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wcolvett 01-31-2013 07:24 PM

2001 Ram 1500 2WD Front Bearings
Looking for a little input here... Both front wheel bearings must be replaced on my truck, just has Les Schwab look it over but their parts prices were pretty inflated, and they don't allow you to bring in your own parts. I've been looking online and keep getting conflicting information as to the actual part, some say a sealed hub, others that it's separate bearings. I was hoping someone could put me on the right path here, hoping to possibly do it at home...

I think I understand how to replace them, but if anyone has any directions it'd be great... As far as I understand it's pull all the brake hardware, pull the caliper bracket, and then all I have to do is remove the center bolt on the spindle and the hub (if it uses a hub?) just slides off?

Any help appreciated...

wcolvett 02-01-2013 05:05 AM

Also part of what's confusing me is when I look up the parts I see some inconsistencies as to what is recommended... Many of them show the hub with the lug bolts and that's it, others show the same but also with the flange on the other side that bolts in from the back... I assume the one that has the 3 bolt flange is for 4WD only, my truck is RWD only, so I just want to make sure that the hub without the flange is correct, and is only held on by the main bolt on the spindle and not bolted in from the rear?

the persuader 02-07-2013 01:35 PM

Since yours is 2wd, it's pretty easy. You can buy the complete hub assembly from a parts store with the bearings all greased and installed.

Basically, just need to remove the wheels, remove the caliper and place it out of the way (don't let it hang by the brake line), remove the disc, and the hub nut. The hub assembly should come right out after you remove the bolts in the back. I may be missing some steps, but it's pretty straight forward. Only trouble that you may have is the rotors can seize onto the hub requiring a ton of patience and penetrating oil.

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