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mikosiko 02-09-2013 08:04 PM

I solved my camshaft sensor issue
Ok background first. I kept having the camshaft sensor code come up. p0340 and p0344... Well I changed out the sensor it's located just above the lower radiator hose on the passenger side of the motor. I went for about a week and it started happening again and then the engine would stall while driving within about 2 miles from first start up, every startup. Then gradually got worse as I am stumped and trying to figure out what else could be going on. Eventually the truck would not start and when I would do the key trick (forward and back 3 times) to clear the code and wait 20 min and the truck would start. I never knew when all of a sudden the truck would stall or not start, frustrating if not for anything else but because I love my truck and it was sick and I did not know how to make it better. Enter solution

Upon closer inspection I noticed just a little bit of copper from the plug showing and was barely noticeable, you had to get really close and have a light shining at the right angle. There are 3 leads going into the plug the K44 lead of the plug was coming undone where the wire runs into the plug and would intermittently have connection. Tried rebuilding the plug but it's really small parts and really hard to deal with. So being the non electrical type that I am, I had a local mech. rewire a pigtail replacement in for me $100.00 total... Tested it out and went well for about 20 min and about 15 miles then the code p0340 came up again. Frustration!!!
Finally I remember that some have said not always will an electrical part you buy work and it's possible that the new camshaft sensor got messed up from the wiring problem, so I bought a new one and this one has a lifetime warranty with it..... It has been 36 hours and 100 miles and no problems or codes as of yet. Folks I have my truck back and it feels great, now I can start getting my mod on and boss this truck up to really make it mine.

In the end I hope this helps others that may have problems like this because I was really in a frustrating dark place with this for quite some time. Any questions I'll be more than happy to help and of course it all goes around in communities like this... Take care:smileup:

RamTech 02-10-2013 07:57 AM

$100 for a pigtail and wiring it in?! I thought rape was illegal in all 50 states.

mikosiko 02-10-2013 04:18 PM

lol... Yep it is, and considering he is a mech. in the neighborhood it's seems more like incest... Well I am the forgiving type and blame it on my lack of electrical knowledge and confidence in these computers....
Nonetheless I am now planning on getting a flashpaq and moving onto pipes etc... I plan to do 1 thing performance wise per month and one thing for looks or sound per month, along with regular maintenance I will get'er going good... My problem is the cams, I dont understand fully what happened to the HO cams and why they are discontinued could anyone shed some light about this and where can I get good cams...

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