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cabindoor00 11-15-2012 10:09 AM

TPMS Problem
The two right side tires indicated low at 29 PSI each and they were blinking. I stopped at a gas station and aired them back up to 33 PSI and I drove off. The dash light is still on and the two right side tires are still blinking at 33 PSI. Anyone have any fixes for this? I have a 2011 Ram 1500 4x4 Crew Cab Laramie Edition. The temp outside was around 40 degrees if that helps as well. Thanks for the help!

jacksonsnorth 11-15-2012 10:14 AM

Mine does that sometimes, it seems to come on under 30 PSI. I have 1 with a slow leak evidently, so when it happens occasionally it wont go off for a bit. I have to just drive it around and it eventually goes out. If it does not go off then I recommend a stop at the dealership service dept. they will diag. it for ya. Good luck friend.

Gantman 11-15-2012 10:30 AM

Yes cabindoor; with the outside temps dropping fast, expect your tire pressures to show their true cold tire pressures. It is an extremely good habit of checking your tire pressures first thing in the morning when you haven't driven on them yet because the simple fact is warm air expands in tires. I constantly keep mine close to 36psi cold and have seen it jump up to 41psi in 90+ degree temps.

Actionjackson 11-16-2012 01:26 AM

Would u happen to have hid lights installed.

united316 11-16-2012 11:31 PM

You have to inflate the tires 41lbs cold. And drive for a mile or two.
You can also see this thread.

CRANKYPISTOL 11-25-2012 10:27 PM

Best thing is to AIR THEM UP! 40psi in the winter is the lowest you should run. I run 45psi all year and have had great wear.

drew7811 11-26-2012 11:29 AM

Has anyone noticed the accuracy between the dash tpms reading and what you actually get with a manual gauge? I have checked mine multiple times (cold and even warm for comparison) and found the computer is always 2-3lbs more than what I am getting on the manual tire gauge. I even used a seperate gauge and it shows the same. Has anyone else noticed this on theirs?

GTyankee 11-26-2012 11:52 AM

just air up your tires to what the door sticker reads
drive it for a while & the computer will catch up
the light comes on when your tire(s) are 7 pounds or more low

doug713 11-27-2012 09:00 PM

I recently had new tires installed and decided to have them filled with Nitrogen instead of air and they seem to pretty much stay consistant at 36 psi but will drop to 33 with extreme cold. Yes I live in Alabama, but I travel all over, even up just my 2 cents. They claim the Nitrogen helps the tires last longer,,, hmmm we shall see.. I think it usually costs about $7 per tire to do this, but my tire store didn't charge me.

Al E. Gator 01-10-2013 09:25 AM

What does it say is the correct pressure on your door sticker? Mine is 40, my TPMS comes on somewhere around 35.

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