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Dave F. 01-13-2013 10:18 AM

My install Notes
I have a 2012 quad cab work truck that does see time pulling trailers and looked at the TLC setup earlier in the year but waited to see how this truck handled loads. Decided that the TLC was needed and took advantage of the end of the year sale. The parts list and the parts sent did not jive necessitating a call to customer service. They updated the mounting plates and did not update the parts list --Its a little awkward to mount the airbags on the bump stops-if one took off the rear wheels it would help. The mounting plates seem a little long and I had to notch the drivers side to get it to sit flat and the passenger side did not even contact the torsion bar rest but I mounted it this way anyway. The right side airbag rubs on the spring no matter which way you turned the airbag-another call to TLC and was told not to worry, that the airbag and spring flex in harmony but this still does not seem right--time will tell. I mounted the compressor in top of the fuse box next to the battery. I could not find another spot in the engine compartment that worked-(I have the 5.7 liter engine). I live in West Michigan and mounting the compressor anywhere underneath the truck is a very bad idea. In a "normal" winter we get barraged with snow and salt and they use salt brine on dirt roads in the summer to keep the dust down.
I found an unused area of the rubber bellows where a major portion of the wiring loom passes through the firewall-- so with the help of a little silicone and electrical tape I was able to feed both the air hose and wiring to the engine bay without drilling through the firewall. I then ran the air hose and wiring around the outside of the battery box (inside the fender opening) to the compressor and battery-actually a very clean install. I took another posters suggestion and put the control in the upper glove box-great idea. The air hose I routed as much as I could on top of the frame rails-over the gas tank-through the loop at the rear of the tank and joined the left and right side air hose. This truck gets drug through our Christmas tree fields and anything that hangs down under the frame, including running boards, sooner or later gets ripped off.
So...after pumping up the system and driving around I think it will work just fine. I love the quick connects for the air hose and the airbags appear to be a very heavy duty rubber. I even hooked up to our dump trailer that is very heavy since it has two frames and with just about 8 lbs of pressure the truck sits and tows level. The ride has also been slightly improved when the truck is empty. My suggestion would be for TLC to update the instructions to account for the parts differences and a paragraph or two about how close these airbags sit to the springs. It would have saved several calls to customer service-which by the way is very good-they even returned calls even though I did not leave VM because it was after hours-Dave F.

scuba0331 01-22-2013 10:27 AM

My Passenger side, Right Air Bag, hits the spring as well. I removed my lower shock bolt and lowered the rearend and rotated the Coil spring. That helped but it still hits. I did this at least 8 times. With no luck. I marked each loaction with a piece of chalk so I could keep track of the movements. Hopefully, this won't be an issue.

ArmyofOne 01-29-2013 06:11 PM

Rotating the coil is tricky. In my truck, there is literally only one spot you can put that coil in where it will not rub the bag, it took me about an hour to get it right, and I had the truck on a lift. From Factory position, I had to rotate clockwise (looking at it from the rear) approximately 3/4 of a full rotation. Conversely you could rotate counter-clockwise 1/4 turn, at least on mine.

The issue we are running into is variation in RAM's rear springs and to some degree, suspension geometry. It isn't much, thousandths of an inch maybe, but its just enough that some trucks require a coil spring rotation, and others do not. Mine still rides EXTREMELY close to the bag, but doesnt rub.
I can fit a dime between the spring and the bag when deflated and a nickel between them when inflated. I ran the setup for a month and checked again, no rub marks on the bag.

TLC's view is that even when there is a slight touching, since the air springs and coil springs move at the same rate, there is no adverse rubbing and its not a problem.

bamahemi 02-17-2013 05:12 PM

I hope they will honor any warranty related to rub issues, seems to me they should adjust the top mount of the bag over 1/8-1/4" on both and call it a day.

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