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Hardware 12-21-2012 12:32 AM

Hissing Noise Followed by Multiple Warning Lights?
This past Monday I was up north in freezing rain. The truck was covered in a layer of ice.

I had the truck idling while I loaded it for a few minutes and after I got back in the driver's seat, I noticed a hissing sound coming from behind the dash. Kind of from behind the instrument binnacle or possibly low and left. There were no engine lights or msgs on the EVIC.

Turning the wheel made the sound go away and touching the brake pedal also made it disappear (even more instantaneously than by turning the wheel) however straightening the wheel or releasing the brake saw it come back.

When idling without touching the steering or brake, the idle speed seemed to slow and then speed up again in intervals of a few seconds.

I popped the hood and could hear it up near the firewall to the left of the steering column maybe...

The parking sensor shutoff switch was lit but I think that was unrelated - the rear bumper was coated in a heavy layer of ice so I think that was the cause of that.

Anyway, I was looking for a local Dodge dealer to pop in and see if they could take a look at it (I had about a 5 hr drive ahead of me) and took a wrong turn. I had to turn around and gunned the engine, which made the hissing sound cease - and it hasn't reoccurred.

Anyone have any clue what this might have been?

I'm wondering if there could have been ice clogging a vacuum inlet/outlet?

With the sound now gone and still no warning lights I embarked on the long drive.

A couple of hours later, I noticed the traction control light on (it would have only been on for a few seconds before I saw it as I scan the instruments frequently). For the first couple of seconds I thought the rear wheels had spun a little as I was climbing a hill (roads were pretty slick) however I then noticed I had multiple warning lights.

- the trailer brake light (red symbol of a box trailer with a horizontal line through it) was lit;

- the yellow SERV 4x4 light was on;

- the traction control light remained on as well.

There was one message on the EVIC indicating the trailer brake had been disconnected (I wasn't towing a trailer).

The trailer brake display above the brake thumb switch showed CF flashing in yellow.

I first thought it might have been ice in the rear connector but figured that shouldn't affect the the SERV 4x4 or TCS lights.

Then I thought it might be a fuse.

Once I got to a gas station with a paved lot I pulled in and checked the brake connector at the hitch - it seemed secure.

I checked fuses and couldn't find any blown.

I shut the truck off for a few minutes and when I started it up again, all warnings cleared and everything's been fine since.

Anyone have any suggestions?

RamTech 12-21-2012 09:37 AM

My first impression is that the noise and traction control issues aren't related but it's still a possibility. The noise could be from cold fluid or a defective hydraulic line. I won't even speculate about the TCS issue - the dealer needs to pull codes and see what's going on.

Hardware 12-21-2012 11:05 AM

I don't think the hissing sound and TCS light were linked either.

The TCS light came on with the above mentioned other warning lights (trailer brake and SERV 4x4) so I'm thinking electrical gremlin.

Everything's reset and for the remaining 2-3 hrs of the drive, there were no warning lights or msgs on the EVIC. I've driven the truck a couple of times since (short in-town runs) and no lights, msgs or issues.

I'm travelling now for X-mas and the truck will be parked over the holidays. I'll see about getting the nearby dealer to pull the codes in the new year.

Oh, and there were no signs of any fluid leaks (I checked the snow beneath the truck when the hissing sound first started).

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