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Cowboybart333 01-10-2013 08:26 PM

2012 Ram 5.7 Hemi Trinity Review
Alright...please brace yourself for the long version. As a proud Hemi owner I have been excited to hear that we finally have a tuner for our 11+ trucks. My story starts 6 months ago when I picked up my truck. After a few days I was less than impressed with the power and performance. I was getting about 18MPG with the stock set up. I lifted it 6" and put 35" nitto mudd grapplers on her. Even with the 3.92's she really was less than impressive. MPG 12. First mod open flow exhaust...good sound (minus mds) no MPG or performance. Next K&N. 12.5 MPG no real performance gain noticed. Next 4" cold air intake and breather filter. 14 MPG and a great under the hood rumble when I get on it. No performance. Next was Trinity T1000. Bought mine used off eBay and though I was promised it was unlocked...nope.:doh: So after a day of fighting with seller to pay for an unlock and $179 to T1000 is ready. (FYI Awesome customer service from Mike at Diablo!)

I updated the Trinity and installed the perf 91 tune, blah. There was a slight power gain but not even close to what I was expecting. I set up the throttle +5% and adjust a few shift points. The 0-60 was in the high 11's (again 35" heavy arse mudd tires) and I couldn't even break the tires. The positive here was MPG went up to 15 as I had to drive the fuel out the truck to empty and fill up with 93. L

Load the 93 tune adjust throttle boost to 20% and shift RPM to 5700 in 1-2 & 3-4 and.....blah. It didnt feel much different than the 91 tune. In tow/haul it felt a little more alive. Firmer shifts and a little umph but still wasn't able to break the tires. 0-60 now in the high 10's MPG was 15.5 on my ride to work (same drive all others are compared to, same driving style - not 100% scientific but consistent). So there I sat with a Trinity tuner and 6 months of anticipation for a less than impressive gain....UNTIL!!!!!!

HEMIFEVER! I read through multiple posts and Shaun was made out to be The I tested that theory. I purchased a Dodge tune off his website this morning at 11am EST for $125. I received a confirmation email of my receipt. Based on the forums I knew he needed my stock tune so at 11:45am I emailed over my trucks info, my stock tune, and the 93perf modified tune I was running. In less than two hours he had emailed me back with a new tune and instructions on logging my data to further fine tune the truck. :smiley_thumbs_up:

I loaded the custom tune in the parking lot at work and headed out....WOW!!! The beast is alive. I actually broke my tires loose for the first time without it having to be wet! Mind you that is with traction bars. I jumped on a WOT highway run and it screamed up to 110 like it has never screamed before...I logged that WOT and then two 3 min stand drives based on a set of parameters that Shaun wanted to see to fine tune the beast. I reset the MPG and pulled 17.2 on my way home (mds still on) with a section of highway pulling 19+. My truck hasn't seen 19 since it came off the lot with those small stock tires. Ran a 0-60 at 8.39:SHOCKED: not the 5's I see posted here by the sports or ST's but my 8.39 is with a full tank and 35's...I'll take it.

I can't wait to send Shaun the logs tomorrow and fine tune this beast. If you can't tell I'm excited to have the truck tuned to perform as they should and I hope that this is helpful for anyone looking at similar mods. Here are my lessons learned;
1- a 6" lift will fit 37's with a LOT OF TRIMMING but 35's allow you to offset a little wider and fit under a 7'2" parking deck. My buddy wishes he went 35" s and has to park his looks a little skinny from the front.
2- Hemi's need to her up beyond a standard K&N stock filter replacement.
3- Buy from vendors directly or from sponsors - spend a few more if needed!
4- Diablo Sport customer service (Mike)...ROCKS:gy:
5- Trinity canned tunes for a lifted Ram with bigger tires"not all that impressive
6- Hemifever and Shaun are the REAL DEAL.

Happy to answer any questions on the Trinity and or the tunes. I will post more 0-60 once I have the tune dialed in...still a little sluggish off the line (torque management) and I can feel its not getting all it can at WOT...hoping Shaun can fix that for me over the next few days. Hope this helps answer a few questions about the new tunes.

chefred112 01-10-2013 08:31 PM

...nuttin like a custom tune to put a smile on yur face :) , I still remember my first tune...those were the days... glad you likey :)

xp1ik05 01-10-2013 08:55 PM

Damn. Wish I had a hemifever tune. One day. Great to hear though.

thunder98110 01-10-2013 08:56 PM

Hemifever has tuned both of my dodge trucks. Sweet tunes!

chefred112 01-10-2013 09:07 PM

one thing you might want to consider in the future since you're runnin 35's is gears...consider swappin them to 4.56's and you'll really barkem.. and get some mileage to boot..

Cowboybart333 01-10-2013 10:13 PM

Cheered... You really think 4.56 gears will make that big of a difference from 3.92's? What kind of $$$$ am I looking at? For gears and labor...any thoughts? Really appreciate the insights.

I had a 7.3l F350 Dually with 6" and 35's. fully jacked out and that truck was SCARY FAST. I know a gas truck without a supercharger won't compete...but I want to play in the league :-)

Cowboybart333 01-10-2013 10:13 PM

Nice the hemi tuned

chefred112 01-10-2013 11:09 PM

I run 4.56's now and I came from 3.92's..big difference, it enhances what you've already top it off, I run 4.56's on my 30" tires and I'm scary fast for a gasser..

Revel Performance 01-10-2013 11:36 PM

Very nice review :) and very thorough

Sideshow 01-11-2013 09:16 AM


Originally Posted by Cowboybart333 (Post 980816)
Cheered... You really think 4.56 gears will make that big of a difference from 3.92's? What kind of $$$$ am I looking at? For gears and labor...any thoughts? Really appreciate the insights.

You will need to get the rear carrier to a machine shop to match the aftermarket ring gear bolt pattern. The front carrier will need to be replaced with a 2010 unit and then you can bolt up any gear you want. Chrysler is welding the ring gear to the front carrier now.
Your looking at $2K or so before you buy the front carrier.

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