PM

This has crankshaft position sensor written all over it but it should be verified with a lab scope before replacement. I recommend only using a Mopar sensor.

brad12kx 11-08-2012 10:27 PM


Welcome to the forum, :Hey:
This forum is full of great looking trucks; packed with great mod ideas and there are loads of knowledgeable and experienced people here.

AND - We all like pix! Got any to share?

Enjoy the Z!

Parabol413 11-09-2012 08:40 PM

Do you have any codes? If not try giving the crank sensor a wiggle after starting the truck and see if it makes the truck start to foul up when you touch it. They have a magnet in them that can become loose and cause all sorts of problems.

Gen1dak 11-09-2012 10:37 PM

Check the intake plenum gasket.

moes 11-13-2012 09:15 AM

Started Truck and wiggled the Sensor, however, engine did not run rough.....

moes 11-14-2012 12:48 PM

2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck---Trouble Codes
Can I determine Trouble Codes without plugging-in a Scanning Tool ?

RamTech 11-14-2012 02:04 PM

Yeah, key dance. Cycle the ignition switch 3 times and leave it on. Count the pulses from MIL to determine codes. A scan tool is still a much better choice because the key dance won't uncover manufacturer specific codes. I would still strongly recommend scoping the CKP sensor. A wiggle test is only good for a wiring issue and won't reveal a pattern that's breaking down.

moes 11-21-2012 08:53 AM

Replaced Crankshaft Position Sensor
I replaced the Crankshaft Position Sensor yesterday....Did it from under neath the Truck, all with one hand, 2 trouble lights and my Wife helping at times ! Thank God for Band-Aids, patience, "Mirror - on - a - Stick" , "Magnet Stick" 1/2" Open End Wrench, 50 degree temps in my Garage , more patience and the wonderful feeling I got when (after 2 hrs of trying) I FINALLY got both bolts hand-threaded(after I dropped them many times) !!!!
And the best thing is, the TRUCK STARTED right up !!!!!
Today I will bring the Truck up to "operating temp" and "keep my fingers crossed" !
Will let all know subsequently how the Truck performed...
Happy Thanksgiving to all !!!!!

moes 12-11-2012 06:59 PM

Crank Position Sensor was it !!!!!!!!!!!
To RamTech and all other Respondents:
My Truck is running just fine since I replaced the Crankshaft Position Sensor !!!!
Thank you for your input and Merry Christmas to all !!!!!
Dave Moes

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