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Gantman 11-30-2012 08:25 PM

Just over 3K miles, now this recall comes out!
Ford tells 89,000 Escape, Fusion owners to park cars because of engine fire risk Justin Hyde
Senior Editor of Motoramic

By Justin Hyde | Motoramic 1 hour 15 minutes ago a recall with few precedents, Ford warned today that 89,193 owners of brand new 2013 Ford Escape SUVs and Ford Fusions with 1.6-liter turbocharged engines should park their vehicles until further notice due to risk of engine fires -- and gave no estimate of when it would have a repair.
The move marks the third recall for burning 1.6-liter turbocharged engines in the new Escape, a cornerstone of Ford's plans to lure buyers with smaller, more efficient vehicles. The previous two recalls earlier this year had been triggered by a lose coolant cap that could spew engine coolant and a weak gas line. Ford also told owners in the gas line recall to stop driving, but vowed to fix that within two weeks.
Ford says no injuries have been linked to the new problem, which it didn't immediately identify. It says owners in the United States and Canada of any 2013 Escape or Fusion with the 1.6-liter engine should call their dealer immediately, and the dealer would arrange for loaner vehicles until the problem can be repaired. The issue doesn't affect owners of Fusion and Escapes with other engines.
One hint of the problems come from an October complaint to federal auto safety officials from a 2013 Ford Escape owner, who said a few days having the two previous engine fire recalls completed, their Escape broke down on the freeway and burned.
"There was a 'pop' sound in the engine area. Instantly, the accelerator had no response, the high engine temperature warning light came on, and then all warning lights, gauges, & tachometer all went dead. Luckily, we were adjacent to an exit ramp, and we coasted to a stop...Immediately, white steam came out of the engine compartment. Knowing the third recall dealt with the "risk of engine fires", we got out, and moved well away from the vehicle. Within minutes, brown, oily smoke came out from under the hood. Then flames came out from under the hood, at the windshield and out the sides of the engine compartment. Then the car burst into flames and was destroyed.
The owner added: "We feel we are lucky to be alive!"
Other automakers have ordered owners to stop driving vehicles due to safety recalls in the past, but have been able to say how long repairs might take.
After winning a reputation for better quality vehicles than its Detroit competition, quality issues have been rising on several new Ford models. The automaker has said it was missing its own targets for quality this year, and cited the high pace of new models as one reason. Given how strongly Ford has staked its future on its EcoBoost turbo engine line -- with millions of copies sold and now featured in Ford models from the Fiesta to the F-Series -- the costs from any lingering worry of engine fires could rise rapidly.
Ford says U.S. owners with questions can call 866-436-7332 and Canadian customers can call 888-222-7814.

Gantman 11-30-2012 08:31 PM

I knew my gut was telling me something. Hell, I remember when the Interceptors or Crown Vics had electrical fires in the engine bay. Now it's having to worry about weak fuel lines or connectors. I'll keep yall posted if or when my VIN comes up with a recall letter in the mail. Damn it; I really miss my Hemi tick now. 2013 Hemi sounds really good now....

bighemi04 11-30-2012 08:33 PM

We will welcome you back with open arms Gant and hope nothing bad happens

brad12kx 11-30-2012 11:12 PM

Doesn't matter how hard you test something in the fast track, the only way to get 3 years experience is to run for 3 years.

I will commend Ford for both being diligent in their testing which was likely the most comprehensive and difficult testing ever done to a new product design, BUT it was fast tracked. Putting on the equivalent hours of 5 years of ownership is not the same as 5 actual years of ownership and those are the bugs that are showing up.

Gutsy move IMO to introduce so many new engines with radical changes in such a short time period. I prefer my Dodges, but am hoping Ford gets this resolved expeditiously as they are still one of the big 3 Detroit automakers. I would like to see the future retain the big 3 for a very long time. :)

2011 ASSAULT 800 12-02-2012 10:54 PM

has your truck had turbo issues yet? in fairness to ford all manufacturers have issues, what sets them apart is how quickly and easily they fix the situation and whether they learn from it, take toyota for instance, the killed people a few years ago and are still recalling millions and millions of vehicles for unrealted issues, and people keep buying their junk, kind of like gm riding on a reputation from a decade ago. We will welcome you back

SnoylCC5 12-03-2012 11:35 AM

come on back Gant! you know you want to. but in all seriousness, i hope nothing happens to your ford while youre driving to go pick up your new RAM :gy:

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