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Zak 12-25-2012 10:31 PM

Anyone install an Undercover SwingCase? and not have a tonneau cover installed?

Curious on how it will hold up in direct weather (rain, cold, sun, etc.)

Dont really want to install a cover due to i like the full accessible option and dont like how the bak flip lays against the cab. Plus i want to be able to carry my sport bike but have the tool box option.

Any reviews or pics would be helpful. Thanks

snrusnak 12-26-2012 11:24 AM

I installed a swingcase on the driver side a while ago, maybe ~4 months ago, and a passenger side one about 1 month ago. I really love them. But I guess to help you out as much as possible I'll give you the long story, lol.

First thing to say is that undercover is a great company, and really took care of me with the issues I had with their product. I wanted the swingcase(s) because I haul my buell in the bed of the truck, and didn't want a conventional box in the way. I bought the driver side through autoanything(also great to deal with) and after install, the box would barely latch because it rubbed on the tie down hook. I contacted them and got a response after a few days which I thought was reasonable and they said they had never had anyone report this issue. The offered a refund, but I told them I had already drilled 7 holes in my bed(and linex) and I was going to make shims and install it. At that point they offered to give me the opposite side for free, for my troubles. I almost said no because it took me a few hours to make nice shims(I have limited metal working tools) but I took them up on it, and now have both installed. I had to shim them out about 3/8" to get clearance. Other than that the only thing that is at all bothersome is that I had to do some touch up painting on them from where the screws scratched the paint and started to rust the bracket. To be expected with steel though.

In the end, it was a little bit of a PITA due to having to make shims, then having to buy longer screws, and having to do some painting, but I am very happy with the finished result. And the best part is they will stand behind their product.

One good thing about the shims is that since it pushes the box further out from the side you can open the lid further(nearly all the way to 90 degrees) before it hits the bed rail.

Also note, you lose access to the tie downs with these boxes.

As for durability, it is durable ABS plastic, and so far has held up fine(for these months). My truck is outside all day everyday, and gets washed maybe 1-2 times a year(the boxes have yet to be washed). The only thing that happened with mine is I scratched up the "swingcase" gel sticker on the box because I packed the truck full of fire wood and I guess it rubbed on that gel sticker and marred it up. I'll probably just take them off eventually anyway, I don't like stickers.

One other thing, I used the self tapping screws(provided) for the first box, but it makes the holes fairly large and you can't get a really good bite. On the second box I predrilled the holes smaller then used the new SS screws I bought from ACE(that were longer, for the shims) and I got a much better bite. I'd suggest doing this.

Hope this helps, if you have any other questions or need any help let me know, or pictures or whatever.

Zak 12-26-2012 08:44 PM

Looks great! Thanks for the info. :smileup:

Looks like ill be ordering mine soon. Ill check the clearance of the tie down on mine. I like the shim idea and how it will almost open all the way while latched. Also thinking a heat gun would work to warm the plastic and mold to the tie down. This will be great for the few tools for work that i do carry and tie down straps. Maybe use for a cooler now and then lol :beerchug:

snrusnak 12-26-2012 08:50 PM


Maybe use for a cooler now and then lol
Great minds think a like :)

I wouldn't heat the plastic, it will likely ruin it's integrity. See if yours fits, if not, go to home depot or lowes and buy two sticks(roughly 2-3 feet long each) of the 1/8" x ~2" aluminum and cut, drill, and install. After install, I took some newspaper and masket the bracket off and sprayed it with some rustoleum rattle can paint to cover the screws, rivets, scratched parts, etc. that I mentioned before so it wouldn't rust again. No other issues so far. They are really nice, and you can remove them in about 5 seconds if needed.

HULK3D 12-27-2012 03:00 AM

Nice pic, I installed one on my pasinger side about 8 months ago and it works great. I don't have a tonno cover because I put in a bed bar.

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