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steveyarko 11-14-2012 04:42 PM

1500 ram 5.7 wont start
Had truck 1 year and some times it just clicks and after any where from 10 to 100 trys later it will fire up then it my be 1 day or one month before it does it again. Dealer replaced starter first and did not fix. They have flashed codes that did not fix. They say they have no clue as to the problem. Anyone having same problem ??:4-dontknow:

huntergreen 11-14-2012 05:40 PM

no, but the first thing i would do is to trace the battery cables and make sure they are connected properly. if that checked out i would change out the battery. other than that, i would be stuck leaving it at the dealer till it was fixed.

wbowyer 11-14-2012 08:22 PM

When you say it "won't start" does it turn over and not fire up? Or does it not even attempt to start?

ExpensiveToys 11-15-2012 02:01 AM

On the 2011 there is a starter relay that is in the TIPM module, if I remember correctly the relay isn't servicable and if it is defective would require entire TIPM to be replaced. There is a fuse for the relay (I think its 40amp) that might be defective, so that's something cheap to just replace.

I assume you haven't been able to duplicate the problem at the dealership, so they don't know what the problem is?

If you have someone to help you and have a 12 volt test light, you can try to trouble shoot it a bit the next time it starts acting up. Next time you hear the click and it doesn't start, open hood of truck, and remove the starter relay fuse. Removing the fuse will guarantee engine won't actually crank, and is for safety reasons. While someone tries to start the vehicle, use the 12volt test light (or a volt meter, either will work) and check if you have power on either terminal of the socket for the fuse you removed.

If you don't have power on one of the socket pins, then it means either its a bad relay in the TIPM, something in powertrain control module, or something else upstream of the TIPM. If you do have power then it means something might be wrong with starter or wiring to the starter or battery.

Zak 11-15-2012 06:25 AM

I had the same happen to my 2011 1500 Laramie 5.7 25k miles, first thought it was the battery but tested to be good. Then put the battery back in and still just clicked. When it clicks there is no attempt in the engine to turn over. The truck acts like it is completely dead. I finally got it to start by cycling the key on and off 3 times fast. Took it to the dealer and they didnt know what i was talking about because i couldnt get it to do it again. So far it hasnt happened again. But when it does i will be recording it for sure.

Justn519 11-15-2012 07:07 PM

I also have this problem seems to be common here is a good thread to look at

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