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jflare 12-20-2012 05:34 PM

mygig navigation
hello, i have a 2012 dodge ram express, i want to upgrade to the mygig navigation. now would this be a plug and play kinda deal or would i have purchase something special to hook up to it for the navigation to work?

also on that note i currently have a mygig system that i bought from ebay without the navigation but im curious as to why when i start up the vehicle it shows the chrysler logo and in the background of the menu has a chrysler logo when i had plugged it up in my nitro to see if it would work and it showed a dodge logo in that vehicle

CORAMGUY 02-19-2013 03:21 PM

Have you gotten this sorted out?
I just installed a MyGig nav head unit, dual microphone dimming mirror and backup camera in my 2011 2500. The install would be about the same. If you haven't figured it all out yet, my recent experience may be helpfull...

Socalgordon 02-19-2013 05:25 PM

The 430N (navigation radio is plan and simple swap. As long as the radio was made after 2008/2009. Earlier mygigs and accompanying vehicles has the GPS and Sirius antenna separate. Now the antennas are one. The other factor is, if the radio is built in 2011/2012 there may be a security code needed to unlock the radio (anti-theft feature). This can be undone by a FRIENDLY dealership. They may ask for proof of purchase before unlocking.

The logo on the startup splash screen is a tricky one... sort of... All the mygigs (although Chrysler stopped calling these mygigs, it has become a common name much like Kleenex and Windex) the 430, 430N and 730N all have the chrysler/dodge/ram/Fiat/VW logos within the software of the radio. The radio, upon start up communicates with the cann bus system on the vehicle (either checks the VIN, or other make/model identifiers) to display the correct logo. Now, it may take a few startups or even a computer flash by the dealership to get everything in sync, since its not 100% correct. I have personally seen a 430, 430N and 730N display other logos in my RAM when I swapped it out. After a few battery disconnects, it reset and all was fine.

I originally had the plan 130, upgraded to the 430 then a few weeks later, moved to the 430N, then to the 730N.

You may need to update the radio (the 430N (RHB)) software.

You can also find mygig info at but this site is NOTORIOUS for being down.

I have started and contributed on a few forums on there on this very subject.

If I may suggest becoming a level 1, 2 or 4 supporter and skip the ads, the site speeds up a bit and get access to cool features and unlocked threads!! It is the best money I have spent!! HANDS DOWN!!

jamm999 02-24-2013 08:05 PM

Is there a way to tell if a radio head is older than 08 from the front? When looking at the back of them what does the combination antenna connector look like? Yellow or white? I'm looking for a 730 n for my 2012

Socalgordon 03-05-2013 03:48 PM

2 Attachment(s)
From the front, no. RHR and RER are the 730N models, RER is before 2010-2011, RHR is 2011-2012. Both are cosmetically the same, but the circuitry inside and slight software changes are in the inside. RHB is the 430N model and share the same look as the 730N's except the sales code on the lower right side of the front of the radio and the Uconnect / load buttons are swapped from the 730N and 430N. The 430N the load buttons for CD/DVD are on the right, the 730N the same buttons are on the left side.

Both of the radios have the Olive green and white connectors. If I am not mistaken, the White is AM/FM, and the Green is GPS/Sirius

Also the 730N has 1 or 2 mini USB connectors on the back (although the connector is perspiratory a USB cable WILL connect and work if you stick in there (providing the USB connector is small enough to fit the cavity).

Attachment 33910
Attachment 33909

GTyankee 03-05-2013 04:34 PM

Although the RER 730n was in the 2009 & 2010 Ram
It is fully compatible with the 2011/2012 Rams that came with the RHR 730n

Many times if you buy a HIGH SPEED CAN BUS MYGIG radio on places like eBay
You won't need to get the system flashed by the dealership, because it has already been installed in another vehicle

The 2009 - 2012 Ram all use the High Speed Canbus system
2008 & earlier had the LOW speed canbus system & won't work in the '09 - '12 Rams

The Base model of the 2009 - 2012 MYGIG radios is the
RES 130, there were 2 models of RES, one has the phone receiver icon, the other does Not

The next radio up is the RBZ 430, some but not many had the REN model
it does not have Navigation, but does have a touch screen

The RHB 430N is a touch screen radio with GARMIN navigation

The 2 730N RHR & RER are the top of the line radios, both use NAVTEQ navigation
both have everything inside the radios, no external Modules are needed for Bluetooth, USB, microphone, etc.

2 different websites that have quick reference manuals & full manuals in PDFile,
click the radio(s) described on the left of the page. The radio will pop up with a summary below it. If you look back at the left, you will see the word Downloads, click the Media Center & a full manual is online

fill in your vehicles information & find which radios work with your vehicle
don't pay attention to the prices, you can find cheaper else where

GTyankee 03-05-2013 04:56 PM

Someone asked about the DEFAULT IMAGE on the screen
you can choose one already in Memory on the Hard Drive, or use your own picture

In the default mode, the vehicle brand logo is displayed
in the right half of the screen. Press the Menu hard-key on
the right side of the radio to access one of the Setting
It is recommended to change the picture dimensions on a
PC or Digital Camera to 240 by 158 pixels before the

MTLRam007 03-17-2013 09:41 AM

I just bought a 12 Ram sport. It has he base radio with uconnect Bluetooth option. What do I need to switch to a nav radio. My second question is which one is better the 430N or the 730N? Sorry to hijack your thread

Socalgordon 03-20-2013 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by MTLRam007 (Post 1041232)
I just bought a 12 Ram sport. It has he base radio with uconnect Bluetooth option. What do I need to switch to a nav radio. My second question is which one is better the 430N or the 730N? Sorry to hijack your thread

Well... On the issue of which one is better, the 430 or 730... Depends on who you ask and where you live in the US. The 430N and 730 BOTH use Navtech maps. BUT the 430N uses the Garmin graphics and GUI interface, whereas the 730N uses (I believe, if I am not mistaken) the navtech or Harmen Becker created GUI interface (not pretty and misses a lot of the options that the 430N offers in the NAV area). Although the 730N has (almost) realtime traffic conditions. So, if you use the Nav unit, the unit will detour you around the traffic (in theory).

I have had the 130, the 430, the 430N and currently the 730N. I like the 730N because it came with bluetooth and uconnect in unit because my 130 did not have the uconnect buttons/option.

I think you would like the 430N since you already have the uconnect module (430(N) radios need the uconnect module)

MTLRam007 03-21-2013 07:16 PM

Thanks for the info but the auction I won on eBay was cancelled and the user is no longer registered :Wow1: Good thing I didn't pay him. Oh well I will get a chance one day. Thanks for your help

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