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Jhilton 02-15-2013 11:06 PM

Mysteriously losing antifreeze
I have an '02 ram 1500 with a 4.7 and for the past month or so I have losing copious amounts of antifreeze. Seems like the longer the distance at one time the more I lose. I can drive a week around town and only lose about a gallon of fluid, but can drive 2 hours on the interstate and lose a gallon. I found a SMALL pin hole sized leak around the neck of the overflow resivoir and patched it with JB weld. Put the coolant pressure testing tool back on it, and it held 15-16lbs for about 15 minutes and lost no pressure, but still losing fluid. I put the UV dye in it and the ONLY place I seen any dye is the overflow blowoff hose. And even around the blowoff hose it appears to be a minimal amount. However I am still losing large amounts of coolant. My oil looks great and as a matter of fact I have mailed a sample to Blackstone Labs to see how she is still doing with 150k on the clock and full synthetic since day 1. Around my tail pipes I only see normal condensation with no smells to it. I CAN smell antifreeze around the passenger side of the radiator but that could also be from the blow off. And I have no fluid loss at or near heater core. Can anyone please help me as I am now at a loss of thoughts and have also came to the same dead end with the guys at my local O'reillys. Please and thank you.

claybar 02-18-2013 07:36 PM

I have had the same issue. I will go for a month and then I'll get cold air out of the heater and realize that the coolant level is down about a gallon. This has happened twice for the last two months. This is just after I had the radiator and the heater core replaced because they were getting plugged up. My mechanic did a pressure test on the system and said it lost very little pressure during the test....very minimal. The oil didn't look foamy or cloudy but I'm going to let it sit over night and look at it again. Possible pin hole in the head gasket???? The truck runs misses or backfire. Please let me know if you find out your problem. I have a 03' 4.7 that I love but don't understand.......sounds like an ex-wife I had.


R-Bob 02-19-2013 10:42 AM

It sounds like a head gasket leak and the duration of driving versus the amount of fluid loss would seem to support that. Are you pressure testing with it hot?

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