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RammD 02-19-2013 01:14 PM

Tire Pressure Indicator Seems Faulty
Hey guys....this morning my exclamation indicator came on and it showed the tire pressure on my passenger side front tire was showing low at 26psi. When I felt the tire I didn't see anything that looked or felt low. And I didn't have a tire gauge in my truck to verify. Anyway...I filled up the tire showing low to 33psi matching the other 3. What was odd is the tire indicator warning still flashed low even though I filled it up. As I drove for a while the tire pressure went up to 35 in all tires but the indicator STILL flashed low on that passenger front tire. After I got to work which
Took an hour in traffic the pressure was still fine but the indicator was still flashing low. I don't see any indication that tire is posing any air and it may be overfilled now which I'll verify later. But my question is has anyone else had this issue and was it a faulty tire pressure indicator? From my understanding each tire has its own sensor and because even when that one tire shows proper pressure its still flashing low it would seem logical that would be the culprit but does anyone have any suggestions; or have had this same issue?

RamTech 02-19-2013 01:23 PM

A flashing indicator indicates a problem with the system. A solid light indicates a low tire.

JimsRamTruck2012 02-19-2013 01:57 PM

I've had problems with the sensors myself posted many times about it.

But from what you posted and what Ram Tech posted it sounds like the pcm is loosing or has lost contact with one or all the sensors.

RammD 02-19-2013 01:58 PM

Hey Randy its been a while. Glad t see your well and as always thanks for the fast response. To clarify the yellow warning light exclamation is solid as are the other 3 tires showing 35. This morning that one tire was "flashing" 26psi which made me think the tire was low. I filled the tire to match the other 3 tires and the yellow exclamation warning was still solid while that one tire was flashing low. Right now the yellow exclamation is on solid the three other tires are also showing solid but the passenger Front is flashing at 35psi and also flashing LOW. You said if the warning indicator was solid its a low tire but as I mentioned that tire matches the other 3 at 35-36psi which is normal pressure for my tires. 35 is the pressure all my tires say to fill to and that's where I have them filled. So are you saying that even though the pressure is showing 35 that tire is s ill low? Again...the other 3 show the same and are not flashing. Also as I mentioned I've felt the tire and its as solid as the other 3 and doesn't look low. What do you think?


RammD 02-19-2013 02:07 PM

@Jim...I'm not sure what should be solid or flashing to be a system issue. The yellow warning
Exclamation light is solid yellow and when you go into the tire pressure settings the other three tires show 35-36psi SOLID as well. But the passenger front is blinking at 35 and the word LOW is blinking. The yellow indicator is solid and from what Randy stated that would be a low tire?

RamTech 02-19-2013 03:00 PM

It shouldn't be flashing and displaying 35 psi, for sure. I'm probably preaching to the choir with this, but you may have to drive it over 15 mph for up to 10 miles for the system to relearn what it needs to. If it's still flashing after this, I'd have it checked out.

RammD 02-20-2013 01:51 AM

UPDATE: Randy, looks like you were right (no surprise there) on the solid warning indicator vs. blinking warning indicator. You were dead on....after work today I checked all 4 of my tires with a good tire pressure indicator and did the 3 good ones first. All showed right at about 34PSI which is where they should be. Then I saved the questionable tire for last and to my surprise, it read 29PSI!! I was pretty sure it was the tire pressure sensors or something similar with that one tire as I could not see any difference in the tire pressure by sight or by feel. Anyway, sure enough it read 29PSI so it was definitely low.

Clearly, the tire pressure indicator had some issues reading it properly because after I put air in it this morning it went from 29psi to 35 psi. But when I kept checking the tire pressure on the way home the one tire read anything from 28psi to 35psi! So clearly the tire pressure sensor system was reporting an issue with that tire it just wasn't getting an accurate read on the air pressure. So when it flashed 29PSI this morning, it must of really been more like 23-24psi. What I did was fill that tire with my key in the ignition and kept checking the tire pressure indicator on the dash until I saw that one tire go to 35psi. Once it did, I stopped filling. But then when it flashed 35psi and it still said "LOW" I figured it was definitely the tire pressure sensor or system. Anyway, what I did was filled that one tire up to 41psi tonight (checked with a tire gauge) figuring that going over 5-7psi should definitely get that indicator warning light off and sure enough it did just that! For the last couple of hours that one tire has read 41psi and hasn't changed and there is no indicator warning light on at all. No warning lights on, no flashing, nothing. If I do have a leak in the tire, it's a very slow one because as I said, for the last 2 hours, it's still showing 41psi and hasn't dropped at all. I'll check it again in the morning and if I see it drop more then a few psi (normal for cold morning weather) then I'll know there's a leak.

The good news is that I am still under my 3/36 had it been the sensor or tire pressure system. But I also purchased a lifetime road hazard and balance and rotate plan from America's Tire as soon as I bought my truck. It's already paid for itself 5 fold as I've balanced my tires 5-6 times, every 5k and there's still a ton of tread on them after 27k miles. If the tire is leaking air, they'll patch it under my road hazard plan free, so it's all good either way.
Thanks again for the info Randy, you are the only person on the planet that has 3 sets of eyes and 10 hands! To be able to respond to posts as quickly as you do is really incredible. Thanks again for the info....i'll update this post one more time with the end result tomorrow.

RammD 02-20-2013 11:54 AM

Well it's been about 12 hours since I overfilled that one tire to 41psi and it's now showing 34psi so it's definitely losing air. It was odd the tire system blinked low at 35psi but that's probably because the tire was really only at 28-29 psi and the leak was causing a read issue on the tire. I'm losing about 7psi every 12 hours so I'm gonna take it in and take advantage of that lifetime road hazard warranty. I I'd rather have this issue vs taking it to the dealer though.

RamTech 02-20-2013 03:33 PM

I'd agree, it is a bit strange how it was acting.

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